Baywatch Cast

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Series Description

Baywatch was a 60 minute drama series that aired on NBC for the first season (and the pilot) and then ran in syndication for another eight seasons! It was about Mitch Buchannon who had years of experience as a lifeguard and the squad of young adult lifeguards that he supervised. Together, they kept their beach safe for the locals and vacationers who came to spend a day in the Sun in paradise! They didn't stop at saving potential drowning victims either. They often protected their visitors from low-lifes who preyed on them including pickpockets, kidnappers, and sexual predators. Of course, the real attraction for most Baywatch viewers were the multitude of perfect bodies covered only by tiny swimsuits. There also was no lack of romance and sexuality!

Baywatch Cast

David Hasselhoff .... Mitchell Buchannon
Parker Stevenson .... Craig Pomeroy
Shawn Weatherly .... Jill Riley
Billy Warlock .... Eddie Kramer
Erika Eleniak .... Shauni McClain
John Allen Nelson .... John D. Cort
Peter Phelps .... Trevor Cole
Brandon Call .... Hobie Buchannon #1
Gregory J. Barnett .... Greg Barnett
Gregory Alan Williams .... Sergeant Garner Ellerbee
Nicole Eggert .... Summer Quinn
Pamela Anderson .... C.J. Parker
Yasmine Bleeth .... Caroline Holden
Carmen Electra .... Lani McKenzie

Baywatch Trivia

David Hasselhoff is one of the few actors to portray the same character on two different TV shows at the same time. He portrayed Mitch Buchannon on both "Baywatch" and "Baywatch Nights" for two seasons.

Apparently, audiences held Baywatch in higher esteem that did the TV industry. It was the longest-running TV series to never win an Emmy!

Pamela Anderson was propelled into super stardom thanks to her role on Baywatch ! She went on to appear as "Lisa" on the series, "Home Improvement". Then she starred as "Vallery Irons" on, "V.I.P.". She also provided the voice for the title character on the animated series, "Stripperella" and then got another shot at her own series with, "Stacked".

NBC made one of its biggest blunders when it canceled the Baywatch TV show after just one season. It only stayed off the air for one season before returning in sydication and becoming a hit series! It ran on every continent except Antarctica in 148 nations!

When David Hasselhoff was cast on Baywatch and it became an international hit series, it also made him a world-wide star. It was the highest rated series in many European countries with the largest number of viewers in Germany and Sweden. Unknown to many American viewers, David also was a top singer in Europe with several hit songs! David got his first big break on TV when he got the role of, "Dr. William 'Snapper' Foster, Jr." on the daytime drama, "The Young and the Restless". When that job came to an end, he got his own series titled, "Knight Rider". He also starred in several Baywatch and Knight Rider "made-for-TV movies. And let's not forget about the other Baywatch series, "Baywatch Nights" and "Baywatch Hawaii".

Two of the recurring Cast on Baywatch began on the show as "technical advisors" and "stunt men/stunt coordinators". They were, "Michael Newman" who played, "Newmie" in more than 100 episodes. The other one was "Gregory J. Barnett" who played "Jim Barnett" and appeared in about 50 episodes. Gregory Barnett's son and wife also performed stunts on Baywatch.

Pamela Anderson first made the news on the day she was born! Her native country of Canada was celebrating its Centennial Day. Pam was the first baby born in Canada on that day in 1967. The news called her "The Centennial Baby"! Pam's show business career began when a talent scout saw her on TV at a Canadian Football game! The first work she got was as a Labatts Beer spokesmodel.She made the cover of Playboy Magazine a whopping twelve times! She became Playboy's February of 1990 "Playmate of the Month"! Pam became a U.S. citizen in 2004 but she also retained her Canadian citizenship.

Nicole Eggert was already known to audiences she was cast on Baywatch due to her appearance on numerous TV shows, but mostly for her role as "Jamie Powell" on the series, "Charles In Charge".

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