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The Man Who Never Was

The Man Who Never Was Cast
Series Description

The Man Who Never Was TV show was a 60 minute spy/action series on ABC about a U.S. secret agent who looked exactly like a millionaire playboy. The KGB attempted to kill the spy but mistakenly killed the millionaire instead. The spy then took the identity of the millionaire and continued to work undercover while living the good life!

Man Who Never Was Cast

Robert Lansing ............. Peter Murphy / Mark Wainwright
Dana Wynter ................ Eva Wainwright
Murray Hamilton ............ Colonel Jack Forbes
Paul Stewart ............... Paul Grant
Alex Davion ................ Roger Barry

Man Who Never Was Opening Narrative

"Peter Murphy, American secret agent marked for death, meets a bizarre destiny. As his pursuers close in he comes face to face with his exact double, multimillionaire Mark Wainwright. The millionaire takes the bullet meant for the spy and Murphy finds the perfect cover. He steps into the shoes and life of the man with his face and Peter Murphy, now alias Mark Wainwright, becomes ... The Man Who Never Was!"

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. One Plus One - Equals One (9/7/1966)
  2. The Last Of Peter Murphy (9/14/1966)
  3. Search For A Bent Twig (9/21/1966)
  4. All That Lia Ever Wanted (9/28/1966)
  5. Escape (10/5/1966)
  6. Death In Vienna (10/12/1966)
  7. A Little Ignorance (10/19/1966)
  8. Target - Eva (10/26/1966)
  9. The Big Fish (11/2/1966)
  10. Pay Now, Pray Later (11/9/1966)
  11. Games Of Death (11/16/1966)
  12. IF This Be Treason (11/23/1966)
  13. To Kill An Albatross (11/30/1966)
  14. Things Dead And Done (12/7/1966)
  15. The Perfect Crime (12/14/1966)
  16. In Memory Of Davos (12/21/1966)
  17. Drop By Drop (12/28/1966)
  18. I Take This Woman (1/4/1967)

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