Baywatch Nights

Baywatch Nights cast

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Series Description

The Baywatch Nights TV show was a 60 minute syndicated drama series that was a "spin off" of the much more successful series, "Baywatch". On this show Mitch Buchannon continued to lead his crew of lifeguards during the day but at night he worked as a private detective, solving crimes that were typically commited at the beach.

Baywatch Nights Cast

David Hasselhoff .... Mitch Buchannon
Angie Harmon .... Ryan McBride
Gregory Alan Williams .... Garner Ellerbee
Lou Rawls .... Lou Raymond
Lisa Stahl .... Destiny
Donna D'Errico .... Donna Marco
Dorian Gregory .... Diamont Teague
Eddie Cibrian .... Griff Walker

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