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The Apprentice TV Show

The Apprentice TV Show

Series Description

The Apprentice TV show is a 60 minute competitive reality series on NBC where a group of contestants who compete against each other in business-related tasks in order to win the grand prize ... a one year job running one of Donald Trump's companies! Each week's competition ends in a winning team getting a reward and the losing team "going to the board room" where one will be fired by Mr. Trump. The final competition each season is between the two surviving contestants and results in one of them being "hired" by Mr. Trump and becoming "The Apprentice"!

The Apprentice Cast

Season 1 Cast:
Donald Trump
George Ross
Carolyn Kepcher
Bill Rancic (The Apprentice Winner)
Kwame Jackson
Amelia 'Amy' Henry
Nick Warnock
Troy McClain
Katrina Campins
Heidi Bressler
Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth
Ereka Vetrini
Tammy Lee
Jessie Connors
Kristi Frank
Bowie Hogg
Sam Solovey


Season 2 Cast

Donald Trump
Carolyn Kepcher
George Ross
Kelly Perdew (The Apprentice Winner)
Jennifer Massey
Bradford Cohen
Andy Litinsky
Maria Boren
Chris Russo
John Willenborg
Kevin Allen
Raj Bhakta
Wes Moss
Rob Flanagan
Elizabeth Jarosz
Jennifer Crisafulli
Stacie Jones Upchurch
Stacy Rotner
Pamela Day
Ivana Ma
Sandy Ferreira


Season 3 Cast

Donald Trump
Carolyn Kepcher
George Ross
Kendra Todd (The Apprentice Winner)
Tara Dowdell
Erin Elmore
Audrey Evans
Verna Felton
John Gafford
Tana Goertz
Angie Harper
Danny Kastner
Kristen Kirchner
Stephanie Myers
Bren Olswanger
Chris Shelton
Michael Tarshi
Alex Thomason
Craig Williams
Brian McDowell
Todd Everett


Season 4 Cast

Donald Trump
Carolyn Kepcher
George Ross
Randal Pinkett (The Apprentice Winner)
Clay Lee
Brian Mandelbaum
Chris Valletta
Josh Shaw
Rebecca Jarvis
Toral Mehta
Kristi Caudell
Felisha Mason
Jennifer Murphy
Alla Wartenberg
James Dillon
Jennifer Wallen
Markus Garrison
Melissa Holovach
Mark Lamkin
Marshawn Evans
Adam Israelov


Season 5 Cast

Donald Trump
Carolyn Kepcher
George Ross
Sean Yazbeck (The Apprentice Winner)
Bryce Gahagan
Charmaine Hunt
Dan Brody
Lee Bienstock
Lenny Veltman
Leslie Bourgeois
Tarek Saab
Allie Jablon
Andrea Lake
Michael Laungani
Roxanne Wilson
Tammy Trenta
Brent Buckman
Theresa Boutross
Stacy Schneider
Jose "Pepi" Diaz
Summer Zervos


Season 6 Cast

Donald Trump
Ivanka Trump
Donald Trump Jr.
George Ross (Occasional Judge)
Stefani Schaeffer (The Apprentice Winner)
Aaron Altscher
Nicole D'Ambrosio
Heidi Androl
Derek Arteta
Martin Clarke
Marisa DeMato
Muna Heaven
Jenn Hoffman
Kristine Lefebvre
Frank Lombardi
Angela Ruggiero
Carey Sherrell
Michelle Sorro
James Sun
Aimee Trottier
Tim Urban
Surya Yalamanchili


Season 7: Celebrity Apprentice Cast

Donald Trump
Ivanka Trump
Donald Trump Jr.

Piers Morgan (America's Got Talent & Winner)
Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth (Reality Star)
Trace Adkins (Country singer)
Carol Alt (Supermodel)
Stephen Baldwin (Actor)
Nadia Comaneci (Olympic Gold Medalist/Model)
Jennie Finch (Olympic Gold Medalist: Softball)
Marilu Henner (Actress / Author)
Lennox Lewis (Heavyweight boxing champion)
Gene Simmons ("Kiss" co-founder / Entrepreneur)
Tiffany Fallon (Playmate/Miss Georgia 2001)
Tito Ortiz (Ultimate Fighting Champion)
Vincent Pastore (Actor)
Nely Galan (Telemundo Executive/Entrepreneur)


Season 8: Celebrity Apprentice Cast

Donald Trump
Ivanka Trump
Donald Trump Jr.

