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Cheyenne Cast

Series Description

The Cheyenne TV show was a 60 minute western action series on ABC and was based on the 1942 movie of the same name starring Dennis Morgan. In the movie, Cheyenne Brodie was a gambler but on the television series he became a drifter who performed a variety of jobs. Amoung others, he was an Army scout, a scout for a wagon train, a deputy sheriff and a foreman on a ranch. In nearly every episode, Cheyenne Brodie would fight either Indians or bad white guys and, of course, there was usually a beatifull woman involved.

Cheyenne Cast

Clint Walker .... Cheyenne Bodie
Ty Hardin ....... Bronco Layne
Jack Elam ....... Toothy Thompson

Cheyenne Trivia


Cheyenne Bodie had a fellow drifter in the first season (Smitty). For the rest of the series, he roamed from place to place all alone.

The Cheyenne TV show actually started as one element of "Warner Bros. Presents" which was the studio's first attempt at television! There were two other series, "Conflict (1956-57)" and "Sugarfoot (1957-59)". They would air on a rotating basis. Cheyenne was by far the more popular of the three. For part of the 1959-60 season, a new program was added titled, "Shirley Temple's Storybook". It soon moved to NBC as its own series (retitled: The Shirley Temple Show). Then, in the 1960-61 season, the name was changed to "The Cheyenne Show". Most episodes featured Clint Walker on this program but there were also episodes of "Bronco" and "Sugarfoot" was also occasionally back in the mix. The following season, "Sugarfoot" was dropped again and only "Cheyenne" and "Bronco" episodes remained. In the final season, Clint Walker finally got his own weekly program which appeared every week!

"Bronco" was actually a "spin-off" of this program. In 1958, Clint Walker (Cheyenne Brodie) demanded that the studio renegotiate contract he signed as a totally unknown actor. Amoung other things, his original contract required him to pay the studio 50% of any fees he got for personal appearances! Well, the studio said they wouldn't change the contract at all and Clint Walker walked off the set for a year. During that time, Ty Hardin carried the episodes as "Bronco Layne" and became so popular that Warner Bros decided he merited his own series. They also reached a settlement with Clint Walker and he returned. Clint Walker had some good real-life experience for the TV show. He actually worked as a Deputy Sheriff and a Cowboy! His role of a job-drifter was eerily close to real life too! He also worked as a Merchant Marine, carpenter, salesman, lumberjack, private detective, prospector, oilfield worker, truck driver, singer and an actor!

Theme Song

Title: "Cheyenne"

By: "Stan Jones & William Lava"

Cheyenne, Cheyenne where will you be camping tonight?
Lonely man, Cheyenne, will your heart stay free and light?
Dream Cheyenne of a girl you may never love
Move along, Cheyenne like the restless cloud up above.

The wind that blows, that comes and goes, has been your only home.
But will the wild wind one day cease and you'll no longer roam.

Move along, Cheyenne the next pasture's always so green.
Driftin' on, Cheyenne don't forget the things you have seen,
And when you settle down where will it be Cheyenne.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First Season

  1. Mountain Fortress (9/20/1955)
  2. Julesburg (10/11/1955)
  3. The Argonauts (11/1/1955)
  4. Border Showdown (11/22/1955)
  5. The Outlander (12/13/1955)
  6. Traveler (1/3/1956)
  7. Black Hawk War (1/24/1956)
  8. Storm Riders (2/7/1956)
  9. Rendezvous At Red Rock (2/21/1956)
  10. West Of The River (3/10/1956)
  11. Quicksand (4/3/1956)
  12. Fury At Rio Hondo (4/17/1956)
  13. Star In The Dust (5/1/1956)
  14. Johnny Bravo (5/15/1956)
  15. Last Train West (5/29/1956)
  16. Decision (6/5/1956)

