Sword Of Justice

Sword of Justice

Series Description

Sword of Justice was a 60 minute action series on NBC about a millionaire playboy who was wrongly convicted of embezzelment. After release from prison, he uses his fortune and the criminal skills he learned from his fellow inmates to help others in need.

Sword Of Justice Cast

Dack Rambo .... Jack Cole
Bert Rosario .... Hector Ramirez
Alex Courtney .... Arthur Woods
Colby Chester .... Buckner

Sword Of Justice Opening Narrative

Judge: "This court finds Jack Martin Cole guilty of 25 counts of embezzlement."
Jack Cole: "That is an absolute lie! Those criminals framed me for something I didn't do. I'll pay them back for every single day of those three long years.... They say this place ('referring to prison') is like a college, well I want to go to school."
Convict 1: "So you want to know about burglar alarms hmmm?"
Convict 2: "You never know when precision acrobatics well come in handy."
Convict 3: "Any lock can be picked, if you have the right tools and the right touch."
Hector Ramirez: "You mean we're gonna bug the federal building?"
Jack Cole: "There's a whole level of crime operating above the law, we're going to help put an end to it."

Sword Of Justice Trivia

Actor Larry Hagman of I Dream of Jeannie and Dallas fame appeared in the 2 hour pilot episode of Sword of Justice. June Lockhart of Lassie and Lost in Space also appeared in the pilot.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Sword of Justice - The First And Only Season

  1. A Double Life (2 Hour Pilot) (9/10/1978)
  2. Aloha, Julie Lang (10/7/1978)
  3. The Destructors (10/14/1978)
  4. The Skywayman (10/19/1978)
  5. The Gemini Connection (10/21/1978)
  6. Girl On The Edge (10/28/1978)
  7. Judgement Day (12/17/1978)
  8. Port Of Entry (12/24/1978)
  9. Deadly Fashion (12/31/1978)
  10. Blackjack (2 Hour Special) (1/29/1979)

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