Joan Rivers (Comedienne & Winner)
Annie Duke (Poker Champion / Runner-up)
Jesse James (Reality Show Star)
Melissa Rivers (Interviewer / Businesswoman)
Brian McKnight (Singing Star)
Brande Roderick (Playboy Playmate)
Clint Black (Country & Western Star)
Dennis Rodman (Basketball Star)
Tom Green (Comedian)
Scott Hamilton (Professional Figure Skater)
Khloe Kardashian (Reality Show Star)
Herschel Walker (Former NFL Star)
Claudia Jordan (Deal or No Deal)
Natalie Gulbis (Professional Golfer)
Andrew Dice Clay (Comedian)
Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins (of TLC)


Season 9: Celebrity Apprentice Cast

Bret Michaels (Rock Star/Winner)
Holly Robinson Peete (Fndation Head/Runner-Up)
Sharon Osbourne (Celebrity Mngr. and Real. Star)
Rod Blagojevich (Former Governor of Illinois)
Michael Johnson (Olympic Track Gold Medalist)
Summer Sanders (Olympic Gold Medalist)
Bill Goldberg (Former WCW Wrestling Champion)
Darryl Strawberry (Pro Baseball Hero)
Selita Ebanks (Victoria's Secret Model)
Sinbad (Comedian)
Cyndi Lauper (Pop Singer)
Curtis Stone (TV Celebrity Chef)
Maria Kanellis (Former WWE Diva)
Carol Leifer (Comedienne)


Season 10 (Contestants Having Tough Times in a Bad Economy):

Brandy Kuentzel (Unemployed Lawyer/Winner)
Clint Robertson (Property Developer/Runner-Up)
Liza Mucheru-Wisner (Business Owner)
Steuart Martens (Fledgling Entrepreneur)
Stephanie Castagnier (Unemployed Banker)
Poppy Carlig (Unemployed Grad Student)
Anand Vasudev (Struggling Business Owner)
David Johnson (Unemployed Account Manager)
Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy (A.D.A.)
Kelly Smith Beaty (Unemployed Publicist)
Wade Hanson (Struggling Realtor)
Gene Folkes (Unemployed Financial Advisor)
Tyana Alvarado (Unemployed Sales Rep)
James Weir (Unemployed Attorney)
Alex Delgado (Former Construction Engineer)
Nicole Chiu (Unemployed Attorney)


Season 11: Celebrity Apprentice Cast

John Rich (Country Music Star/Winner)
Marlee Matlin (Oscar-Winning Actress/Runner-Up)
Meat Loaf (Rock Star)
Lil Jon (Rapper / Entrepreneur)
Star Jones (TV Host / Author)
La Toya Jackson (Entertainment Entrepreneur)
NeNe Leakes (Real Housewife of Atlanta)
Hope Dworaczyk (Playboy Playmate of the Year)
Gary Busey (Oscar Nominated Actor)
Mark McGrath (Rocker / TV Host)
Richard Hatch (Survivor Reality Show Winner)
Jose Canseco (Baseball Star / Author)
Dionne Warwick (Singing Megastar)
Niki Taylor (Supermodel)
Lisa Rinna (Actress From Original Melrose Place)
David Cassidy (The Partridge Family Teen Idol)


Season 12: Celebrity Apprentice Cast

Arsenio Hall (Comedian / Actor & Winner)
Clay Aiken (Singer / Actor & Runner-Up)
Aubrey O'Day (Former Danity Kane Singer)
Lisa Lampanelli (Comedienne)
Teresa Giudice (Real Housewife of New Jersey)
Dayana Mendoza (Miss Universe 2008)
Penn Jillette (Magician)
Paul Teutul, Sr. (Motorcycle Designer)
Lou Ferrigno (Actor)
Dee Snider (Twisted Sister Singer)
Debbie Gibson (Singer)
Patricia Velasquez (Model / Actress)
Tia Carrere (Actress)
Michael Andretti (IZOD IndyCar Series Owner)
Adam Carolla (Comedian)
George Takei (Star Trek Star)
Victoria Gotti (Reality Television Star / Author)
Cheryl Tiegs (Model / Actress)


Season 13: The Return of Former Celebrity Cast Members:

Trace Adkins (Winner)
Penn Jillette (Runner-Up)
Lisa Rinna
Lil Jon
Stephen Baldwin
Gary Busey
Marilu Henner
La Toya Jackson
Claudia Jordan
Bret Michaels
Brande Roderick
Dennis Rodman
Dee Snider

With Arsenio Hall, Piers Morgan, John Rich and Joan Rivers as advisors

The Apprentice Trivia


During the first season of the Apprentice TV show, the final scene where the fired contestant is leaving in a taxi was shot before the contest started. Starting in the second season, they were filmed as they were actually leaving Trump Tower. In some of the earlier episodes, you can actually see the dismissed contestant get into a cab with its hack number visible on the side. Then, when the cab pulls away there is a different number on it.

