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Our Miss Brooks

Our Miss Brooks Cast

Series Description

The Our Miss Brooks TV show, like many other comedy series of the day, began on the radio in 1948. Both the radio and TV versions aired on CBS. It was a comedy about a wise-cracking, spinster English teacher at Madison High School who yearns for love with Philip Boynton, a Biology teacher. She also had lots of trouble with the Principal. She was generally depressed about her lot in life and yet she joked about it in ways that kept the audience laughing throughout each episode. In the fourth season, the high school got torn down to make way for a highway project. Miss Brooks started teaching at a nearby private school and most of the cast from the first three seasons continue to appear. One new cast member (Gene Barry) adds a new element as Miss Brooks new love interest. The difference is ... this time the guy isn't shy and pursues her!

Our Miss Brooks Cast

Eve Arden ................ Connie Brooks
Richard Crenna ........... Walter Denton
Gale Gordon .............. Osgood Conklin
Robert Rockwell .......... Philip Boynton
Leonard Smith ............ Stretch Snodgrass
Jane Morgan .............. Mrs. Margaret Davis
Gloria McMillan .......... Harriet Conklin
Mary Jane Croft .......... Miss Daisy Enright
Virginia Gordon .......... Mrs. Martha Conklin #1
Paula Winslowe ........... Mrs. Martha Conklin #2
Nana Bryant .............. Mrs. Angela Nestor #1
Jesslyn Fax .............. Mrs Angela Nestor #2
Joseph Kearns ............ Superintendent Stone

Our Miss Brooks Trivia


The antics of Connie Brooks began on the Our Miss Brooks radio show with its first audition show on April 9, 1948. That program ran for approximately 375 episodes over 10 years! In fact, it aired alongside the TV series for its entire run and the radio show even continued for another year thereafter! There was also an Our Miss Brooks stage play in 1950 and a movie in 1955.

In the 1955 movie, Miss Brooks finally got her proposal from Mr. Boynton and married him!

Miss Brooks had a cat named, "Minerva".

Eve Arden's real name was Eunice Quedens. Deciding that she needed a stage name, she chose it while shopping for cosmetics and spotting the names "Evening in Paris" and "Elizabeth Arden". She was so accepted in her role as Connie Brooks that she was often asked to speak at PTA and other educational meetings. Dozens of High Schools even tried to hire her as a teacher! After this series ended, she starred in another very briefly called, "The Eve Arden Show (1957)". After that, other than guest spots, we didn't see much of Eve until 1967 when she appeared on the series, "The Mothers-In-Law" starring Kay Ballard for 2 years. She made a couple of TV movies after that and appeared in her unforgettable role as Principal McGee in the 1978 movie, "Grease". Eve passed away November 12, 1990 from a heart attack at 82 years of age.

Connie Brooks rented a room from an old lady (Margaret Davis) and rode to school each day with Walter Denton.

Gale Gordon got his break as "Mayor Latrivia" on the radio in the "Fibber McGee & Molly Show (1935)" which was on the air for 24 years till 1959! He also appeared on several Lucille Ball programs including the My Favorite Husband radio show. He played a bank president on both that program and also later on "The Lucille Ball Show (1962)". He passed away June 30, 1995 from lung cancer at age 89.

Richard Crenna's crackly teenaged voice on Our Miss Brooks was good acting. In real life, his voice, even when young himself, was actually deep and adult-sounding. Prior to playing Walter Denton on "Our Miss Brooks", he had a similar role on the radio program, "A Date With Judy (1946). When "Our Miss Brooks was canceled, he got the role of Luke on the series, "The Real McCoys". He appeared in more than 70 movies. As a tribute to his days on "Our Miss Brooks", he appeared in the movie, "Hot Shots: Part Deux" as "Colonel Denton Waltors". Richard passed away from pancreatic cancer on January 17, 2003 at the age of 76.

Robert Rockwell was so identified as the "apple of Miss Brooks' eye" that he had difficulty finding other major roles. He did manage to appear on more than 350 television programs spanning a fifty year career, however.

Joseph Kearns was probably best known for his role as "Mr. Wilson" on the series, "Dennis the Menace". He started as a theatrical organist, playing music to accompany silent films. He then moved on to play the organ for radio program's background music. He loved the organ so much that he built a home around one. He is also remembered as "The Man in Black", the narrator on the radio program, "Suspense (1942)".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First Season

  1. Trying To Pick A Fight (10/3/1952)
  2. The Loaded Custodian (10/10/1952)
  3. The Embezzled Dress (10/17/1952)
  4. The Birthday Bag (10/24/1952)
  5. Miss Brooks Play-Acts (10/31/1952)
  6. Living Statues (11/7/1952)
  7. Madison Country Club (11/14/1952)
  8. Mister Whipple (11/21/1952)
  9. The Big Game (11/28/1952)
  10. Blue Goldfish (12/5/1952)
  11. The Stolen Aerial (12/12/1952)
  12. The Hobby Show (12/19/1952)
  13. Christmas Show 1952 (12/27/1952)
  14. Aunt Hattie Boynton (1/2/1953)
  15. The Pet Shop (1/9/1953)
  16. The Hurricane (1/16/1953)
  17. Monsieur LaBlanche (1/30/1953)
  18. Old Marblehead (2/6/1953)
  19. The Model Teacher (2/13/1953)
  20. Wake-Up Plan (2/20/1953)
  21. The Cafeteria Strike (2/27/1953)
  22. Mister Casey (3/6/1953)
  23. Conklin's Love Nest (3/13/1953)
  24. The Honest Burglar (3/20/1953)
  25. Fisher's Pawn Shop (3/27/1953)
  26. Lulu, The Pin-Up Boat (4/3/1953)
  27. The Yodar Kritch Award (4/10/1953)
  28. Madame Brooks DuBarry (4/17/1953)
  29. Marinated Hearing (4/24/1953)
  30. The Festival (5/1/1953)
  31. Suzy Prentiss (5/8/1953)
  32. Conklin Plays Detective (5/15/1953)
  33. Public Property On Parade (5/22/1953)
  34. Davis Reads Tea Leaves (5/29/1953)
  35. The Stolen Wardrobe (6/5/1953)
  36. Cure That Habit (6/12/1953)
  37. Capistrano's Revenge (6/19/1953)
  38. June Bride (6/26/1953)

