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Slattery's People was a 60 minute political drama series on CBS about the minority leader in a state legislature who made it his duty to defend his constituents against the injustices they suffered from other government officials. He also aggressively fought to advance regulations that would end political corruption of all types.

Slattery's People Cast

Richard Crenna .... James Slattery
Edward Asner .... Frank Radcliff
Tol Avery .... Bert Metcalf
Paul Geary .... Johnny Ramos
Maxine Stuart .... B.J. Clawson
Alejandro Rey .... Mike Valera (2nd Season)
Francine York .... Wendy Wendkoski (2nd Season)
Kathie Browne .... Liz Andrews (2nd Season)

Slattery's People Broadcast History:

Episodes 1-12: Monday Nights From 10:00 to 11:00 PM On CBS
Episodes 13-End: Friday Nights From 10:00 to 11:00 PM On CBS

Slattery's People Trivia

The opening narrative for each episode of Slattery's People went as follows ... "Democracy is a very bad form of Government, but I ask you to never to forget it, all the others are far worse".

Bert Metcalf (played by Tol Avery) was the speaker of the House and a member of Slattery's opposition party. This added an interesting element to the TV show. While they were both good men and often worked together on worthwhile legislation, they often found it difficult to reach common ground due to their basic differences politically.

Richard Crenna's crackly teenaged voice on the "Our Miss Brooks Radio Show" and the "Our Miss Brooks TV Show" was good acting. In real life, his voice, even when young himself, was actually deep and adult-sounding. Prior to playing Walter Denton on "Our Miss Brooks", he had a very similar role on the, "A Date With Judy Radio Show". When "Our Miss Brooks" was canceled, he got the role of Luke on "The Real McCoys". He starred on three additional but lesser known series, "All's Fair (1976)", "Look At Us (1981)", "It Takes Two (1982)", and "Pros & Cons (1991)". He also made 12 appearances more recently from 2000 to 2002 on "Judging Amy (1999)". He appeared in more than 70 movies. As a tribute to his days on "Our Miss Brooks", he appeared in the movie, "Hot Shots: Part Deux" as "Colonel Denton Waltors". Richard passed away from pancreatic cancer on January 17, 2003 at the age of 76.

Edward Asner was perhaps best known for his roles on "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The (1970)" and his own series, "Lou Grant (1977)". Asner actually accused CBS of cancelling his "Lou Grant" series because of his open criticism of United States involvement in Central America. He is the only actor to win two Emmys for portraying the same character, once on a comedy series (Mary Tyler Moore Show) and once on a drama series (Lou Grant).

Slattery's People was produced by Bing Crosby Productions along with "The Breaking Point", "The Bing Crosby Show", "Ben Casey" and "Hogan's Heroes".

In the second season of Slattery's People, TV newswoman Liz Andrews (played by Kathy Browne) joined the cast. In an attempt to attract more female viewers, this added a romantic twist to the series as she became James Slattery's girlfriend.

Opening Narrative

(Richard Crenna's voice as James Slattery)

"Democracy is a very bad form of government, but I ask you never to forget it ... all the others are so much worse!"

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Slattery's People - The First Season

  1. What Is Truth? (9/21/1964)
  2. Why The Lonely, Why The Misbegotten? (9/28/1964)
  3. Remember The Dark Sins Of Youth? (10/5/1964)
  4. What Ever Happened To Ezra? (10/12/1964)
  5. What Are You Doing Out There, Waldo? (10/19/1964)
  6. What Became Of The White Tortilla? (10/26/1964)
  7. Where Vanished The Tragic Piper? (11/2/1964)
  8. Is Laura The Name Of The Game? (11/9/1964)
  9. What Is A Genius Worth This Week? (11/16/1964)
  10. What Is Honor ... What Is Death? (11/23/1964)
  11. Do The Ignorant Sleep In Pure White Beds? (11/30/1964)
  12. Which One Has The Privilege? (12/7/1964)
  13. How Long Is The Shadow Of A Man? (1/1/1965)
  14. What's A Requiem For A Loser? (1/8/1965)
  15. What Did You Do All Day, Mr. Slattery? (1/15/1965)
  16. How Do You Fall In Love With A Town? (1/22/1965)
  17. Does Nero Still At Ringside Sit? (2/5/1965)
  18. How Do You Catch A Cool Bird Of Paradise? (2/12/1965)
  19. When Do We Hang The Good Samaritan? (2/19/1965)
  20. Is Democracy Too Expensive This Year? (2/26/1965)
  21. Did He Who Made The Lamb Make Thee? (3/5/1965)
  22. Who You Takin' To The Main Event, Eddie? (3/12/1965)
  23. What's New In Timbuctoo? (3/19/1965)
  24. Bill Bailey Why Did You Come Home? (4/2/1965)
  25. What Time Is The Next Bandwagon? (4/9/1965)
  26. What's A Swansong For A Sparrow? (4/16/1965)
Slattery's People - The Second Season
  1. A Sitting Duck Named Slattery (9/17/1965)
  2. He Who Has Ears, Let Him Bug Someone Else (9/24/1965)
  3. How Impregnable Is A Magic Tower? (10/1/1965)
  4. The Unborn (10/8/1965)
  5. Rally Round Your Own Flag, Mister (10/15/1965)
  6. What Do You Do With A Wounded Tiger? (10/22/1965)
  7. The Hero (11/5/1965)
  8. Of Damon, Pythias, And Sleeping Dogs (11/12/1965)
  9. The Last Commuter (11/19/1965)
  10. Color Him Red (11/26/1965)

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