The Second Season

  1. Dark Rider (9/11/1956)
  2. Long Winter (9/25/1956)
  3. Death Deals This Hand (10/9/1956)
  4. Bounty Killer (10/23/1956)
  5. Law Man (11/6/1956)
  6. Mustang Trail (11/20/1956)
  7. Lone Gun (12/4/1956)
  8. The Trap (12/18/1956)
  9. Iron Trail (1/1/1957)
  10. Land Beyond The Law (1/15/1957)
  11. Test Of Courage (1/29/1957)
  12. War Party (2/12/1957)
  13. Deadline (2/26/1957)
  14. Big Ghost Basin (3/12/1957)
  15. Born Bad (3/26/1957)
  16. The Brand (4/9/1957)
  17. Decision At Gunsight (4/23/1957)
  18. Spanish Grant (5/7/1957)
  19. Hard Bargain (5/21/1957)
  20. Broken Pledge (6/4/1957)

The Third Season

  1. Incident At Indian Springs (9/24/1957)
  2. The Conspirators (10/8/1957)
  3. Mutton Punchers (10/22/1957)
  4. Border Affair (11/5/1957)
  5. Devil's Canyon (11/19/1957)
  6. Town Of Fear (12/3/1957)
  7. Hired Gun (12/17/1957)
  8. Top Hand (2/31/1957)
  9. Last Comanchero (1/14/1958)
  10. The Gamble (1/28/1958)
  11. Renegades (2/11/1958)
  12. Empty Gun (2/25/1958)
  13. White Warrior (3/11/1958)
  14. Ghost Of Cimarron (3/25/1958)
  15. Wagon Tongue North (4/8/1958)
  16. Long Search (4/22/1958)
  17. Standoff (5/6/1958)
  18. Dead To Rights (5/20/1958)
  19. Noose At Noon (6/3/1958)
  20. Angry Sky (6/17/1958)

The Fourth Season

  1. Blind Spot (9/21/1959)
  2. The Reprieve (10/5/1959)
  3. The Rebellion (10/12/1959)
  4. Trial By Conscience (10/26/1959)
  5. The Imposter (11/2/1959)
  6. Prisoner Of Moon Mesa (11/6/1959)
  7. Gold, Glory And Custer - Prelude (1/4/1960)
  8. Gold, Glory And Custer - Requiem (1/11/1960)
  9. Riot At Arroyo Soco (2/1/1960)
  10. Apache Blood (2/8/1960)
  11. Outcast Of Cripple Creek (2/29/1960)
  12. Alibi For a Scalped Man (3/7/1960)
  13. Home Is The Brave (3/14/1960)

The Fifth Season

  1. Long Rope (10/3/1960)
  2. Counterfeit Gun (10/10/1960)
  3. Road To Three Graves (10/31/1960)
  4. Two Trails To Santa Fe (11/28/1960)
  5. Savage Breed (12/19/1960)
  6. Incident At Dawson Flats (1/9/1961)
  7. Duel At Judas Basin (1/30/1961)
  8. Return Of Mr. Grimm (2/13/1961)
  9. The Beholden (2/27/1961)
  10. Frightened Town (3/20/1961)
  11. Lone Patrol (4/10/1961)
  12. Massacre At Gunsight Pass (5/1/1961)
  13. Greater Glory (5/15/1961)

The Sixth Season

  1. Winchester Quarantine (9/25/1961)
  2. Trouble Street (10/2/1961)
  3. Cross Purpose (10/9/1961)
  4. Young Fugitives (10/23/1961)
  5. Day's Pay (12/30/1961)
  6. Retaliation (11/13/1961)
  7. Storm Center (11/20/1961)
  8. Legacy Of The Lost (12/4/1961)
  9. Brahma Bull (12/11/1961)
  10. Wedding Rings (1/8/1962)
  11. The Idol (1/29/1962)
  12. One Way Ticket (2/12/1962)
  13. Bad Penny (3/12/1962)
  14. Man Called Ragan (4/23/1962)

The Seventh Season

  1. Durango Brothers (9/24/1962)
  2. Satonka (10/1/1962)
  3. Sweet Sam (10/8/1962)
  4. Man Alone (10/15/1962)
  5. Quick And The Deadly (10/22/1962)
  6. Indian Gold (10/29/1962)
  7. Dark Decision (11/5/1962)
  8. Pocketful Of Stars (11/12/1962)
  9. Vanishing Breed (11/19/1962)
  10. Vengeance Is Mine (11/26/1962)
  11. Johnny Brassbuttons (12/3/1962)
  12. Wanted For The Murder Of Cheyenne Bodie (12/10/1962)
  13. Showdown At Oxbend (12/17/1962)

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