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The 12 O'Clock High TV show was a 60 minute action series on ABC about the lives Of the men with the Eighth Air Force stationed in eastern England from 1942 to the end of World War II. Their mission was to perform daytime bombing mission over Western Europe, specifically both Germany and territories occupied by German troops.

12 O'Clock High Cast

Frank Overton .... Major Harvey Stovall
Robert Lansing .... Brigadier General Frank Savage (1964-1965)
John Larkin .... Major General Wiley Crowe (1964-1965)
Chris Robinson .... Technical Sergeant Alexander "Sandy" Komansky (1965-1967)
Paul Burke .... Colonel Joseph Anson Gallagher
Andrew Duggan .... Brigadier General Ed Britt (1965-1967)
Chris Robinson .... Technical Sergeant Alexander "Sandy" Komansky (1965-1967)
Robert Dornan .... Captain Fowler (1965-1967)

12 O'Clock High Trivia

Scenes including the launching of reconnaissance flights often obviously used stock footage. The plane taking off was a "P-51D" and when the scene changes, the plane in flight is a P-51D. The canopies of the two planes are radically different in appearance so you can't miss it!

12 O'Clock High won an Emmy in 1965 for "Outstanding Individual Achievements in Entertainment - Cinematographer" (William W. Spencer). That same year it was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for "Best TV Show" but the series titled, "The Rogues" took the first place Award. Fellow disappointed Nominees that year included, "The Munsters", "The Red Skelton Show", and "Wendy and Me".

Robert Lansing was born "Robert Brown". He actually picked out his new show business surname from the capital city of Michigan. In addition to numerous guest-starring and recurring role on other TV shows Mr. Lansing also co-starred on the series "87th Precinct", "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues", and "Automan". He also starred on the series "The Man Who Never Was". Of course, any fan of the original Star Trek series will remember Robert as the man from far in the future named, "Mister Seven" on the episode titled, "Assignment: Earth". He had been "assigned" to Earth in the 1960s in order to keep us from killing ourselves in a nuclear war. Captain Kirk and the Enterprise were also there in the past and didn't know wheter Mister Seven was a good guy or a bad guy. When they tryed to stop Mister Seven's movements, they discovered that his technology was from far farther in the future than that of the Enterprise. That episode came very close to becoming a "spin-off" series but didn't quite make it.

Many viewers were very disappointed when season two of the 12 O'Clock High TV show began and Robert Lansing was gone. Paul Burke's character took over as the commander of the Eighth Air Force, but many had so loved Lansing in the role that they couldn't accept Burke!

12 O'Clock High was developed by "Quinn Martin Productions". They produced many hit shows in the 1960s and 70s including "The Fugitive", "The F.B.I.", "The Invaders", "Cannon", "The Streets of San Francisco", and "Barnaby Jones"!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

1. Golden Boy Had Nine Black Sheep (9/18/1964)
2. Follow The Leader (9/25/1964)
3. The Men And The Boys (10/2/1964)
4. Pressure Point (10/9/1964)
5. Sound Of Distant Thunder (10/16/1964)
6. The Climate Of Doubt (10/23/1964)
7. Decision (11/6/1964)
8. Hours Before Dawn (11/13/1964)
9. Appointment At Leige (11/20/1964)
10. Interlude (11/27/1964)
11. Here's To Corageous Cowards (12/4/1964)
12. Soldiers Sometimes Kill (12/11/1964)
13. The Suspected (12/18/1964)
14. An Act Of War (12/25/1964)
15. Those Who Are About To Die (1/1/1965)
16. In Search Of My Enemy (1/8/1965)
17. The Albatross (1/15/1965)
18. The Lorelei (1/22/1965)
19. Faith Hope And Sergeant Aaronson (1/29/1965)
20. To Heinie-With Love (2/5/1965)
21. The Clash (2/12/1965)
22. The Ticket (2/26/1965)
23. The Trap (3/5/1965)
24. The End Of The Line (3/12/1965)
25. The Threat (3/19/1965)
26. Mutiny At 10,000 Feet (3/26/1965)
27. The Mission (4/2/1965)
28. Cry Of Fallen Birds (4/9/1965)
29. V For Vendetta (4/16/1965)
30. P.O.W. - Part 1 (4/23/1965)
31. P.O.W. - Part 2 (4/30/1965)
32. The Hero (5/7/1965)

Season 2

33. The Loneliest Place in The World (9/13/1965)
34. R/X For A Sick Bird (9/20/1965)
35. Then Came The Mighty Hunter (9/27/1965)
36. The Idolator (10/4/1965)
37. Big Brother (10/11/1965)
38. The Hot Shot (10/18/1965)
39. Show Me A Hero I'll Show You A Bum (10/25/1965)
40. Runway in The Dark (11/1/1965)
41. I Am The Enemy (11/8/1965)
42. Grant Me No Favor (11/15/1965)
43. Storm At Twilight (11/22/1965)
44. We're Not Coming Back (11/29/1965)
45. The Jones Boys (12/6/1965)
46. Between The Lines (12/13/1965)
47. Target 802 (12/27/1965)
48. Falling Star (1/3/1966)
49. The Slaughter Pen (1/10/1966)
50. Underground (1/17/1966)
51. Which Way The Wind Blows (1/24/1966)
52. The Outsider (1/31/1966)
53. Back To The Drawing Board (2/7/1966)
54. Twenty Fifth Mission (2/14/1966)
55. The Survivor (2/21/1966)
56. Angel Babe (2/28/1966)
57. Decoy (3/7/1966)
58. The Hollow Man (3/14/1966)
59. Cross Hairs On Death (3/21/1966)
60. Day Of Reckoning (3/28/1966)
61. Siren Voices (4/4/1966)

Season 3

62. Gauntlet Of Fire (9/9/1966)
63. Massacre (9/16/1966)
64. Face Of A Shadow (9/23/1966)
65. Fortress Weisbaden (9/30/1966)
66. A Distant Cry (10/7/1966)
67. Practice To Deceive (10/14/1966)
68. The All American (10/21/1966)
69. The Pariah (10/28/1966)
70. The Duel At Mont Saint Marie (11/4/1966)
71. To Seek And Destroy (11/11/1966)
72. The Fighter Pilot (11/18/1966)
73. Burden Of Guilt (12/2/1966)
74. The Ace (12/9/1966)
75. Six Feet Under (12/16/1966)
76. Graveyard (12/30/1966)
77. Long Time Dead (1/6/1967)
78. The Hunters And The Killers (1/13/1967)

Theatrical Movie

Twelve O'Clock High (1/26/1950) - Starring Gregory Peck. Inspiration for the 12 O'Clock High TV series. Won two oscars and was nominated for two more!

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