The Apprentice was nominated for an Emmy in the category, "Outstanding Reality-Competition Program", in both 2004 and 2005. "The Amazing Race" won both years.

When Donald Trump fires an Apprentice contestant and sends the others out of the boardroom, one to ride the elevator down to failure and the others to ride up to success ... well, in real life, the boardroom is actually on the same floor as the contestants' suite.

Donald Trump's father, was a multi-millionaire. He made his millions developing homes, apartment buildings, and high rises in New York. Donald's marriage to Ivana Trump lasted nearly 15 years. They had three children together: Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. Donald was married to Marla Maples for 5 1/2 years. They had one daughter together named Tiffany. Donald's latest marriage to Melania Knauss was on January 22, 2005. At the time this is written, (June 21, 2005), they are expecting their first child soon. Donald was 2 years older than his first wife on their wedding day, 17 years older than his second wife, and 25 years older than the third.

During late August of 2006, it was announced that Carolyn Kepcher had been fired from the Trump organization. Donald Trump stated that he wished her well and had no further comment. It seems, however, that Carolyn had been fielding numerous book. TV, speaking engagement, and product endorsement offers lately and Trump even had trouble reaching her a short time before her termination while Carolyn was out of town giving a speech.

George Ross has been working with Donald Trump since 1974. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Clemson University and a bachelor of laws degree (LLB) from Brooklyn Law School. George has two children.

Carolyn Kepcher has worked for Donald Trump for 12 years (as of March 2006). Her current job title is "Chief Operating Officer: Trump National Golf Clubs". She also has two children.

Of all the Apprentice TV show's contestants so far, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth was possibly the most successful at using the series as a way to get into show business. She has starred on another reality series, "The Surreal Life" and "Battle of the Network Reality Stars". She has appeared on talk series including, "The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch", "Dr. Phil", "Soap Talk", "The View", "Larry King Live", and "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee". She's done walk-on parts on "Passions" (as herself) and "Girlfriends" (as a character named "Trina"). Omarosa even hosted the "30th Annual Mrs. America Pagent"! Can the "in your face" naughty-girl of reality TV keep it up? Only time will tell!

The Apprentice Theme Song

Title: "For The Love Of Money"

Written and Performed By: "The O'Jays"

For the love of money, People will steal from their mother.

For the love of money,
People will rob their own brother.

For the love of money,
People can't even walk the street,
Because they never know who in the world they're gonna beat,
For that lean, mean, mean green,
Almighty dollar, money.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Meet the Billionaire (1/8/2004)
  2. Sex, Lies and Altitude (1/15/2004)
  3. Respect (1/21/2004)
  4. Ethics Shmethics (1/29/2004)
  5. Trading Places (2/5/2004)
  6. Tit for Tat (2/12/2004)
  7. Dupe-lex (2/19/2004)
  8. Ice Escapades (2/26/2004)
  9. DNA, Heads, and the Undead Kitty (3/4/2004)
  10. Wheeling and Dealing (3/11/2004)
  11. A Look Back (Special) (3/18/2004)
  12. Circus, Circus (3/25/2004)
  13. The Price is Height (4/1/2004)
  14. Down to the Wire - Part 1 (4/8/2004)
  15. Down to the Wire - Part 2 (4/15/2004)
  16. Down to the Wire - Part 3 (4/15/2004)

