Baywatch Hawaii

Baywatch Hawaii cast

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Series Description

The Baywatch Hawaii TV show was a drama series that continued from the series, "Baywatch" after the gang relocated from California to the Islands of Hawaii. Since pretty much the only change was location, Bawatch Hawaii is not considered a "spin-off" series of Baywatch, just a continuation.

Baywatch Hawaii Cast

David Hasselhoff .... Mitchell Buchannon
Michael Bergin .... Jack "J.D." Darius
Jason Brooks .... Sean Monroe
Jason Momoa .... Jason Ioane
Stacy Kamano .... Kekoa Tanaka
Michael Newman .... Mike 'Newmie' Newman
Brooke Burns .... Jessie Owens
Kala'i Miller .... Kai Colburn
Vincent Klyn .... Leon 'Rock' Keaweamahi
Monica Nakagawa .... Miko Matsumoto
Simmone Mackinnon .... Allie Reese
Brandy Ledford .... Dawn Masterton
Krista Allen .... Jenna Avid
Brande Roderick .... Leigh Dyer
Alicia Rickter .... Carrie Sharp
Charlie Brumbly .... Zack McEwan

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