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I Dream of Jeannie

I Dream Of Jeannie Cast

Series Description

I Dream of Jeannie was a 30 minute fantasy comedy series on NBC about an astronaut (Captain Tony Nelson) who landed his space capsule a little off course on an isolated island. He discovered a mysterious bottle on the beach and opened it, releasing a Genie. Of course, the one who releases a Genie from her bottle becomes the Genie's master! It's a never-ending challenge for Captain Nelson to keep his beautiful Genie's true identity a secret in 1960's Florida!

I Dream of Jeannie Cast

Barbara Eden .......... Jeannie
Larry Hagman .......... Captain/Major Anthony Nelson
Hayden Rorke .......... Colonel (Doctor) Alfred E. Bellows
Bill Daily ............ Captain/Major Roger Healey
Emmaline Henry ........ Amanda Bellows
Barton MacLane ........ General Martin Peterson
Philip Ober ........... General Wingard Stone
Vinton Haworth ........ General Winfield Schaeffer

I Dream of Jeannie Trivia


Jeannie's bottle was made from a Jim Beam liquor decanter which was simply painted with gold leaf.

Jeannie was born on April 1st of the year 64 B.C.

Several performers played themselves on I Dream of Jeannie. Some of them were Groucho Marx (You Bet Your Life), Sammy Davis Jr., Milton Berle, Don Ho, & Judy Carne and Arte Johnson of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.

Although they were both Astronauts, Anthony Nelson was in the Air Force and Roger Healey was in the Army.

Barbara Eden played dual roles (as Jeannie and as Jeannie's sister) in nine episodes.

Actor Michael Ansara (Barbara Eden's husband) guest-starred in three episodes and directed one.

Theme Song

Title: Jeannie

Written By: Hugo Montenegro

(Was never broadcast)

Jeannie, fresh as a daisy.
Just love how she obeys me,
Does things that just amaze me so.

She smiles, Presto the rain goes.
She blinks, up come the rainbows.
Cars stop, even the train goes slow.

When she goes by
She paints sunshine on every rafter,
Sprinkles the air with laughter,
We're close as a quarter after three.

There's no one like

Jeannie. I'll introduce her,
To you, but it's no use, sir,
Cause my Jeannie's in love with me.

Opening Narrative

(From Early Episodes:)

"Once upon a time in a mythical place called Cape Kennedy, an astronaut named Tony Nelson went up on a space mission. The missile went up but something went wrong and they had to bring it down. Captain Nelson landed on an island in the South Pacific where he found a bottle - at least it looked like a bottle - but it didn't act like a bottle because in it...was a genie. Oh not your average every day genie but a beautiful genie, who could grant any wish. Captain Nelson was so grateful, he set Jeannie free, only she didn't want to be free, You how it is when you've been cooped up in a bottle for two thousand years. She wanted to have fun and she wanted to have it with Captain Nelson. So she followed him back to Coco Beach, a mythical town in a mythical state called Florida and there in this house the girl in the bottle played spin the astronaut."

I Dream of Jeannie Dvds

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Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First Season

1..... The Lady In The Bottle (9/18/1965)
2..... My Hero? (9/25/1965)
3..... Guess What Happened On The Way To The Moon? (10/2/1965)
4..... Jeannie And The Marriage Caper (10/9/1965)
5..... G. I. Genie (10/16/1965)
6..... Jeannie And The Murder Caper (10/23/1965)
7..... Anybody Here Seen Jeannie? (10/30/1965)
8..... Americanization Of Jeannie (11/6/1965)
9..... The Moving Finger (11/13/1965)
10... Djinn And Water (11/20/1965)
11... Whatever Became Of Baby Custer? (11/27/1965)
12... Where'd You Go-Go? (12/4/1965)
13... Russian Roulette (12/11/1965)
14... What House Across The Street? (12/18/1965)
15... Too Many Tonys (12/25/1965)
16... Get Me To Mecca On Time (1/8/1966)
17... Richest Astronaut In The World (1/15/1966)
18... Is There An Extra Genie In The House? (1/22/1966)
19... Never Try To Outsmart A Genie (1/29/1966)
20... My Master, The Doctor (2/5/1966)
21... Jeanie And The Kidnap Caper (2/12/1966)
22... How Lucky Can You Get? (2/19/1966)
23... Watch The Birdie (2/26/1966)
24... Permanent House Guest (3/5/1966)
25... Bigger Than A Bread Box (3/12/1966)
26... My Master, The Great Rembrandt (3/19/1966)
27... My Master The Thief (4/2/1966)
28... This Is Murder (4/9/1966)
29... My Master The Magician (4/23/1966)
30... I'll Never Forget What's-Her-Name (5/7/1966)

The Second Season

31... Happy Anniversary (9/12/1966)
32... Always On Sunday (9/19/1966)
33... My Master The Rich Tycoon (9/26/1966)
34... My Master The Rainmaker (10/3/1966)
35... My Wild-Eyed Master (10/10/1966)
36... What's New, Poodle Dog? (10/17/1966)
37... Fastest Gun In The East (10/24/1966)
38... How To Be A Genie In Ten Easy Lessons (10/31/1966)
39... Who Needs A Green-Eyed Genie? (11/7/1966)
40... The Girl Who Never Had A Birthday - Part 1 (11/14/1966)
41... The Girl Who Never Had A Birthday - Part 2 (11/21/1966)
42... How Do You Beat Superman? (11/28/1966)
43... My Master The Great Caruso (12/5/1966)
44... The World's Greatest Lover (12/12/1966)
45... Jeannie Breaks The Bank (12/19/1966)
46... My Master The Author (12/26/1966)
47... The Greatest Invention In The World (1/9/1967)
48... My Master The Spy (1/16/1967)
49... You Can't Arrest Me... (1/23/1967)
50... One Of Our Bottles Is Missing (1/30/1967)
51... My Master The Civilian (2/6/1967)
52... There Goes The Best Genie I Ever Had (2/20/1967)
53... The Greatest Entertainer In The World (2/27/1967)
54... My Incredible Shrinking Master (3/6/1967)
55... My Master The Pirate (3/13/1967)
56... A Secretary Is Not A Toy (3/20/1967)
57... There Goes The Bride (3/27/1967)
58... My Master, Napoleon's Buddy (4/3/1967)
59... The Birds And The Bees Bit (4/10/1967)
60... My Master The Swinging Bachelor (4/17/1967)
61... The Mod Party (4/24/1967)

