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Lost In Space

Lost In Space Cast
Series Description

The Lost In Space TV show was a 60 minute sci-fi series on CBS about the Robinson Family, Major Don West and their faithfull robot who left Earth on the Jupiter II spacecraft on a five-year mission to explore a planet in the Alpha Centauri star system. Unfortunately, Doctor Zachary Smith sabotaged the ship, throwing it off-course and leaving the entire crew including Doctor Smith ... Lost In Space! Each week they travelled from planet to planet searching for the way back to Earth and finding aliens and danger along the way.

Lost In Space Broadcast History:

Wednesday Nights from 7:30 to 8:30 PM on CBS during its entire run

Lost In Space Cast

Guy Williams ......... Professor John Robinson
June Lockhart ........ Maureen Robinson
Mark Goddard ......... Don West
Marta Kristen ........ Judy Robinson
Billy Mumy............ Will Robinson
Angela Cartwright .... Penny Robinson
Jonathan Harris ...... Doctor Zachary Smith

Lost In Space Trivia

The Lost In Space TV show was originally titled, "Space Family Robinson". CBS was afraid that it was too close to Disney's Movie, "Swiss Family Robinson", so they changed it.

June Lockhart started her "on-screen" career with a bang! In 1938 she played the role of "Cratchit's Daughter" in the classic movie, "A Christmas Carol"!

The first name chosen for the spaceship was, "Gemini XII" (in the pilot only). It was changed to "Jupiter II" because it was felt that the audience might confuse it with NASA's "Gemini" program.

Before going "off-course", the Jupiter II was heading for "Alpha Centauri".

Caroll O'Connor (Archie Bunker on the series, "All in the Family") was considered for the role of Dr. Smith.

In order to keep their budgets as low as possible, it was common to share props from one program to another. Some of the props including the robot on Lost In Space were also used on "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964)", "Batman (1966)", "Time Tunnel (1966)", and "Land of the Giants (1968)".

Nasa and Houston did not control the flight of the Jupiter II spacecraft during the pilot and first episodes. That was done by "Alpha Control".

Marta Kristen (Judy Robinson) was not born in the United States. Her mother was from Finland and her father was a Nazi soldier from Germany. Her mother left her at an orphanage in Oslo, Norway when she was only two months old. Happily, she found a loving home when she was adopted by a couple from the United States.

Bill Mumy appeared on three of the original "Twilight Zone (1959)" TV show episodes and also appeared in the "Twilight Zone Movie". His first cast appearance on the series was in 1961 and his movie appearance was in 1983! During his long career, he has also appeared as a guest cast member on other sci-fi series such as: "Bewitched", "I Dream of Jeannie" and "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine". His first credited appearance, however, was in a movie! In 1960, he played the role of "Aladdin" in the movie, "Wizard of Baghdad.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

Pilot (Not aired)
1..... The Reluctant Stowaway (9/15/1965)
2..... The Derelict(9/22/1965)
3..... Island In The Sky (9/29/1965)
4..... There Were Giants In The Earth (10/6/1965)
5..... The Hungry Sea (10/13/1965)
6..... Welcome Stranger (10/20/1965)
7..... My Friend, Mr. Nobody (10/27/1965)
8..... Invaders From The Fifth Dimension (11/3/1965)
9..... The Oasis (11/10/1965)
10... The Sky Is Falling (11/17/1965)
11... Wish Upon A Star (11/24/1965)
12... The Raft (12/1/1965)
13... One Of Our Dogs Is Missing (12/8/1965)
14... Attack Of The Monster Plants (12/15/1965)
15... Return From Outer Space (12/29/1965)
16... The Keeper - Part 1 (1/12/1966)
17... The Keeper - Part 2 (1/19/1966)
18... The Sky Pirate (1/26/1966)
19... Ghost In Space (2/2/1966)
20... The War Of The Robots (2/9/1966)
21... The Magic Mirror (2/16/1966)
22... The Challenge (3/2/1966)
23... The Space Trader (3/9/1966)
24... His Majesty Smith (3/16/1966)
25... The Space Croppers (3/30/1966)
26... All That Glitters (4/6/1966)
27... The Lost Civilization (4/13/1966)
28... A Change Of Space (4/20/1966)
29... Follow The Leader (4/27/1966)

The Second Season

30... Blast Off Into Space (9/14/1966)
31... Wild Adventure (9/21/1966)
32... The Ghost Planet (9/28/1966)
33... The Forbidden World (10/5/1966)
34... Space Circus (10/12/1966)
35... The Prisoners Of Space (10/19/1966)
36... The Android Machine (10/26/1966)
37... The Deadly Games Of Gamma 6 (11/2/1966)
38... The Thief From Outer Space (11/9/1966)
39... Curse Of Cousin Smith (11/16/1966)
40... West Of Mars (11/30/1966)
41... A Visit To Hades (12/7/1966)
42... The Wreck Of The Robot (12/14/1966)
43... The Dream Monster (12/21/1966)
44... The Golden Man (12/28/1966)
45... The Girl From The Green Dimension (1/4/1967)
46... The Questing Beast (1/11/1967)
47... The Toymaker (1/25/1967)
48... Mutiny In Space (2/1/1967)
49... The Space Vikings (2/8/1967)
50... Rocket To Earth (2/15/1967)
51... The Cave Of The Wizards (2/22/1967)
52... Treasures Of The Lost Planet (3/1/1967)
53... Revolt Of The Androids (3/8/1967)
54... The Colonists (3/15/1967)
55... Trip Through The Robot (3/22/1967)
56... The Phantom Family (3/29/1967)
57... The Mechanical Men (4/5/1967)
58... The Astral Traveler (4/12/1967)
59... The Galaxy Gift (4/26/1967)

Season 3

60... The Condemned Of Space (9/6/1967)
61... Visit To A Hostile Planet (9/13/1967)
62... Kidnapped In Space (9/20/1967)
63... Hunter's Moon (9/27/1967)
64... The Space Primevals (10/4/1967)
65... The Space Destructors (10/11/1967)
66... The Haunted Lighthouse (10/18/1967)
67... Flight Into The Future (10/25/1967)
68... Collision Of The Planets (11/8/1967)
69... The Space Creature (11/15/1967)
70... Deadliest Of The Species (11/22/1967)
71... A Day At The Zoo (11/29/1967)
72... Two Weeks In Space (12/13/1967)
73... Castles In Space (12/20/1967)
74... Anti-Matter Man (12/27/1967)
75... Target: Earth (1/3/1968)
76... Princess Of Space (1/10/1968)
77... The Time Merchant (1/17/1968)
78... The Promised Planet (1/24/1968)
79... Fugitives In Space (1/31/1968)
80... Space Beauty (2/14/1968)
81... The Flaming Planet (2/21/1968)
82... The Great Vegetable Rebellion (2/28/1968)
83... Junkyard Of Space (3/6/1968)

Theatrical Movie

Lost In Space (1998)

Remake TV Series on Netflix

Lost in Space (2018-??)

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