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The Bradys TV show was a drama series about the Brady Family with the kids all grown up and, in fact, having kids of their own! Greg was now a Doctor married to his nurse and coveting his perfect son! Marcia had become an alcoholic, partially due to financial problems because her husband couldn't hold down a job! Peter had recently broken up with his fiancee and become a playboy! Jan and her husband were having problems getting pregnant and, therefore, adopted an asian girl! Bobby was paralyzed from the waist down in an accident as a driver in the Indy 500 race! Cindy was a radio DJ who was dating her boss! So anyway, the whole Brady clan plus the new ones found themselves back (with all their problems) in one big house together! And let's not forget Alice who was more than eager to lend a helping hand from her house down the street where she lived with her husband, Sam the butcher.

The Bradys Cast

Florence Henderson .... Carol Brady
Robert Reed .... Mike Brady
Barry Williams .... Greg Brady
Leah Ayres .... Marcia Brady Logan
Christopher Knight .... Peter Brady
Mike Lookinland .... Bobby Brady
Susan Olsen .... Cynthia "Cindy" Martin Brady
Eve Plumb .... Jan Brady Covington
Martha Quinn .... Tracy Brady
Caryn Richman .... Nora Brady
Jonathan Taylor Thomas .... Kevin Brady
Ann B. Davis .... Alice Nelson
Jaclyn Bernstein .... Jessica Logan
Michael Melby .... Mickey Logan
Ron Kuhlman .... Phillip Covington III
Jerry Houser .... Wally Logan

The Bradys Trivia

As you probably guessed, The Bradys was a "spin-off" of the series titled, "The Brady Bunch". Yes ... you read the description correctly! The Bradys was a DRAMA series. Or, at least, it tried to be. Many of the issues (alcoholism, paralyzation, financial ruin, etc.) were just too far off track of the Brady Bunch we'd all come to know and love.

So how did The Bradys come about? Sherwood Schwartz, the creator of the Brady concept was asked to write three - two-hour TV movies by CBS following the success of the 1988 TV movie titled, "A Very Brady Christmas". What resulted was one - two-hour movie and four TV episodes!

Schwartz one made a statement that best explains why The Bradys didn't succeed. While talking about the overall success of the Brady concept, he said, "I think it's because the stories are drawn from a child's point of view, which is rare in television history". The Bradys certainly didn't do that. The stories were adult-oriented in their scope. Schwartz agreed with that later on saying that he felt the series was too "grown-up" for its 8PM time slot. Actually, the series was more likely too grown-up to be about The Bradys in any time slot.

While Alice was now married to Sam the butcher on this series, we never saw his character.

Occasionally, The Bradys can be seen in syndication. Usually, however, the packaging and titles are changed. Their usually aired two episodes at a time. Episodes 1 and 2 are typically named, "The Brady 500"; episodes 3 and 4, "Bradys on the Move"; and episodes 5 and 6, "Big Kids, Big Problems".

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Critics didn't care much for this series. They often referred to it as "Bradysomething". This was a reference to the phrase "Thirtysomething" which was very popular at the time.

The Bradys Theme Lyrics

Written By: "Sherwood Schwartz"

Performed by "Florence Henderson"

Here's the story, of the family Brady,
a mom and dad with all their children grown.
Our kids are now pursuing their dreams,
with families of their own.

When our kids were small,
their problems all were smaller.
As they changed, so did their point of view.
The World has taken on a larger meaning, Since the family grew.

The Bradys!
Oh, the Bradys!
That's how The Brady Bunch became The Bradys.

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