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The Unit was a 60 minute military action series on CBS about a covert unit of U.S. Army Special Forces who took on the most difficult missions no matter where they had to travel worldwide. Most of the missions were related to terrorism but finding missing servicemen, defeating evil dictators, and capturing valuable intell were also among their objectives.

The Unit Cast

Dennis Haysbert .... Jonas "Snake Doctor" Blane
Regina Taylor .... Molly Blane
Scott Foley .... Bob "Cool Breeze" Brown
Audrey Marie Anderson .... Kim Brown
Max Martini .... Mack "Dirt Diver" Gerhardt
Abby Brammell .... Tiffy Gerhardt
Robert Patrick .... Colonel Tom Ryan
Demore Barnes .... Hector Williams
Alyssa Shafer .... Serena Brown
Michael Irby .... Charles Grey

The Unit Trivia

While we mostly saw just the few major players on the Unit, the entire unit under the command of Colonel Ryan had somewhere around 130 soldiers. A Unit that size would normally have a Captain as its commander or possibly a Major. We have to assume that the Unit had a Colonel as its commanding officer because of its importance and the sensitive, covert nature of its missions.

If you pay attention, you'll notice that there's a sign at the front entrance to the 303rd Logistics building. It says that CSM (Command Sergeant Major) E.L. Haney is the First Sergeant for The Unit. In real life, Eric L. Haney wrote the book, "Inside Delta Force" which was the inspiration for The Unit TV show!

Dennis Haysbert has used his skills as a certified Deep Sea Diver on the Discovery Channel TV movie, "Secrets of Pearl Harbor" that he hosted, narrated, and stared in. For those of you who haven't watched The Unit, Dennis also played the role of Senator/President David Palmer on the, "24 TV Show" and he has been in numerous "Allstate Insurance" commercials, among others. You might also remember him as "Dr. Theodore Morris" on "Now and Again". His first credited role was as "Victor" on an episode of "Lou Grant".

Since the Unit often ignores the sovereignty of other nations when on missions, the U.S. State Department will take any action possible to deny the Unit's ties to the government if they are caught by the enemy or killed. The members of the Unit often wear uniforms that are not authorized by any branch of the U.S. military. They might even go so far as to wear the uniforms of another enemy nation and use weapons made in that nation.

The Unit used the cover that they were the "303rd Logistical Studies Group". Their true Unit name was revealed on the premiere episode of the third season when "ALPHA Team 1st Special Actions Group" was displayed on an onscreen readout.

Audrey Marie Anderson who plays "Kim Brown" on The Unit appeared as a police officer on and episode of "Beverly Hills 90210" in her first credited acting job!

Scott Foley plays Kim's husband on the Unit. Scott speaks fluent Japanese! He was originally cast to play the role of "Ben" on the TV series, "Felicity" but the casting directors were unable to find anyone they liked for the role of "Noel" but they did like Scott for that role so he took it and they hired "Scott Speedman" to play "Ben".

Due to the covert nature of their missions and how they could cause major problems for the U.S. relations with the international community if discovered, the Unit's Commander, Colonel Ryan, reports directly to the President of the United States. This sometimes caused conflict with higher ranking Officers and civilian officials who felt that they should be trusted and informed of the details of a mission.

In addition to winning an "Image Award", an "ASCAP Film and Television Music Award", and being nominated for several other awards, The Unit was also nominated for an Emmy in 2006 for Norman Howell's "Outstanding Stunt Coordination" in the episode, "First Responders".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The Unit - The First Season

  1. First Responders (3/7/2006)
  2. Stress (3/14/2006)
  3. 200th Hour (3/21/2006)
  4. True Believers (3/28/2006)
  5. Non-Permissive Environment (4/4/2006)
  6. Security (4/11/2006)
  7. Dedication (4/18/2006)
  8. SERE (4/25/2006)
  9. Eating the Young (5/2/2006)
  10. Unannounced (5/9/2006)
  11. Exposure (5/9/2006)
  12. Morale, Welfare and Recreation (5/16/2006)
  13. The Wall (5/16/2006)
The Unit - The Second Season
  1. Change of Station (9/19/2006)
  2. Extreme Rendition (9/26/2006)
  3. The Kill Zone (10/3/2006)
  4. Manhunt (10/10/2006)
  5. Force Majeure (10/17/2006)
  6. Old Home Week (10/31/2006)
  7. Off the Meter (11/7/2006)
  8. Natural Selection (11/14/2006)
  9. Report By Exception (11/21/2006)
  10. Bait (11/28/2006)
  11. Silver Star (12/12/2006)
  12. The Broom Cupboard (1/16/2007)
  13. Sub Conscious (2/6/2007)
  14. Johnny B. Goode (2/6/2007)
  15. The Water is Wide (2/13/2007)
  16. Games of Chance (2/20/2007)
  17. Dark of the Moon (2/27/2007)
  18. Two Coins (3/20/2007)
  19. The Outsiders (4/3/2007)
  20. In Loco Parentis (4/10/2007)
  21. Bedfellows (4/24/2007)
  22. Freefall (5/1/2007)
  23. Paradise Lost (5/8/2007)
The Unit - The Third Season
  1. Pandemonium - Part 1 (9/25/2007)
  2. Pandemonium - Part Two (10/2/2007)
  3. Always Kiss Them Goodbye (10/9/2007)
  4. Every Step You Take (10/16/2007)
  5. Inside Out (10/23/2007)
  6. M.Ps (10/30/2007)
  7. Five Brothers (11/6/2007)
  8. Play 16 (11/13/2007)
  9. Binary Explosion (11/20/2007)
  10. Gone Missing (11/27/2007)
  11. Side Angle Side (12/18/2007)
The Unit - The Fourth Season
  1. Sacrifice (9/28/2008)
  2. Sudden Flight (10/5/2008)
  3. Sex Trade (10/12/2008)
  4. The Conduit (10/19/2008)
  5. Dancing Lessons (10/26/2008)
  6. Inquisition (11/2/2008)
  7. Into Hell - Part 1 (11/9/2008)
  8. Into Hell - Part 2 (11/16/2008)
  9. Shadow Riders (11/23/2008)
  10. Mislead and Misguided (11/30/2008)
  11. Switchblade (12/21/2008)
  12. Bad Beat (1/4/2009)
  13. The Spear of Destiny (1/11/2009)
  14. The Last Nazi (2/15/2009)
  15. Hero (3/8/2009)
  16. Hill 60 (3/15/2009)
  17. Flesh & Blood (3/22/2009)
  18. Best Laid Plans (3/29/2009)
  19. Whiplash (4/12/2009)
  20. Chaos Theory (4/26/2009)
  21. Endgame (5/3/2009)
  22. Unknown Soldier (5/10/2009)

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