Wendy And Me

Wendy and Me Cast

Series Description

Wendy And Me was a situation comedy series about an owner Of an apartment building (George Burns) with one tenant that's kind Of "scatter-brained". George Burns plays his usual excellent "straight man" To A Gracie Allen type role played by Connie Stevens.

Wendy and Me Cast

George Burns .... George Burns
Connie Stevens .... Wendy Conway
Ron Harper .... Jeff Conway
J. Pat O'Malley .... Mr. Bundy
Bartlett Robinson .... Willard Norton
James Callahan .... Danny Adams

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Wendy and Me - The First And Only Season

  1. Swing Low, Aunt Harriet (9/28/1964)
  2. Wendy's Secret Wedding (10/5/1964)
  3. George Burns While Rome Fiddles (10/12/1964)
  4. Jeff, The Senior Citizen (10/19/1964)
  5. It Takes Two To Tangle (10/26/1964)
  6. Wendy's Private Eye (11/2/1964)
  7. Room At The Bottom (11/9/1964)
  8. Danny, The Married Bachelor (11/16/1964)
  9. Wendy, The Waitress (11/23/1964)
  10. Belle Of The Malt Shop (11/30/1964)
  11. East Is East, And West Is Wendy (12/7/1964)
  12. Four Of A Kind (12/14/1964)
  13. Wendy, The Woman In The Gray Flannel Suit (12/21/1964)
  14. Five Minutes To Show Time (12/28/1964)
  15. A Bouquet For Mr. Bundy (1/11/1965)
  16. The Wendy Mob (1/18/1965)
  17. Who's In The Guest Room Tonight? (1/25/1965)
  18. Wendy Sails In The Sunset (2/1/1965)
  19. Tea Leaves For Two (2/8/1965)
  20. Happiness Is A Thing Called Misery (2/15/1965)
  21. Jeff takes A Turn For The Nurse (2/22/1965)
  22. How Not To Succeed In Stealing (3/1/1965)
  23. Wendy Gives Uncle The Brush (3/8/1965)
  24. Wendy Is Stranger Than Fiction (3/22/1965)
  25. Let's Go Where The Wild Geisha Goes (3/29/1965)
  26. You Can Fight City Hall (4/5/1965)
  27. Wendy Lends A Helping Voice (4/12/1965)
  28. Wendy's Instant Intellect (4/19/1965)
  29. Danny's Double Life (4/26/1965)
  30. Wendy's Five Thousand Dollar Chair (5/10/1965)
  31. Call Me Or I'll Call You (5/17/1965)
  32. Tacos, Enchiladas, And Wendy (5/24/1965)

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