The Third Season

62... Fly Me To The Moon (9/12/1967)
63... Jeanie Or The Tiger (9/19/1967)
64... The Greatest Con Artists In The World (9/26/1967)
65... My Turned-On Master (10/3/1967)
66... My Master The Weakling (10/10/1967)
67... Jeannie, The Hip Hippie (10/17/1967)
68... Everybody's A Movie Star (10/31/1967)
69... Who Are You Calling A Genie? (11/7/1967)
70... Meet My Master's Mother (11/14/1967)
71... Here Comes Bootsie Nightingale (11/21/1967)
72... Tony's Wife (11/28/1967)
73... Jeannie And The Bank Robbery (12/5/1967)
74... My Son, The Genie (12/12/1967)
75... Jeannie Goes To Honolulu (12/26/1967)
76... Battle Of Waikiki (1/2/1968)
77... Gennie, Gennie, Who's Got The Gennie? - Part 1 (1/16/1968)
78... Gennie, Gennie, Who's Got The Gennie? - Part 2 (1/23/1968)
79... Gennie, Gennie, Who's Got The Gennie? - Part 3 (1/30/1968)
80... Gennie, Gennie, Who's Got The Gennie? - Part 4 (2/6/1968)
81... Please, Don't Eat The Astronauts (2/13/1968)
82... My Master, The Ghostbreaker (2/20/1968)
83... Divorce, Genie Style (2/27/1968)
84... My Double-Crossing Master (3/5/1968)
85... Have You Ever Had A Genie Hate You? (3/12/1968)
86... Operation: First Couple On The Moon (3/19/1968)
87... Haven't I Seen Me Somewhere Before? (3/26/1968)

The Fourth Season

88... U-F-Oh Genie (9/16/1968)
89... Jeanie And The Wild Pipchicks (9/23/1968)
90... Tomorrow Is Not Another Day (10/7/1968)
91... Abdullah (10/14/1968)
92... The Used Car Salesman (11/4/1968)
93... Djinn, Djinn, Go Home (11/11/1968)
94... The Strongest Man In The World (11/18/1968)
95... Indispensable Genie (11/25/1968)
96... Jeannie And The Top Secret (12/2/1968)
97... How To Marry An Astronaut (12/9/1968)
98... Dr. Bellows Goes Sane (12/16/1968)
99... Jeannie, My Guru (12/30/1968)
100. The Case Of My Vanishing Master - Part 1 (1/6/1969)
101. The Case Of My Vanishing Master - Part 2 (1/13/1969)
102. Ride 'Em, Astronaut (1/27/1969)
103. Invisible House For Sale (2/3/1969)
104. Jeanie, The Governor's Wife (2/10/1969)
105. Is There A Doctor In The House? (2/17/1969)
106. The Biggest Star In Hollywood (2/24/1969)
107. Porcelain Puppy (3/3/1969)
108. Genie For The Defense (3/10/1969)
109. Nobody Loves A Fat Astronaut (3/17/1969)
110. Around The World In 80 Blinks (3/24/1969)
111. Genie-Go-Round (4/7/1969)
112. Jeannie And The Secret Weapon (4/14/1969)
113. Blackmail Order Bride (5/12/1969)

The Fifth Season

114. Genie At The Piano (9/16/1969)
115. Djinn, Djinn, The Pied Piper (9/23/1969)
116. Guess Who's Going To Be A Bride? - Part 1 (9/30/1969)
117. Guess Who's Going To Be A Bride? - Part 2 (10/7/1969)
118. Jeannie's Beauty Cream (10/14/1969)
119. Jeannie And The Bachelor Party (10/2/1969)
120. The Blood Of Jeannie (10/28/1969)
121. See You In C-U-B-A (11/4/1969)
122. The Mad Home Wrecker (11/11/1969)
123. Uncle A Go-Go (11/25/1969)
124. The Wedding (12/2/1969)
125. My Sister The Homewrecker (12/9/1969)
126. Jeanie The Matchmaker (12/16/1969)
127. Never Put A Genie On The Budget (12/30/1969)
128. Please Don't Give My Genie No More Wine (1/6/1970)
129. One Of Our Hotels Is Growing (1/13/1970)
130. The Solid Gold Genie (1/20/1970)
131. Mrs. Djinn Djinn (2/3/1970)
132. Jeannie And The Curious Kid (2/10/1970)
133. The Recording Secretary (2/24/1970)
134. Help! Help! A Shark (3/3/1970)
135. Eternally Yours, Jeannie (3/17/1970)
136. An Astronaut In Sheep's Clothing (3/24/1970)
137. Hurricane Jeanie (4/28/1970)
138. One Genie Beats Four Of A Kind (5/19/1970)
139. My Master, The Chili King (5/26/1970)

Tv Movies

I Dream Of Jeanie - 15 Years Later (10/20/1985)
I Still Dream Of Jeanie (10/20/1991)

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