Centennial TV Mini-Series

Centennial TV Mini-Series

Series Description:

The Centennial mini-series aired on NBC for 12 episodes that were each either 2 or 3 hours in length. It was based on James Michener's bestseller about the American pioneers settling of the West. Set in the fictional town of Centennial, Colorado, this 12 movie - 26 hour epic showed life in the frontier from the late 18th century and into the twentieth century. With a cast of over 100, it cost $25 Million to produce!

Centennial Cast

William Atherton .... Jim Lloyd
Raymond Burr .... Herman Bockweiss
Barbara Carrera .... Clay Basket
Richard Chamberlain .... Alexander McKeag
Robert Conrad .... Pasquinel
Richard Crenna .... Colonel Frank Skimmerhorn
Timothy Dalton .... Oliver Seccombe
Cliff De Young .... John Skimmerhorn
Chad Everett .... Major Maxwell Mercy
Sharon Gless .... Sidney Endermann
Andy Griffith .... Professor Lewis Venor
Merle Haggard .... Cisco Calendar
Gregory Harrison .... Levi Zendt
David Janssen .... Paul Garrett/Narrator
Alex Karras .... Hans Brumbaugh
Brian Keith .... Sheriff Axel Dumire
Sally Kellerman .... Lise Bockweiss
Stephen McHattie .... Jacques 'Jake' Pasquinel
Lois Nettleton .... Maude Wendell
Donald Pleasence .... Samuel Purchase
Cristina Raines .... Lucinda McKeag Zendt
Lynn Redgrave .... Charlotte Buckland Seccombe
Robert Vaughn .... Morgan Wendell
Dennis Weaver .... R.J. Poteet
Anthony Zerbe .... Mervin Wendell
Michael Ansara .... Lame Beaver

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

  1. Only The Rocks Live Forever (10/1/1978) (3 Hour Movie)
  2. The Yellow Apron (10/8/1978) (2 Hours)
  3. The Wagon And The Elephant (10/28/1978) (2 Hours)
  4. For As Long As The Water Flows (11/4/1978) (2 Hours)
  5. The Massacre (11/11/1978) (2 Hours)
  6. The Longhorns (12/3/1978) (2 Hours)
  7. The Shepherds (12/10/1978) (2 Hours)
  8. The Storm (1/14/1979) (2 Hours)
  9. The Crime (1/21/1979) (2 Hours)
  10. The Winds Of Fortune (1/28/1979) (2 Hours)
  11. The Winds Of Death (2/3/1979) (2 Hours)
  12. The Scream Of Eagles (2/4/1979) (3 Hour Movie)

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