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Brother's Keeper

Brother's Keeper Cast

Series Description

The Brother's Keeper TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about a single father who was trying teach his son responsibility. That task became nearly impossible when his professional football star brother came to live with them. You see ... his brother was a young man's role model who also happened to be a slob and a partying fool!

Brother's Keeper Cast

Justin Cooper ............... Oscar Wade
Sean O'Bryan ................ Bobby Wade
William Ragsdale ............ Porter Wade
Bess Meyer .................. Dena Draeger

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/25/1998)
  2. Who's Your Daddy? (10/2/1998)
  3. Since You Came Here (10/9/1998)
  4. Sneaking Into The Movies (10/16/1998)
  5. Cleaning Lessons (10/23/1998)
  6. Trick Or Treat? (10/30/1998)
  7. Kick Ball, Get Check (11/6/1998)
  8. You're In Trouble (11/13/1998)
  9. The Boss Of Me (11/20/1998)
  10. The Note (12/4/1998)
  11. Pillow Talk (12/11/1998)
  12. The Date (1/8/1999)
  13. You Are Me (1/20/1999)
  14. Box Of Stuff (1/22/1999)
  15. Game Ball (2/5/1999)
  16. Dating The Teacher (2/12/1999)
  17. An Odd Couple Of Days (2/19/1999)
  18. Everybody Says I Love You (2/26/1999)
  19. Security Farce (3/19/1999)
  20. With Friends Like Porter (4/9/1999)
  21. Politically Impolite (4/23/1999)
  22. The New Client - Part 1 (5/7/1999)
  23. The Duel - Part 2 (5/14/1999)

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