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Journey To The Unknown was a 60 minute British anthology fantasy/horror series that aired on ITV1 in the United Kingdom and on ABC in the U.S. It was about people who thought that everything in their lives was perfectly normal and then found themselves dealing with something abnormal (and usually supernatural). There is no cast member list for this program as different actors appeared in each Episode.

Journey to the Unknown Cast

Joan Harrison .... Executive Producer and Host

Journey to the Unknown Trivia

The eerie opening sequence on Journey to the Unknown incorporated an empty, haunted fairground accompanied by music by a whistler.

Journey to the Unknown's fine scripts attracted many well-known celebrities to guest-star during its short 17 episode run. A few examples are Barbara Bel Geddes ("Dallas"), Patty Duke ("The Patty Duke Show"), Chad Everett ("Medical Center"), Robert Lansing ("Automan", Roddy McDowall ("Planet of the Apes"), Stefanie Powers ("Hart to Hart"), Robert Reed ("The Brady Bunch"), and George Maharis ("Route 66").

There were four TV movies of Journey to the Unknown that were made by simply combining two episodes (each) from the series. Their titles, original airdates, and the episodes they were made from were:
Journey Into Darkness (1968) (Made From: "The New People" and "Paper Dolls") "Journey to Midnight" (1968) (Made From: "Poor Butterfly" and "The Indian Spirit Guide") Journey to the Unknown (6/15/1969) (Made From: "Matakitas Is Coming" and "The Last Visitor") Journey to Murder (1971) (Made From: "Do Me a Favor - Kill Me!" and "The Killing Bottle")

Talk about working your way from the bottom to the top of a career! Journey to the Unknown's Host/Executive Producer, "Joan Harrison", went to work as Alfred Hitchcock's secretary in 1933. Hitchcock soon saw that she was much more than someone to type, file, and take dictation. Soon she was reviewing scripts and writing summaries that Hitchcock used to decide whether he would produce/direct the project! Shortly after that, Joan even started editing and adding to scripts. By 1941, she had moved up to being a full time scriptwriter for MGM studios. Then, in 1943, she moved to Universal Studios as a Producer! She continued as a Producer until the early 1970s in movies and TV series, the most notable being "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" from 1955 to 1962!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Eve (9/26/1968)
  2. Jane Brown's Body (10/3/1968)
  3. The Indian Spirit List (10/10/1968)
  4. Miss Belle (10/24/1968)
  5. Paper Dolls (11/7/1968)
  6. The New People (11/14/1968)
  7. One On A Desert Island (11/21/1968)
  8. Matakitias Is Coming (11/28/1968)
  9. Girl Of My Dreams (12/5/1968)
  10. Somewhere In A Crowd (12/12/1968)
  11. Do Me A Favour And Kill Me (12/19/1968)
  12. The Beckoning Fair One (12/26/1968)
  13. The Last Visitor (1/2/1969)
  14. Poor Butterfly (1/9/1969)
  15. Stranger In The Family (1/16/1969)
  16. The Madison Equation (1/23/1969)
  17. The Killing Bottle (1/30/1969)

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