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Series Description

The Charles In Charge TV show was a 30 minute family comedy series that aired on CBS in its first season and then in syndication thereafter. It was about a college student (Charles) who moves in with the Pembroke family. He received free rent in exchange for doing housework and babysitting the children. Due to low ratings, the Pembrokes were transferred to another city (for work) and the Powell family took their place starting in the second season.

Charles In Charge Cast

Scott Baio .... Charles
Willie Aames .... Buddy Lembeck
James T. Callahan .... Walter Powell (1987-1990)
Nicole Eggert .... Jamie Powell (1987-1990)
Sandra Kerns .... Ellen Powell (1987-1990)
Josie Davis .... Sarah Powell (1987-1990)
Alexander Polinsky .... Adam Powell (1987-1990)
Ellen Travolta .... Lillian (1987-1990)
Julie Cobb .... Jill Pembroke (1984-1985)
April Lerman .... Lila Pembroke (1984-1985)
James Widdoes .... Stan Pembroke (1984-1985)
Jennifer Runyon .... Gwendolyn Pierce (1984-1985)
Jonathan Ward .... Douglas Pembroke (1984-1985)
Michael Pearlman .... Jason Michael Pembroke (1984-1985)
Justin Whalin .... Anthony (1988)

Theme Song

Title: "Charles in Charge"

By: "Timothy Thompson"

New boy in the neighborhood
Lives downstairs and it is understood.
He's there just to take good care of me,
Like he's one of the family.

Charles in Charge
Of our days and our nights
Charles in Charge
Of our wrongs and our rights

And I sing, I want,
I want Charles in Charge of me.

Charles in Charge
Of our days and our nights
Charles in Charge
Of our wrongs and our rights

And I sing, I want,
I want Charles in Charge of me.

Charles In Charge Trivia

The college that Charles attended was Copeland College in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Neither the name or location of the college were revealed until Charles In Charge left CBS and went into first run syndication in its second season.

There was 20 month delay from the end of the first season til the beginning of the second season which began in December of 1986!

Charles in Charge was the third series where Ellen Travolta played the role of Scott Baio's mother. The other two were "Happy Days" and "Joanie Loves Chachi".

Charle's last name (and, therefore, his mother's) was never revealed during the show's entire run. This was obviously done on purpose. In some of the episodes there were situations where Charles would normally have given his last name but doesn't. (For example: a whole group of students are exchanging names and Charles gets conveniently called away for some reason).

The role of Charles was actually specially written for Michael J. Fox ("Family Ties") but when he turned it down Scott Baio was given the role that ran for five seasons! It's doubtful the Michael J. Fox was too torn up over it though as he landed the role of "Marty McFly" in the first "Back to the Future" movie about that same time!

Scott Baio was a classic teen idol. In fact, TV Guide magazine ranked him #16 on the "TV's 25 Greatest Teen Idols" list in their January 23, 2005 issue! He earned the title with millions of loving female fans. He also dated some of the hottest celebrities including Brooke Shields ("Suddenly Susan"), Heather Locklear ("Spin City"), Pamela Anderson ("Stacked"), Nicole Eggert ("Baywatch"), Erika Eleniak ("Baywatch"), Natalie Raitano ("V.I.P."), and even Nicollette Sheridan who is still gorgeously sexy 20 years later in her role as Edie Britt on the series "Desperate Housewives"!

Fans of Willie Aames as "Tommy Bradford" on the series, "Eight Is Enough" were happy to see him again on Charles In Charge!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (10/3/1984)
  2. Extracurricular Activity (10/10/1984)
  3. Another Saturday Night (10/17/1984)
  4. War (10/24/1984)
  5. Cousin Elliott (11/7/1984)
  6. Slumber Party (11/14/1984)
  7. Discipline (11/21/1984)
  8. Trick or Treat (11/28/1984)
  9. A Date with Enid (12/5/1984)
  10. Friends & Lovers (12/12/1984)
  11. Home for the Holidays (12/19/1984)
  12. Accidental Puppy (12/26/1984)
  13. The Commotion (1/2/1985)
  14. Mr. President (1/16/1985)
  15. Jill's Decision (1/23/1985)
  16. Pressure from Grandma (1/30/1985)
  17. Snowed In (2/6/1985)
  18. Charles 'R' Us (2/13/1985)
  19. Charles' Spring Break (2/20/1985)
  20. The Wrong Guy (2/27/1985)
  21. Mr. Brilliant (3/13/1985)
  22. Meet Grandpa (4/3/1985)
Season 2

