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Upcoming TV Series Season Premieres

Note that the following air dates and times are for the season premieres. In a few cases, the TV series will not regularly air at the same time. Also, the networks will more than likely change the time slots around some and even cancel some series during the season. This can happen after only an episode or two so beware using this page as a show guide! All air times are for the Eastern U.S. time zone. Also, the networks tend to change dates/times at the last minute so the information listed here is not 100% guaranteed.

January 2, 2007:

Dirt at 10:00 PM on FX

January 3, 2007:

According to Jim at 8:00 PM on ABC (Special - Normal Air Time is 8:30 PM)
Beauty and the Geek at 8:00 PM on the CW (2-Hour Special)
Knights of Prosperity at 9:00 PM on ABC
In Case of Emergency at 9:30 PM on ABC

January 7, 2007:

Grease: You're the One I Want at 8:00 PM on NBC (90-Minute Special)
The Surreal Life at 9PM on VH1
The Apprentice at 9:30 PM on NBC (90-Minute Special)
Hogan Knows Best at 10:00 Pm on VH1
I'm With Rolling Stone at 10:00 Pm on MTV
The L Word at 10:00 Pm on Showtime
Shooting Sizemore at 10:30 Pm on VH1

January 8, 2007:

Lincoln Heights at 7:00 PM on ABC Family
Gay, Straight or Taken? at 8:00 PM on Lifetime
I Love New York at 9:00 PM on VH1 (90 Minute Special)
Ego Trip's The (White) Rapper Show at 10:30 PM on VH1 (Special Time)

January 10, 2007:

The Shield on FX (Tentative; Time Unannounced)
Armed & Famous at 8:00 PM on CBS
Tease at 9:00 PM on Oxygen
The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency at 10:00 PM on Oxygen
TV Land Myths & Legends at 10:00 PM on TV Land
Real Housewives of Orange County at 11:00 PM on Bravo (Sneek Peek Special)

January 11, 2007:

Nashville Star at 10:00 PM on USA (75-Minute Special)

January 14, 2007:

24: Day 6 at 8:00 PM on Fox (2 Hours; Special Time & Night)
Rome at 9:00 PM on HBO
The Apprentice at 9:30 PM on NBC (90-Minute Special)
Extras at 10:00 PM on HBO

January 15, 2007:

The 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards at 8:00 PM on NBC (3-Hours)
My Super Sweet 16 at 9:00 PM on MTV
The Hills at 10:00 PM on MTV
Dancelife at 10:30 PM on MTV

January 16, 2007:

American Idol at 8:00 PM on FOX (2-Hour Special)

January 17, 2007:

The Naked Trucker & T-Bones Show at 10:30 PM on Comedy Central

January 19, 2007:
Monk at 9:00 PM on USA
Psych at 10:00 PM on USA

January 21, 2007:
Battlestar Galactica at 10:00 PM on the Sci-Fi Channel
Crossing Jordan at 10:00 PM on NBC

January 22, 2007:
Engaged & Underage at 9:30 PM on MTV

January 24, 2007:
George Lopez at 8:00 PM on ABC

January 25, 2007:
Pros Vs. Joes at 10:00 PM on Spike TV

January 28, 2007:
King of the Hill at 8:30 PM on FOX

January 30, 2007:
Road Rules at 9:00 PM on MTV
Bam's Unholy Union at 9:30 PM on MTV
Two-a-Days at 10:00 PM on MTV
Wrestling Society X at 10:30 PM on MTV

January 31, 2007:
Adventures in Hollyhood at 10:30 PM on MTV
Top Design at 11:00 PM on Bravo

February 2007:

Survivor on CBS
Real World/Road Rules Challenge on HBO
The Showbiz Show With David Spade on Comedy Central
The Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central
Afro Samurai on Spike TV

March 2007:

Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO (March 11th)
Entourage on HBO
Hustle on CBS
The Loop on FOX
Nashville Star on USA
The Sopranos on HBO
Stargate Atlantis on the SciFi Channel

May 2007:

Rescue Me on FX

Summer 2007:

The 4400 on FOX
Big Love on HBO
The Dead Zone on USA
Eureka on the SciFi Channel
Hell's Kitchen on FOX
Reno 911 on Comedy Central
Saved on TNT

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