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The Magnificent Seven TV show was a 60 minute western action series on CBS about seven almost unbelievably tough men who helped defend good honest citizens from those who tried to take advantage of them. Typically, the bad guys would be so mean and tough that they thought that no one could stop them. They would lose their arrogance, however, when they clashed with the Magnificent Seven!

The Magnificent Seven Cast

Michael Biehn .... Chris Larrabee
Eric Close .... Vin Tanner
Andrew Kavovit .... John "J.D." Dunne
Ron Perlman .... Josiah Sanchez
Dale Midkiff .... Buck Wilmington
Anthony Starke .... Ezra Standish
Laurie Holden .... Mary Travis
Rick Worthy .... Nathan Jackson
Dana Barron .... Casey

The Magnificent Seven Trivia

There were four epiosodes of the Magnificent Seven TV show that were produced but not broadcast due to early cancellation of the series. Their titles were: "Penance", "Lady Killers", "Serpents", and "Obsession".

Robert Vaughn ("The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964)" / "Centennial (1978)" / "The A-Team (1983)") who portrays the role of "Judge Oren Travis" on this series also appeared in the 1960 movie titled, "The Magnificent Seven" as "Lee". Obviously; the blockbuster 1960 movie that also starred megastars Charles Bronson ("Empire"), Yul Brynner ("Anna and the King"), James Coburn ("The Fifth Corner"), and Steve McQueen ("Wanted: Dead or Alive") was the inspiration for this TV series.

The Magnificent Seven TV show was one of only a handfull that were canceled and then brought back by the same network. The series was canceled at the end of the first season. Fans of the show gathered via a web site and mass-emailed the CBS bigwigs and those at their local CBS affiliates. They also raised $5,000 to place ads in USA Today and Variety! One fan from Chicago, Patti Kleckner, offered to be the lead contact person for the fans in their talks with CBS executives. When CBS decided to renew the Magnificent Seven for a second season, Patti was given an all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles and she even got to appear in a walk-on part on the second season's first episode, "The New Law"!

The Magnificent Seven TV show took place in and near the western town of "Four Corners" immediately following the civil war. Many of the bad guys on the series were former Confederate soldiers who were upset about losing the civil war. In fact, a few of them justified looting and killing by saying that they didn't recognize the peace and were still fighting the war!

Nathan Jackson (played by Rick Worthy) was a former slave who had served as a stretcher bearer in the Union Army and had picked up some medical skills so he served as the Magnificent Seven's medic.

When the series was brought back for a second season, Four Corners got a Federal Marshall and the Magnificent Seven were ordered to disband by a Judge. Of course, the bad guys that threatened the citizens of Four Corners were too much for just one man to defeat so the Seven had to continue coming to the Marshall's aid.

Unfortunately, The Magnificent Seven TV show had some major competition in its time slot for its second and final season. ABC was airing "Sabrina: The Teenage Witch" and "Brother's Keeper". FOX was running "Millennium" and UPN (now the CW Network) was broadcasting "Love Boat: The Next Wave".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot - Part 1 (1/3/1998)
  2. Pilot - Part 2 (1/3/1998)
  3. One Day Out West (1/10/1998)
  4. Working Girls (1/17/1998)
  5. Safecracker (1/24/1998)
  6. Witness (1/31/1998)
  7. Nemesis (2/28/1998)
  8. The Collector (3/7/1998)
  9. Manhunt (3/14/1998)
  10. Inmate 78 (3/21/1998)
Season 2
  1. The New Law (1/8/1999)
  2. Sins of the Past (1/15/1999)
  3. Love and Honor (1/22/1999)
  4. Vendetta (1/29/1999)
  5. Wagon Train - Part 1 (2/12/1999)
  6. Wagon Train - Part 2 (2/19/1999)
  7. The Trial (3/5/1999)
  8. Chinatown (7/9/1999)
  9. Achilles (7/16/1999)
Theatrical Movies

The Magnificent Seven (1960) - Starring Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, Yul Brynner, James Coburn, Eli Wallach, and Robert Vaughn

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