Bronco TV Show
Series Description

The Bronco TV show was a 60 minute western action series on ABC about an ex-confederate Army Captain who went to the wild west after the civil war ended. He encountered many historical figures such as Cole Younger, Jesse James, Wild Bill Hickok, & Billy the Kid. The series was known for its action and adventure.

Bronco Cast

Ty Hardin .... Bronco Layne
Jack Elam .... Toothy Thompson

Bronco Trivia

Bronco was a "spin-off" of another TV show called "Cheyenne". In 1958, Clint Walker (the star of Cheyenne) quit the very successful show after a dispute with Warner Brothers. Ty Hardin was cast in that TV show as "Bronco Layne" to fill in the gap left by Walker leaving. Bronco became its own series when Clint Walker returned to Cheyenne.

During the first two seasons, Bronco rotated every other week with another western series titled, "Sugarfoot". In the third season, Bronco rotated with both "Sugarfoot" and its "spun-from" series, "Cheyenne". Then, for the final season, Bronco only had to share the time slot with "Cheyenne".

Ty Hardin was born "Orson Whipple Hungerford II".

There may not have been many regular Cast on Bronco but there were plenty of encounters with interesting historical characters including Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Wild Bill Hickok, Cole Younger and Belle Star, to name a few!

The legendary James Coburn played the part of Jesse James in episode #29, "The Shadow of Jesse James".

Ty Hardin's third wife (Marlene) was Miss Universe of 1961.

Theme Song

Title: "Bronco"

By: "Paul Sawtell"

Bronco, Bronco, tearin' across the Texas plain.
Bronco, Bronco, Bronco Layne.

Worn down around the old panhandle,
Texas is where he grew to fame.
There ain't a horse that he can't handle,
that's how he got his name.

Bronco, Bronco, tearin' across the Texas plain.
Bronco, Bronco, Bronco Layne.

Next to a four square Texas twister,
You'd call a cyclone weak and mild,
You've never seen a twister, mister,
Till someone gets him riled.

Bronco, Bronco, tearin' across the Texas plain.
Bronco, Bronco, Bronco Layne.

Show me a gal who kissed him once,
And I'll show you a gal who's kissed him twice.
Once a city gal has kissed him twice,
She's dreamin' of shoes and rice.

Bronco, Bronco, tearin' across the Texas plain.
Bronco, Bronco, Bronco Layne.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Besieged (9/23/1958)
  2. Quest of the Thirty Dead (10/7/1958)
  3. Turning Point (10/21/1958)
  4. Four Guns and a Prayer (11/4/1958)
  5. Long Ride Back (11/18/1958)
  6. Trail to Taos (12/2/1958)
  7. Brand of Courage (12/16/1958)
  8. Freeze-Out (12/30/1958)
  9. Baron of Broken Lance (1/13/1959)
  10. Payroll of the Dead (1/27/1959)
  11. Riding Solo (2/10/1959)
  12. Borrowed Glory (2/24/1959)
  13. Silent Witness (3/10/1959)
  14. Belles of Silver Flat (3/24/1959)
  15. Backfire (4/7/1959)
  16. School for Cowards (4/21/1959)
  17. Prairie Skipper (5/5/1959)
  18. Shadow of a Man (5/19/1959)
  19. Hero of the Town (6/2/1959)
  20. Red Water North (6/16/1959)
Season 2
  1. Game at the Beacon Club (9/22/1959)
  2. Burning Spring (10/6/1959)
  3. Bodyguard (10/20/1959)
  4. Soft Answer (11/3/1959)
  5. Last Resort (11/17/1959)
  6. Devil's Spawn (12/1/1959)
  7. Flight from an Empire (12/15/1959)
  8. Night Train to Denver (12/29/1959)
  9. Shadow of Jesse James (1/12/1960)
  10. Masquerade (1/26/1960)
  11. Volunteers from Aberdeen (2/9/1960)
  12. Every Man a Hero (2/23/1960)
  13. Death of an Outlaw (3/8/1960)
  14. Human Equation (3/22/1960)
  15. Montana Passage (4/5/1960)
  16. Legacy of Twisted Creed (4/19/1960)
  17. Tangled Trail (5/3/1960)
  18. La Rubia (5/17/1960)
  19. Winter Kill (5/31/1960)
  20. End of a Rope (6/14/1960)
Season 3
  1. Mustangers (10/17/1960)
  2. Apache Treasure (11/7/1960)
  3. Seminole War Pipe (12/12/1960)
  4. Ordeal at Dead Tree (1/2/1961)
  5. Invaders (1/23/1961)
  6. Buckbrier Trail (2/20/1961)
  7. Yankee Tornado (3/13/1961)
  8. Manitoba Manhunt (4/3/1961)
  9. Stage to the Sky (4/24/1961)
  10. Guns of the Lawless (5/8/1961)
Season 4
  1. Cousin from Atlanta (10/16/1961)
  2. Prince of Darkness (11/6/1961)
  3. One Came Back (11/27/1961)
  4. Equalizer (12/18/1961)
  5. Harrigan (12/25/1961)
  6. Beginner's Luck (1/1/1962)
  7. Ride the Whirlwind (1/15/1962)
  8. Sure Thing (1/22/1962)
  9. Trail of Hatred (2/5/1962)
  10. Rendezvous with a Miracle (2/12/1962)
  11. Destinies West (2/26/1962)
  12. Last Letter (3/5/1962)
  13. One Evening in Abilene (3/19/1962)
  14. Until Kingdom Come (3/26/1962)
  15. Moment of Doubt (4/2/1962)
  16. Town That Lived and Died (4/9/1962)
  17. Immovable Object (4/16/1962)
  18. Then the Mountains (4/30/1962)

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