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The Bing Crosby Show Cast
Series Description

The Bing Crosby Show was a comedy series on ABC about a middle-aged married couple with two teenage daughters and a handyman/friend who lived with them in their home.

Bing Crosby Show Cast

Bing Crosby .... Bing Collins
Beverly Garland .... Ellie Collins
Frank McHugh .... Willie Walters
Diane Sherry .... Joyce Collins
Carol Faylen .... Janice Collins

Bing Crosby Show Trivia

Before the TV show, there was a Bing Crosby radio show. It appeared (as did many radio programs) under the name of the sponsors. First there was the "Kraft Music Hall" and then the show became the "Philco Radio Hour". They were really all about Bing though! They ran for over a decade!

Bing Crosby played a singing architectural designer on the show. Really!

Crosby was such a popular guy among actors that he had no problem attracting big name guest stars to appear on the show. Some of them included Frankie Avalon, Macdonald Carey, Vicki Carr, Dennis Day, Joan Fontaine, George Gobel, Pat Harrington, Jr., Phil Harris, Lloyd Nolan, and Ruth Roman.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Bing Crosby Show - The First And Only Season

  1. A Fine Romance (9/14/1964)
  2. Exactly like who? (9/21/1964)
  3. A Bit of fresh Danish (9/28/1964)
  4. The Green Couch (10/5/1964)
  5. Hoop Shots (10/12/1964)
  6. Flashback (10/19/1964)
  7. The Education of Bing Collins (10/26/1964)
  8. The Dominant Male (11/9/1964)
  9. The Importance of Bea 'n' Willie (11/16/1964)
  10. The Liberated Woman (11/23/1964)
  11. Genius at Work (11/30/1964)
  12. The Yadwin Report (12/7/1964)
  13. Janice and me on a Saturday (12/14/1964)
  14. The Christmas show (12/21/1964)
  15. The Soft Life (1/11/1965)
  16. Bugged by the love bugs (1/18/1965)
  17. Are Parents People? (1/25/1965)
  18. That's the way the Suki yakies (2/1/1965)
  19. The Gifted Child. (2/8/1965)
  20. The Image (2/15/1965)
  21. The Keefers come calling (2/22/1965)
  22. Operation Man Save (3/1/1965)
  23. One for the Birds (3/8/1965)
  24. Real Estate Venture (3/15/1965)
  25. The Test (3/22/1965)
  26. Moonlighting becomes you (3/29/1965)
  27. What's a Buddy for? (4/5/1965)
  28. Conform, Conform, whoever you are (4/12/1965)

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