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Sugarfoot was a 60 minute western action series on ABC about a fellow who figured that lawyers would be needed in the west so he got a law degree by correspondence and rode west. He wasn't quite up to dealing with the rough characters he found there though. He was so "dandy" that he didn't even qualify to be called a "Tenderfoot". Instead, they called him Sugarfoot!

Sugarfoot Cast

Will Hutchins .... Tom "Sugarfoot" Brewster
Jack Elam .... Toothy Thompson

Sugarfoot Trivia

Sugarfoot aired every other week, alternating with another western series titled, "Cheyenne" for its first two seasons. In its final season, another western titled, "Bronco" was added to the mix and Sugarfoot aired every third time in the time slot.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Sugarfoot was the way in which the scripts handled the "Bad Guys". Sugarfoot was not the typical tough-guy western lead character. He used his brains and cunning more than he used his fists and weapons. One thing about the series was typical, however. There was a never-ending supply of pretty girls interested in Sugarfoot.

Superstar Kurt Russell got his start on this series!

Tom "Sugarfoot" Brewster would not be the last non-tough-guy role for Will Hutchins. He also starred in the 1968 TV show, "Blondie" based on the comic strip in the role of Blondie's meek husband, Dagwood Bumstead. Will also appeared in a couple of Elvis Presley movies, "Spinout (1966)" and "Clambake (1967)". He also had a substantial role in the hit war movie, "Merrill's Marauders (1962)". In the 1970s his career dried up in Hollywood and he became a circus ringmaster and clown. Later, he married Carol Burnett's younger sister, Chrissie and moved on to work for NBC off-camera.

Jack Elam had already accumulated an impressive list of credits by the time he appeared on Sugarfoot. He already had 49 movie roles under his belt (which would eventually grow to more than 120). He had appeared in a few guest roles on other television series before Sugarfoot but this was his first (Of 10) regular cast roles on the tube. Jack's trademark was his unmoving eye which gave him kind of an eerie, evil look. You couldn't help but feel a little threatened when he looked at you. That was not an act. When Jack was only 12 years old, one of his fellow boy scouts threw a pencil at him and damaged his eyeball. Jack's hollywood career actually began in the offices of Samuel Goldwyn Studios accounting department where he worked as a bookeeper! He was so good at his job that he eventually moved up to head the accounting division of William Boyd's Hopalong Cassidy Productions! Unfortunately, (or maybe not), his doctors advised him to give up that career as the long hours of bookeeping were taking there toll on his one good eye. Then, after limited acting success in a few movies, Jack arranged to help a director short on funds by finding financing for three of his upcoming movies if the director would give him "bad guy" roles in all three of them! The first one was "Sundowners, The (1950)". It was a huge success and his new acting career really took off!

Theme Song Lyrics

Sugarfoot, Sugarfoot, easy lopin', cattle ropin' Sugarfoot,
Carefree as the tumbleweeds, ajoggin' along with a heart full of song
And a rifle and a volume of the law.

Sugarfoot, Sugarfoot, never underestimate a Sugarfoot,
Once you got his dander up, ain't no one who's quicker on the draw.

You'll find him on the side of law and order,
From the Mexicali border, to the rolling hills of Arkansaw.

Sugarfoot, Sugarfoot, easy lopin', cattle ropin' Sugarfoot,
Ridin' down to cattle town, a-joggin' a-long with a heart full of song
And a rifle and a volume of the law.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Sugar Foot - The First Season

1. Brannigan's Boots (9/17/1957)
2. Reluctant Hero (10/1/1957)
3. Strange Land (10/15/1957)
4. Bunch Quitter (10/29/1957)
5. Trail's End (11/12/1957)
6. Quicksilver (11/16/1957)
7. Misfire (12/10/1957)
8. Stallion Trail (12/24/1957)
9. Small War at Custer Junction (1/7/1958)
10. Bullet Proof (1/21/1958)
11. Deadlock (2/4/1958)
12. Man Wanted (2/18/1958)
13. Dead Hills (3/4/1958)
14. A Wreath For Charity Lloyd (3/18/1958)
15. Hideout (4/1/1958)
16. Guns for Big Bear (4/15/1958)
17. Price on His Head (4/29/1958)
18. Short Range (5/13/1958)
19. The Bullet and the Cross (5/27/1958)
20. Mule Team (6/10/1958)

Sugar Foot - The Second Season

21. Ring of Sand (9/16/1958)
22. Brink of Fear (9/30/1958)
23. The Wizard (10/14/1958)
24. The Ghost (10/28/1958)
25. The Canary Kid (11/11/1958)
26. The Hunted (11/25/1958)
27. Yampa Crossing (12/9/1958)
28. Devil to Pay (12/23/1958)
29. The Desperadoes (1/6/1959)
30. The Extra Hand (1/20/1959)
31. Return of the Canary Kid (2/3/1959)
32. Mysterious Stranger (2/17/1959)
33. Giant Killer (3/3/1959)
34. Royal Raiders (3/17/1959)
35. The Mountain (3/31/1959)
36. The Twister (4/14/1959)
37. The Vultures (4/28/1959)
38. The Avengers (5/12/1959)
39. Small Hostage (5/26/1959)
40. Wolf (6/9/1959)

Sugar Foot - The Third Season

41. The Trial of the Canary Kid (9/15/1959)
42. The Wild Bunch (9/29/1959)
43. MacBrewster the Bold (10/13/1959)
44. The Gitanos (10/27/1959)
45. The Canary Kid, Inc (11/10/1959)
46. Outlaw Island (11/24/1959)
47. Apollo with a Gun (12/8/1959)
48. The Gaucho (12/22/1959)
49. Journey to Provision (1/5/1960)
50. The Highbinder (1/19/1960)
51. Wolfpack (2/2/1960)
52. Fernando (2/16/1960)
53. Blackwater Swamp (3/1/1960)
54. Return to Boot Hill (3/15/1960)
55. Vinegaroom (3/29/1960)
56. The Corsican (4/12/1960)
57. Blue Bonnet Stray (4/26/1960)
58. The Long Dry (4/10/1960)
59. Funeral at Forty Mile (5/24/1960)
60. The Captive Locomotive (6/7/1960)

Sugar Foot - The Fourth Season

61. Shadow Catcher (9/26/1960)
62. A Noose for Nora (10/24/1960)
63. Man from Medora (11/21/1960)
64. Welcome Enemy (12/26/1960)
65. Toothy Thompson (1/16/1961)
66. Shepherd with a Gun (2/6/1961)
67. Angel (3/6/1961)
68. Stranger in Town (3/27/1961)
69. Trouble at Sand Springs (4/17/1961)

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