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The Brady Brides

The Brady Brides cast

You may also want to check out these other "Brady" TV series' pages: "The Brady Bunch (1969)", "The Brady Kids (1972 - Animated)", "The Brady Bunch Variety Hour (1977)", and "The Bradys (1990)".

Series Description

The Brady Brides TV show was a comedy series and spin-off of another series titled, "The Brady Bunch". Marcia and Jan, the two oldest Brady daughters, grew up, got married in a double ceremony and all four moved in together. Marcia married a college professor and Jan married a guy who worked at a toy company. The first three Episodess where they all meet, fall in love and get married were very popular, but the audience lost interest soon afterwards. It probably should have just been a movie of the week.

The Brady Brides Cast


Maureen McCormick ................. Marcia Brady Logan
Jerry Houser ...................... Wally Logan
Eve Plumb ......................... Jan Brady Covington
Ron Kuhlman ....................... Philip Covington III
Ann B. Davis ...................... Alice Nelson
Florence Henderson ................ Carol Brady
Keland Love ....................... Harry

The Brady Brides Theme Song Lyrics

Sung to the same tune as the Brady Bunch Theme

It's a new life for two girls named Brady,
Who have left the Bunch to make it on their own.
Jan fell in love with a man named Phillip,
the nicest guy she's known.

In the meantime, along came Wally.
He's different than Phil in every way.
Soon the girls are headed for a double wedding.
A very special day.

A house was too expensive for each couple.
The only way to buy they would decide,
was to share the cost by moving in together.
That's the way that they became the Brady Brides.

The Brady Brides
The Brady Brides
That's the way they became the Brady Brides.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. The Brady Girls Get Married - Part 1 (2/6/1981)
  2. The Brady Girls Get Married - Part 2 (2/13/1981)
  3. The Brady Girls Get Married - Part 3 (2/20/1981)
  4. Living Together (3/6/1981)
  5. Gorilla of My Dreams (3/13/1981)
  6. The Newlywed Game (Scheduled 3/20/1981 but pre-empted)
  7. The Mom Who Came to Dinner (3/27/1981)
  8. The Siege (4/3/1981)
  9. Cool Hand Phil (4/10/1981)
  10. A Pretty Boy is Like a Melody (4/17/1981)

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