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Now and Again

Now And Again Cast
Series Description

The Now and Again TV show was a 60 minute sci-fi series on CBS. An ordinary man, insurance executive 45 years old stumbles to his death on a subway platform in New York City. Or does he? Unbeknownst to his wife or child his brain is rescued from the accident scene by a secret branch of the United States government and put into the body of an artificially produced 26-year-old man with the strength of Superman, the speed of Michael Jordan and the grace of Fred Astaire. The only catch ... under penalty of death he can never let anyone from his past know he is still alive and that, my friends, is a problem for this man is desperately in love with his wife, his daughter and his former life.

Now and Again Cast

Eric Close ........... Michael Wiseman
Margaret Colin ....... Lisa Wiseman
Dennis Haysbert ...... Dr. Theodore Morris
Gerrit Graham ........ Roger
Heather Matarazzo .... Heather Wiseman
John Goodman ......... Michael Wiseman (In the pilot episode)

Now and Again Trivia

In 1977 Margaret Colin was appearing on Broadway as Jacqueline Onassis in "Jackie". That same year she was in 3 movies. She also appeared in several movies and on a few TV shows during the time that Now and Again was on the air. Jeez! Slow down a little Margaret!

In case you ever wondered who's voice you were hearing during the introduction to each episode of this TV show, it was that of Charles Durning. The actual intro wording is what we've used as the series description above. Also, the sketch shown during the introduction was Leonardo Da Vinci's "Vetruvian Man".

Before Now and Again, Eric Close was probably best known for his portrayals of "Sawyer Walker" on the daytime drama "Santa Barbara", "Brick McKenna" on the TV show "McKenna" and "Billy Griffin" on the program "Sisters". The show won 3 Saturn Awards (Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films) in the year 2000 and was nominated for 2 more!

Theme Song

Title: "Now and Again Theme"

Written By: "Narada Michael Walden and Sunny Hilden"

Sung By: "Ariel Ryder"

Raps By "Narada"

Version #1:

Give me a sign (Yeah)
Blow me a kiss through space and time (Uh)
We never know how good it is until it's gone (Yeah, Yeah)
Give me a sign (Come On)

Swear I can feel it when you try (Yeah)
Now and Again remember me and so will I
(We only want what we can't have)
Now and Again remember me and so will I
(We only want what we can't have, yeah.)

Version #2:

Now and again
Try to remember who I am (Uh)
(we only want what we can't have, uh and what we can't have, yeah)
Now and again (Uh, Uh)
Try to remember all you can (Uh)
(we only want what we can't have, uh and What we can't have, ya dig? Check it.)
We never see what's good until it's left behind
(Yeah, come on, uh, uh, uh...)
(we only want what we can't have, uh and what we can't have ...)

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Now and Again - The First And Only Season

1... Pilot (9/24/1999)
2... On The Town (10/1/1999)
3... Over Easy (10/8/1999)
4... One For The Money (10/15/1999)
5... The Insurance Man Always Rings Twice (10/22/1999)
6... Nothing To Fear, But Nothing To Fear (11/5/1999)
7... A Girl's Life (11/12/1999)
8... Pulp Turkey (11/19/1999)
9... By The Light Of The Moon (11/26/1999)
10. I've Grown Accustomed To His Face (12/17/1999)
11. Fire And Ice (1/7/2000)
12. Disco Inferno (1/14/2000)
13. I Am The Greatest (1/28/2000)
14. Film At Eleven (2/11/2000)
15. Deep In My Heart Is A Song (2/18/2000)
16. Everybody Who's Anybody (2/25/2000)
17. Boy Wonder (3/10/2000)
18. Lizzard's Tale (3/31/2000)
19. There Are No Words (4/14/2000)
20. Bugmeister (4/21/2000)
21. The Bugmeister, Part Bee (4/28/2000)
22. The Eggman Cometh (5/5/2000)

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