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Colt .45

Colt 45 Cast

Series Description

Colt .45 was an action series on ABC about a government agent who kept his true purpose of chasing down America's most wanted bad guys by pretending to be a gun salesman.

Colt .45 Cast

Wayde Preston ......... Christopher Colt (1957-1960)
Donald May ............ Sam Colt Jr. (1959-1960)

Theme Song

Title: "Colt .45"

By: "Harold S. Hopper & Douglas Heyes"

There was a gun that won the west.
There was a man among the best.
The fastest gun or man alive.
A lightning bolt when he drew that Colt... .45.

He carried the message of law and of order,
Into a wicked land.
With a bolt single action on his revolver
Blazing from either hand.

There was the right, there was the wrong.
The gun was quick, the man was strong.
And each was made when they arrive,
A lightning bolt when the drew that Colt... .45.

Colt .45.
Colt .45.
Colt .45.
Colt .45.

Colt .45 Trivia


Colt .45 was loosely derived from the 1950 theatrical movie which was also titled, "Colt .45". It starred Randolph Scott, Lloyd Bridges and Alan Hale.

Donald May was not originally planned to join the cast of Colt .45. Wayde Preston got was fighting with producers over the terms of his contract renewal and left the show without notice in disgust. Instead of cancelling the series, Donald May was brought in to play Sam Colt Jr. who was Christopher Colt's cousin. Preston eventually worked out his differences with the producers and returned for a few more episodes where he co-starred with Donald May. During those episodes the series was often referred to by the title, "The Colt Cousins".

After Colt .45 ended, Wayde Preston went on to guest star on "Maverick", "Bonanza" and "The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries". He also appeared in another fifteen theatrical movies with the last one being, "Captain America" in 1990.

Adam West ("Batman") appeared in the role of "Doc Holliday" on three different TV series. On Colt .45 it was in episode #42 titled, "The Devil's Godson". West also played Doc Holliday on the series, "Lawman" on its 36th episode titled, "The Wayfarer". A cameo of West in that episode also was shown on the series, "Sugarfoot" in its third season premiere episode titled, "The Trial of the Canary Kid".

Wayde Preston also duplicated his role as Christopher Colt on "Sugarfoot" in four crossover episodes.

Another ABC series took a jab at Colt .45 in the season following its cancellation. On the series, "Maverick" Bart Maverick found Christopher Colt's satchel on a desk and his guns and belt hanging on the wall. That happened on the episode titled, "Hadley's Hunters" which was the second episode of the fourth season.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Colt .45 - The First Season

  1. Peacemaker (10/18/1957)
  2. A Time To Die (10/25/1957)
  3. $3,000 Bullet (11/1/1957)
  4. Gallows At Granite Gap (11/8/1957)
  5. Small Man (11/15/1957)
  6. Final Payment (11/22/1957)
  7. One Good Turn (11/29/1957)
  8. Last Chance (12/6/1957)
  9. Young Gun (12/13/1957)
  10. Rebellion (12/20/1957)
  11. Gypsies (12/27/1957)
  12. Sign In The Sand (1/3/1958)
  13. Mirage (1/10/1958)
  14. Blood Money (1/17/1958)
  15. Dead Reckoning (1/24/1958)
  16. Decoy (1/31/1958)
  17. RAre Specimen (2/7/1958)
  18. Mantrap (2/14/1958)
  19. Ghost Town (2/21/1958)
  20. Golden Gun (2/28/1958)
  21. Circle Of Fear (3/7/1958)
  22. Split Second (3/14/1958)
  23. Point Of Honor (3/21/1958)
  24. Deserters (3/28/1958)
  25. Manbuster (4/4/1958)
  26. Long Odds (4/11/1958)

Colt .45 - The Second Season

  1. Escape (4/5/1959)
  2. Dead Aim (4/12/1959)
  3. Magic Box (4/19/1959)
  4. Confession (4/26/1959)
  5. The Man Who Loved Lincoln (5/3/1959)
  6. The Sanctuary (5/10/1959)
  7. Saga Of Sam Bass (5/17/1959)
  8. Amnesty (5/24/1959)
  9. The Pirate (5/31/1959)
  10. Law West Of The Pecos (6/7/1959)
  11. Don't Tell Joe (6/14/1959)
  12. Return To El Paso (6/21/1959)
  13. Night Of Decision (6/28/1959)

Colt .45 - The Third Season

  1. Queen Of Dixie (10/4/1959)
  2. Reckoning (10/11/1959)
  3. Devil's Godson (10/18/1959)
  4. Rival Gun (10/25/1959)
  5. The Hothead (11/1/1959)
  6. A Legend Of Buffalo Bill (11/8/1959)
  7. Yellow Terror (11/15/1959)
  8. Tar And Feathers (11/22/1959)
  9. Alias Mr. Howard (12/6/1959)
  10. Calamity (12/13/1959)
  11. Under False Pretenses (1/10/1960)
  12. Impasse (1/31/1960)
  13. Arizona Anderson (2/14/1960)
  14. The Cause (2/28/1960)
  15. Phantom Trail (3/13/1960)
  16. Breakthrough (3/27/1960)
  17. Chain Of Command (4/5/1960)
  18. Alibi (4/12/1960)
  19. Absent Without Leave (4/19/1960)
  20. Strange Encounter (4/26/1960)
  21. Trial By Rope (5/3/1960)
  22. Gandy Dancers (5/10/1960)
  23. Martial Law (5/17/1960)
  24. Attack (5/24/1960)
  25. Bounty List (5/31/1960)
  26. Appointment In Agoura (6/7/1960)
  27. Showdown At Goldtown (6/14/1960)
  28. The Tresspasser (6/21/1960)

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