From this point on, Charles In Charge was in 1st run syndication. Air dates varied from station to station.

  1. Amityville
  2. The Naked Truth
  3. Feud for Thought
  4. The Loan Arranger
  5. The Egg and Us
  6. American Teen
  7. Buddy Comes to Dinner
  8. A Fox in the Henhouse
  9. Pizza Parlor Protest
  10. Trade Off
  11. Dating
  12. Music, Music, Mayhem
  13. Buddy in Charge
  14. The Case of the Mock-Turtle Mystery
  15. Mama Mia
  16. Weekend Weary
  17. The Heart Burglar
  18. Dear Charles
  19. Getting In
  20. Isn't That What's Her Face?
  21. A Date From Heck
  22. A Job From Heck
  23. The Undergraduate
  24. Her Brother's Keeper
  25. Lillian Putts a Round
  26. U.F. Oh No
Season 3
  1. Twice Upon a Time - Part 1
  2. Twice Upon a Time - Part 2
  3. Baby Doll
  4. Speechless
  5. Yule Laff
  6. Infatuation
  7. Piece of Cake
  8. Role Model
  9. The Extremely Odd Couple
  10. Dorm Warnings
  11. Sarah Steps Out
  12. The Buddy System
  13. Poppa, the Sailor Man
  14. The Pickle Plot
  15. Bottle Baby
  16. The Blackboard Bungle
  17. Trading Papers
  18. Five Easy Pizzas
  19. Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow
  20. Dutiful Dreamer
  21. Berkling Up Is Hard to Do
  22. The Boy Who Loved Women
  23. May the Best Man Lose
  24. Runaround Charles
  25. Where the Auction Is
  26. Barbelles
Season 4
  1. No Nukes, Is Good Nukes
  2. Ninny and the Professor
  3. A Sting of Pearls
  4. Room at the Bottom
  5. Yesterday Cafe
  6. Duelling Presleys
  7. Walter Gets a Dodo
  8. Adam See, Adam Do
  9. Ladies' Night Out
  10. Fatal Obsession
  11. Still at Large
  12. Chargin' Charles
  13. A Fish Called Buddy
  14. Curing the Common Cult
  15. Walter's War
  16. Second Banana
  17. Poetic License
  18. Charles Splits - Part 1
  19. Charles Splits - Part 2
  20. The Organization Man
  21. Aunt Vanessa
  22. It's a Blunderfull Life
  23. Bad Boy
  24. Big Bang
  25. Triple Threat
  26. Buddy's Daddy
Season 5
  1. Summer Together, Fall Apart
  2. Get Thee to a Nuttery
  3. Three Dates & a Walnut
  4. Out with the in Crowd
  5. There's a Girl in My Ficus
  6. Judge Not Lest Ye Beheaded
  7. Child Hoods
  8. Baby Bummer
  9. Paper Covers Rock
  10. Advice and Contempt
  11. Daffy Doc
  12. Buddy Flips a Disc
  13. Don't Rock the Vote
  14. Brain Man
  15. Frankie and Mommy
  16. Let's Quake a Deal
  17. Up Your IQ
  18. All That Chaz
  19. Dead Puck Society
  20. Lost Resort
  21. La Cage Aux Fools
  22. Seeing Is Believing
  23. Teacher's Pest
  24. Charles Be DeMille
  25. Fair Exchange
  26. Almost Family

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