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The Mister Roberts TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about a young Navy Lieutenant stuck on a supply ship during Worl War II. Life was pretty boring on the ship and the Leutenant repeatedly put in for a transfer to combat duty, but his not so nice Captain kept turning him down. So anyway, the Lieutenant decided that if he couldn't get into the war, he'd get into trouble instead.


Roger Smith .... Lieutenant Douglas "Mister" Roberts
Steve Harmon .... Ensign Frank Pulver
Richard X. Slattery .... Captain John Morton
George Ives .... Doc
Richard Sinatra .... Seaman D'Angelo
Ronald Starr .... Seaman Mannion
Roy Reese .... Seaman Reber

Mister Roberts Trivia

The Mister Roberts TV show was inspired by the best-selling novel of the same name, written by Thomas Heggen. It was also a hit play on Broadway in 1948 and a hit film starring Henry Fonda in 1955!

Mister Roberts was produced by William T. Orr who (among many others) also produced, "77 Sunset Strip", "Bronco", "Cheyenne", "Colt .45", "F Troop", "Hawaiian Eye", "Maverick", "The Roaring 20s", and "Sugarfoot".

The ship that Mister Roberts served on was an AK-601 cargo ship named the, "U.S.S. Reluctant" that was always safe behind enemy lines. Mister Roberts was always trying to get a transfer to a combat ship.

Captain John Morton was a despicable man who always thought he was right and had little respect for his men. That made it easy for Mister Roberts, Ensign Pulver, and the ship's doctor to feel justified in doing whatever they decided was the right thing, regardless of how their Captain felt about it.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Bookser's Honeymoon (9/17/1965)
  2. Liberty (9/24/1965)
  3. Physician, Heal Thyself (10/1/1965)
  4. The Conspiracy (10/8/1965)
  5. Old Rustysides (10/15/1965)
  6. Lover, Come Forward (10/22/1965)
  7. The Captain's Party (10/29/1965)
  8. Happy birthday, To Who? (11/5/1965)
  9. Love At 78 RPM (11/12/1965)
  10. Don't Look Now But Isn't That The War? (11/19/1965)
  11. Which Way Did The War Go? (11/26/1965)
  12. Getting There Is Half The Fun (12/3/1965)
  13. Dear Mom (12/10/1965)
  14. The Reluctant Mutiny (12/17/1965)
  15. Rock-A-Bye Reluctant (12/24/1965)
  16. Carry Me Back To Cocoa Island (12/31/1965)
  17. The Replacement (1/7/1966)
  18. Black And Blue Market (1/14/1966)
  19. The World's Greatest Lover (1/21/1966)
  20. Eight In Every Port (1/28/1966)
  21. The Super Chief (2/4/1966)
  22. The Doctor's Dilemma (2/11/1966)
  23. The Reluctant Draggin' (2/18/1966)
  24. Damn The Torpedoes! (2/25/1966)
  25. A Turn For The Nurse (3/4/1966)
  26. Son of "Eight In Every Port" (3/11/1966)
  27. Unwelcome Aboard (3/18/1966)
  28. Undercover Cook (3/25/1966)
  29. In Love And War (4/1/1966)
  30. Captain, My Captain? (4/8/1966)

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