Season 2

  1. Toying With Disaster (9/9/2004)
  2. Scoop Dreams (9/16/2004)
  3. Send in the Crowns (9/23/2004)
  4. The Last Supper (9/29/2004)
  5. Lights! Camera! Transaction! (10/7/2004)
  6. Crimes of Fashion (10/14/2004)
  7. Barking Up the Wrong Tree (10/21/2004)
  8. A Tale of Two Leaders (10/28/2004)
  9. Bringing Down the House (11/4/2004)
  10. Runaway Pride (11/11/2004)
  11. The Butt Stops Here (11/18/2004)
  12. The Pepsi Challenged (11/25/2004)
  13. A Look Back (Special) (12/1/2004)
  14. Sweet and Lowdown (12/2/2004)
  15. Intellectual Horsepower - Part 1 (12/9/2004)
  16. Decision Time - Part 2 (12/16/2004)
  17. Decision Time - Part 3 (12/16/2004)
  18. Decision Time - Part 4 (12/16/2004)

Season 3

  1. Whopper 101 (1/20/2005)
  2. Motel 666 (1/27/2005)
  3. Trouble Is Brewing (2/3/2005)
  4. Soap Dopes (2/10/2005)
  5. Airstream of Consciousness (2/17/2005)
  6. The Writing on the Wall (2/24/2005)
  7. Project Putt Putt (3/3/2005)
  8. Bling It On (3/10/2005)
  9. What You Didn't See... (3/17/2005)
  10. Pandora's Box (3/24/2005)
  11. The Pie's the Limit (3/31/2005)
  12. Seams Stress (4/7/2005)
  13. A Lonely Drive (4/14/2005)
  14. I Can't Believe It's Not Clutter (4/21/2005)
  15. Bedazzled by a Beefy T (4/28/2005)
  16. The Games People Play - Part 1 (5/5/2005)
  17. Into The Stretch - Part 2 (5/12/2005)
  18. Into The Stretch - Part 3 (5/19/2005)

Season 4

  1. Let's Get Physical (9/22/2005)
  2. There's No Little 'I' In Team (9/29/2005)
  3. Something Old, Something New (10/6/2005)
  4. Ice Cream of Genie (10/13/2005)
  5. Lost In Space (10/20/2005)
  6. Take Me Out to the Boardroom (10/27/2005)
  7. Back to School (11/3/2005)
  8. Store Wars (11/10/2005)
  9. One Hit Blunder (11/17/2005)
  10. Clip series (11/24/2005)
  11. Shaniagans (11/24/2005)
  12. To Lead or Not to Lead (12/1/2005)
  13. The Final Showdown (12/8/2005)
  14. Season Finale - Part 1 (12/15/2005)
  15. Season Finale - Part 2 (12/15/2005)

Season 5

  1. Summer of Sam's (2/27/2006)
  2. The Razor's Edge (3/6/2006)
  3. Get It in Gear (3/13/2006)
  4. Cereal Killers (3/20/2006)
  5. Cruise Control (3/27/2006)
  6. King of the Jingle (4/3/2006)
  7. It's More Than Decor (4/10/2006)
  8. A Slice of Heaven (4/10/2006)
  9. Assault on Battery (4/24/2006)
  10. Blow Out (5/1/2006)
  11. Back to School (5/8/2006)
  12. Backs Against the Wal-Mart (5/15/2006)
  13. Who Wears the Pants? (5/22/2006)
  14. The Final Battle (5/29/2006)
  15. Season Finale (6/5/2006)

Season 6

  1. California Car Wash (1/7/2007)
  2. Pink Is the New Black (1/14/2007)
  3. Hollywood Walk of Shame (1/21/2007)
  4. Drive-Thru Duel (1/28/2007)
  5. To Bee or Not To Bee (2/11/2007)
  6. Travel Sweepstakes Smackdown (2/18/2007)
  7. Life in the Luxury Lane (3/4/2007)
  8. Bend It Like Donald (3/11/2007)
  9. Soap Gets In Your Eyes (3/18/2007)
  10. Girls on Rollerskates (3/25/2007)
  11. Shut Your Smartmouth (4/1/2007)
  12. Las Vegas, Baby! (4/8/2007)
  13. The Final Four (4/15/2007)
  14. Decision Time (4/22/2007)

Season 7

  1. Selling Hot Dogs (1/3/2008)
  2. Pedigree Adoption Drive Commercial (1/10/2008)
  3. Mr. Outside the Box (1/17/2008)
  4. A Knight on Broadway (1/24/2008)
  5. The Croc and the Rat (1/31/2008)
  6. Window of Opportunity (2/7/2008)
  7. The Mane Event (2/14/2008)
  8. Quality, Value and Chaos (2/21/2008)
  9. The Money Shot (2/28/2008)
  10. Painting By Numbers (3/6/2008)
  11. Bread and Badda-Bing (3/13/2008)
  12. Going Once, Going Twice, You're Fired (3/20/2008)
  13. Under the Hammer (3/27/2008)

