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The Brady Kids was an animated kids TV show about the Brady Bunch kids living a fantasy life in their treehouse with their dog (Mop Top), two Pandas (Ping and Pong) who spoke in a crazy language that sounded a bit like Chinese, a Mynah Bird named Marlon that had magical powers, and their weekly guest stars.


Barry Williams .... Greg Brady #1 (1st 18 episodes)
Lane Scheimer .... Greg Brady #2
Maureen McCormick .... Marcia Brady #1 (1st 18 episodes)
Erica Scheimer .... Marcia Brady #2
Christopher Knight .... Peter Brady #1 (1st 18 episodes)
David Smith .... Peter Brady #2
Eve Plumb .... Jan Brady
Mike Lookinland .... Bobby Brady
Susan Olsen .... Cindy Brady
Larry Storch .... Marlon / Mop Top
Jane Webb .... Ping and Pong


The Brady Kids was, of course, a "spin-off" of the series, "The Brady Bunch".

A one-hour long episode of The Brady Kids appeared as the very first episode of the ABC Saturday Superstar Movie on September 9, 1972.

The Brady Kids' executive producer was Sherwood Schwartz. Sherwood was also the creator of The Brady Bunch. The filmaking producers were Norm Prescott and Lou Scheimer. Hal Sutherland was the director and the music was written by Jeff Michaels and Yvetta Blais.

While original air dates varied due to syndication, most stations broadcast The Brady Kids between September 9, 1972 and August 31, 1974. Air times were generally 10:30 or 11:00 AM on Saturday mornings.

Originally, there were 18 episodes of The Brady Kids produced with the voices done by the original Brady Kids actors. Then when more episodes were ordered, Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick, and Christopher Knight chose to not participate. According to Barry Williams, they each read a long list of words into a tape recorder and their lines were put together from those tapes for the new episodes along with new actors who filled in other words.

Superman and Wonder Woman both guest-starred on The Brady Kids. It was actually Wonder Woman's first appearance anywhere as an animated character!

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Alice, Sam, mom, and dad Brady never appeared on the Brady Kids. Most of the series concentrated on the kids, their friends, and their animal friends playing outside and (mostly) hanging out in their treehouse.

Episodes List

Note: Since this series was syndicated, original air dates varied according to each local stations programming. Therefore, there were no official first air dates.

  1. Jungle Bungle - Part 1
  2. Jungle Bungle - Part 2
  3. Double Trouble
  4. Long Gone Silver
  5. Cindy's Super Friend
  6. Pop Goes the Mynah
  7. Who Was That Dog...?
  8. It Ain't Necessarily Snow
  9. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the End Zone
  10. That Was No Worthy Opponent, That Was My Sister
  11. You Took the Words Right Out of My Tape
  12. Give Me a Home Where the Panda Bears Roam and the Dog and the Mynah Bird Play
  13. It's All Greek to Me
  14. The Big Time
  15. Marlon's Birthday Party
  16. The Richest Man in the World
  17. Wings
  18. Frankincense
  19. Theacher's Pet
  20. Marcia's Lib
  21. Ceiling Zero
  22. Who Believes in Ghosts?

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