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Cybill Cast

Series Description

The Cybill TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on CBS about a middle aged actress who was twice divorced with one daughter who was married with her own child and another who was still at home with mom. Mom was determined to conquer the impediments to having both a successful career and a satisfactory personal life. Unfortunately, Cybill and her best girl pal got into one mess after another which threatened to get in the way of her goals.

Cybill Cast

Cybill Shepherd .... Cybill Sheridan
Christine Baranski .... Mary Ann Thorpe
Alicia Witt .... Zoey Woodbine
Dedee Pfeiffer .... Rachel Blanders
Peter Krause .... Kevin Blanders
Alan Rosenberg ....................Ira Woodbine
Tom Wopat .... Jeff Robbins

Cybill Trivia

Among numerous other awards, Cybill won two Golden Globes in 1996. One was for Cybill Shepherd in the "Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series - Comedy/Musical" category. The second Golden Globe was for "Best TV-Series - Comedy/Musical". To win her award, Cybill Shepherd had to beat fellow nominees Candice Bergen ("Murphy Brown"), Ellen DeGeneres ("Ellen"), Helen Hunt ("Mad About You"), and Fran Dresher ("The Nanny"). Cybill's Golden Globe for best series beat out "Frasier", "Friends", "Mad About You", and "Seinfeld".

Before entering show business, Cybill Shepherd was a beauty contest winner and a model. In 1966 she won the "Miss Teenage Memphis" title and in 1968 she won the "Model of the Year" award. A few years later, in the early 1970s, movie director Peter Bogdanovich saw her on the cover of Glamour magazine while waiting to check out his groceries in a supermarket. That led to starring movie roles for Cybill but, unfortunately, they were all flops at the box office. Then Ms. Shepherd got a starring role on the small screen on the TV series, "The Yellow Rose". That series only lasted 22 episodes but nobody blamed that on Cybill and she immediately landed one of the two lead roles as "Maddie Hayes" on the series, "Moonlighting". That series established Cybill as a successful actress and introduced a future megastar "Bruce Willis" as "David Addison". Cybill is still a star as of 2008 and most recently has moved more into theatrical films. She has also joined the cast of the Showtime hit series, "The L Word" for its fourth and fifth seasons so far!

The final episode of Cybill titled, "Kaboom!" was actually supposed to be part one of a two part episode. CBS decided, on very short notice, to cancel the series and, for some reason, didn't ever air part two of "Kaboom!". Cybill Shepherd has stated that she believed that CBS didn't like the strong (perhaps radical) feminist storylines. She also said that there was a lot of tension between the cast and crew and CBS was fed up with that too. So even though Cybill was still performing well in the ratings and the critics loved the show, it went off to TV show heaven at the end of the fourth season.

Sally Kellerman ("M*A*S*H*") auditioned for the role of Mary Ann.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

1... Virgin, Mother, Crone (1/2/1995)
2... How Can I Call You My Ex-Husbands If You Won't Go Away? (1/9/1995)
3... As The World Turns To Crap (1/16/1995)
4... Look Who's Stalking (1/23/1995)
5... Starting On The Wrong Foot (2/6/1995)
6... Call Me Irresponsible (2/13/1995)
7... See Jeff Jump. Jump Jeff Jump! (2/20/1995)
8... The Curse Of Zoey (2/27/1995)
9... The Replacements (3/13/1995)
10. Death And Exes (3/20/1995)
11. The Last Temptation Of Cybill (4/10/1995)
12. The Big Sleep-Over (5/8/1995)
13. The Cheese Stands Alone (5/15/1995)

Season 2

14. Cybill Discovers The Meaning Of Live (9/17/1995)
15. Zing! (9/24/1995)
16. Since I Lost My Baby (10/1/1995)
17. Cybill With An 'S' (10/8/1995)
18. Cybill's Fifteen Minutes (10/15/1995)
19. Nice Work If You Can Get It (10/22/1995)
20. To Sir, With Lust (11/5/1995)
21. They Shoot Turkeys, Don't They? (11/19/1995)
22. Local Hero (11/26/1995)
23. The Odd Couples (12/3/1995)
24. Mourning Has Broken (12/17/1995)
25. The Big Apple Can Bite Me (1/7/1996)
26. Educating Zoey (1/14/1996)
27. Where's Zoey? (2/4/1996)
28. Lowenstein's Lament (2/11/1996)
29. Wedding Bell Blues (2/18/1996)
30. A Who's Who For What's-His-Name (2/25/1996)
31. Romancing The Crone (3/10/1996)
32. An Officer And A Thespian (3/17/1996)
33. Virgin, Mother, Cheater (3/31/1996)
34. When You're Hot, You're Hot (4/29/1996)
35. Pal Zoey (5/6/1996)
36. Three Women And A Dummy (5/13/1996)
37. Going Out With A Bang (5/20/1996)

Season 3

38. Bringing Home The Bacon (9/16/1996)
39. Venice Or Bust (9/23/1996)
40. Cybill And Maryann Go To Japan (9/30/1996)
41. It's For You, Mrs. Lincoln (10/7/1996)
42. Cybill, Get Your Gun (10/14/1996)
43. Cybill Does Diary (10/21/1996)
44. Sex, Drugs, And Catholicism (11/4/1996)
45. Going To Hell In A Limo - Part 1 (11/11/1996)
46. Going To Hell In A Limo - Part 2 (11/18/1996)
47. Buffalo Gals (11/25/1996)
48. A Hell Of A Christmas (12/9/1996)
49. The Little Drummer Girls (12/16/1996)
50. Bachelor Party (1/6/1997)
51. Little Bo Peep (1/20/1997)
52. In Her Dreams (2/3/1997)
53. Valentine's Day (2/10/1997)
54. Kiss Me, You Fool (2/17/1997)
55. True Confessions (2/24/1997)
56. Name That Tune (3/3/1997)
57. From Boca, With Love (10/10/1997)
58. All Of Me (4/7/1997)
59. The Wedding (4/21/1997)
60. The Piano (4/28/1997)
61. There Was An Old Woman (5/5/1997)
62. Mother's Day (5/12/1997)
63. Let's Stalk (5/19/1997)

Season 4

64. Regarding Henry (9/15/1997)
65. The Love Of Her Life (9/22/1997)
66. The Big Flouncy Thing (9/29/1997)
67. Some Like It Hot (10/6/1997)
68. Like Family (10/13/1997)
69. The Earthquake (10/20/1997)
70. Halloween (10/27/1997)
71. Where's A Harpoon When You Need One? (11/3/1997)
72. How To Get A Head In Show Business (11/10/1997)
73. Grandbaby (11/17/1997)
74. The Golden Years (12/1/1997)
75. Show Me The Minute (12/8/1997)
76. Bakersfield (3/4/1998)
77. Once, Twice, Three Times A Lady (3/11/1998)
78. Cybill Sheridan's Day Off (3/18/1998)
79. Fine Is Not A Feeling (3/25/1998)
80. Oh Brother! (4/1/1998)
81. Whose Wife Am I, Anyway? (5/25/1998)
82. Dream Date (6/1/1998)
83. Farewell My Sweet (6/15/1998)
84. Daddy (6/22/1998)
85. Don Gianni (6/29/1998)
86. Cybill In The Morning (7/6/1998)
87. Kaboom! (7/13/1998)

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