The Second Season

  1. Clay City Chaperone (10/2/1953)
  2. Bones, Son Of Cyrano (10/9/1953)
  3. Spare The Rod (10/16/1953)
  4. Faculty Band (10/23/1953)
  5. The Little Visitor (10/30/1953)
  6. Trial By Jury (11/6/1953)
  7. Phone Book Follies (11/13/1953)
  8. Thanksgiving Show (11/20/1953)
  9. Vitamin E-4 (11/27/1953)
  10. Swap Week (12/11/1953)
  11. Oh, Dem Golden Slippers (12/18/1953)
  12. Christmas Show 1953 (12/25/1953)
  13. Hospital Caper (1/8/1954)
  14. Postage Due (1/15/1954)
  15. Do It Yourself (1/22/1954)
  16. Bobsey Twins In Stir (1/29/1954)
  17. The Jockey (2/12/1954)
  18. Brook's New Car (2/19/1954)
  19. The Hobo Jungle (2/26/1954)
  20. The Wild Goose (3/12/1954)
  21. Hello, Mister Chips (3/19/1954)
  22. The Parlor Game (3/26/1954)
  23. A Dry Scalp Is Better Than NOne (4/9/1954)
  24. The English Test (4/16/1954)
  25. Second Hand-First Aid (4/23/1954)
  26. The Egg (4/30/1954)
  27. The Bakery (5/14/1954)
  28. Old Age Plan (5/21/1954)
  29. The Hawkins Travel Agency (5/28/1954)
  30. The Bicycle Thief (6/11/1954)
  31. Just Remember The Red River Valley (6/18/1954)

The Third Season

  1. The Miserable Caballeros (10/1/1954)
  2. Blood, Sweat And Laugh (10/15/1954)
  3. Life Can Be Bones (10/22/1954)
  4. Two-Way Stretch Snodgrass (10/29/1954)
  5. Angela's Wedding (11/5/1954)
  6. Van Gogh, Man, Gogh (11/12/1954)
  7. The Jewel Robbery (11/26/1954)
  8. Space, Who Needs It? (12/3/1954)
  9. The Novelist (12/10/1954)
  10. Four Leaf Clover (12/17/1954)
  11. The Citizen's League (1/7/1955)
  12. Buddy (1/14/1955)
  13. Noodnick, Daughter Of Medic (1/21/1955)
  14. The Stuffed Gopher (1/28/1955)
  15. Safari O'Toole (2/4/1955)
  16. The Weighting Machine (2/11/1955)
  17. Public Speaker's Nightmare (2/18/1955)
  18. The Auction (2/25/1955)
  19. The Mambo (3/4/1955)
  20. The Dream (3/11/1955)
  21. The Return Of Red Smith (3/25/1955)
  22. Le Chien Chaud Et Le Mouton Noir (4/1/1955)
  23. Kritch Cave (4/15/1955)
  24. Mister Fargo's Whiskers (4/22/1955)
  25. The Great Baseball Slide (4/29/1955)
  26. Turnabout Day (5/6/1955)
  27. Here Is Your Past (5/13/1955)
  28. Madison Mascot (5/20/1955)
  29. The Big Jump (5/27/1955)
  30. Home Cooked Meal (6/3/1955)

The Fourth Season

  1. The Blind Date (10/7/1955)
  2. Transition Show (10/14/1955)
  3. Who's Who? (10/21/1955)
  4. Burnt Picnic Basket (10/28/1955)
  5. Big Ears (/4/1955)
  6. Have Bed --- Will Travel (/11/1955)
  7. Protest Meeting (/18/1955)
  8. The King And Miss Brooks (/25/1955)
  9. Mad Man Munsey (/2/1955)
  10. Connie And Bonnie (/9/1955)
  11. Music Box Revue (/23/1955)
  12. The New Gym Instructor (/30/1955)
  13. The Skeleton In The Closet (/6/1956)
  14. Amalgamation: Or Let's Try It Again Shall We? (/13/1956)
  15. Reunion (/20/1956)
  16. Twins At At School (/27/1956)
  17. Mrs. Nestor's Boy Friend (2/3/1956)
  18. Acting Director (2/10/1956)
  19. Mr. Boynton's Return (2/17/1956)
  20. White Lies (2/24/1956)
  21. The Great Land Purchase (3/2/1956)
  22. Raffle Ticket (3/9/1956)
  23. Library Quiz (3/16/1956)
  24. Benny Gets A Mother (3/23/1956)
  25. Connie And Frankie (3/30/1956)
  26. Top Hat, White Tie, And Bindle (4/6/1956)
  27. 24 Hours (4/13/1956)
  28. Geraldine (4/20/1956)
  29. The $350,000 Question (4/27/1956)
  30. Principal For A Day (5/4/1956)
  31. Travel Crazy (5/11/1956)

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