Season 8

  1. Cupcake Challenge (3/1/2009)
  2. Comic Book Character Challenge (3/8/2009)
  3. Wedding Dress Challenge (3/15/2009)
  4. Video Camera Challenge (3/22/2009)
  5. Hotel Challenge (3/29/2009)
  6. Viral Video Challenge (4/5/2009)
  7. Life Lock and Jewelry Challenges (4/12/2009)
  8. Jewelry Auction and Frozen Food Challenges (4/19/2009)
  9. Deodorant Ad Challenge (4/26/2009)
  10. Ad Jingle Challenge (5/3/2009)
  11. The Final Challenge (5/10/2009)

Season 9

  1. Burger Heaven Challenge (3/14/2010)
  2. Kodak Moments Challenge (3/21/2010)
  3. Lifelock Challenge (3/28/2010)
  4. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Challenge (4/4/2010)
  5. Right Guard Total Defense Challenge (4/11/2010)
  6. Country Singers Makeover Challenge (4/18/2010)
  7. Celebrity Workout Challenge (4/25/2010)
  8. Clockwork Home Services Challenge (5/2/2010)
  9. Remodel A Corporate Apartment Challenge (5/9/2010)
  10. Interviews With Joan Rivers & Bill Rancic (5/16/2010)
  11. Snapple Tea Final Challenge & Final Firing (5/23/2010)

Season 10

  1. Back to Work (9/16/2010)
  2. Frozen Assets (9/23/2010)
  3. Working Like A Dog (9/30/2010)
  4. Snack Attack (10/7/2010)
  5. Rock the Catwalk (10/14/2010)
  6. Pedicab Confessions (10/21/2010)
  7. Broadway Boardroom (10/28/2010)
  8. Dressed to Kill (11/4/2010)
  9. Fragrant Disregard (11/11/2010)
  10. Must-See Mobile TV (11/18/2010)
  11. Driving Miz-Rahi (11/25/2010)
  12. Tee'd Off (12/2/2010)
  13. Welcome To The Club (12/9/2010)

Season 11

  1. Pepperoni Profit (3/6/2011)
  2. Child's Play (3/13/2011)
  3. Unhappy Campers (3/20/2011)
  4. Off The Hook (3/27/2011)
  5. The Art of the Deal (4/3/2011)
  6. Australian Gold (4/10/2011)
  7. Raising The Steaks (4/17/2011)
  8. Bitter Suites (4/24/2011)
  9. Shear Madness (5/1/2011)
  10. Laugh On (180 min) (5/8/2011)
  11. Retro Rumble (5/15/2011)
  12. 7UP Final: Sweet Victory (5/22/2011)

Season 12

  1. Hero Worship (2/19/2012)
  2. Getting Medievil (2/26/2012)
  3. How Much Is That Celebrity In The Window? (3/4/2012)
  4. Failure To Launch (3/11/2012)
  5. I'm Going to Mop The Floor With You (3/18/2012)
  6. Party Like a Mock-Star (3/25/2012)
  7. Walking Papers (180 Minutes) (4/1/2012)
  8. Ad Hawk (4/8/2012)
  9. Puppet Up! (4/15/2012)
  10. Winning By a Nose (4/22/2012)
  11. Jingle All the Way Home (4/29/2012)
  12. Blown Away (5/6/2012)
  13. And Then There Were Two (5/13/2012)
  14. And The Winner Is... (5/20/2012)

Season 13

  1. The Wolf In Charge Of The Hen House (3/3/2013)
  2. Just As Simple As Making Soup (3/10/2013)
  3. I'm Being Punked By A Jackson (3/17/2013)
  4. The Men In Black Are Gonna Come Get Him (3/24/2013)
  5. Lightning Strikes Mr. Hang Brain (3/31/2013)
  6. How Do You Spell Melania (4/7/2013)
  7. The First Leaf That Hits the Ground (4/14/2013)
  8. Are You My Zulu Dancing Man? (4/21/2013)
  9. Ahab's In Charge, And He's Gone Mad (4/28/2013)
  10. The Mayor Of Stress Town (5/5/2013)
  11. May The Spoon Be With You (5/12/2013)
  12. One Of Us Will Win, But Not By Much (5/19/2013)

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