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Saved By The Bell was a 30 minute teen comedy series on NBC which followed the lives and antics of a group of high school students. Zack, Kelly and Lisa were the "preppie, in-crowd" types. Slater was the "jock". And let's not forget Screech, the lovable nerd! Mr. Belding was the firm, but caring school principal. Together, they entertained us with situations that we all either experienced in High School or, for the younger crowd, situations they hope to experience in the future. Lots of (mostly) good time fun!

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Saved by the Bell Cast

Mark-Paul Gosselaar .... Zack Morris
Tiffani-Amber Thiessen .... Kelly Kapowski
Mario Lopez .... A.C. Slater
Dustin Diamond .... Samuel "Screech" Powers
Lark Voorhies .... Lisa Turtle
Elizabeth Berkley .... Jessie Spano
Dennis Haskins .... Mr. Richard Belding
Leanna Creel .... Tori Scott
Ed Alonzo .... Max
Leah Remini .... Stacey Carosi
Ernie Sabella .... Mr. Carosi

Saved by the Bell Trivia

Saved by the Bell was a "spin-off" of a series titled, "Good Morning, Miss Bliss," which takes place at John F. Kennedy Junior High School, in Indiana. Then, when the students advance to Bayside High School in "Saved By The Bell" not only does Mr. Belding go with them, but they are somehow mysteriously in Los Angeles, California.

In the episode, "Schreech's Spaghetti Sauce", Screech and the gang nearly get sued for selling spaghetti sauce that Screech got the recipe for out of the "Betsy" Crocker cookbook.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar has an interesting ancestry. His father was Dutch and his mother was Indonesian. He actually speaks fluent Dutch. He met his wife "Lisa Ann Russell" when she appeared as a guest star on "Saved by the Bell: The College Years" and they had two children together. They divorced in 2011 and six months later Lisa married "Jeff Probst", the host of the reality series, "Survivor".

Mario Lopez's first professional role was on the series, "a.k.a. Pablo (1984)". Since "Saved By The Bell: College Years" ended, Mario has excelled as a TV host on such shows as, "Name Your Adventure" (1993), "Other Half, The" (2001) and "Pet Star" (2003). He was on his high school wrestling team but, contrary to popular belief, was not a state champion. He won 2nd place in the state of California in 1990. Texans linebacker "Kailee Wong" is married to his younger sister Marissa.

Leah Remini ("King of Queens") played Stacey Carosi, the daughter of the Malibu resort where the Zach, Kelly, Slater, Screech and Lisa worked. She and Zack had some romantic moments together.

When Dustin Diamond first started portraying "Screech" on the series, "Good Morning, Miss Bliss (1987)", his character on the show was in the eighth grade while Dustin was, in real life, only in the fifth grade. He is left-handed and is "into" chess and computers. He once worked as a live Maniquin at a store.

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen won the title of "Miss Junior America" in 1987 and then two years later she was starring as Kelly Kapowski on "Saved By The Bell". She went from there to her role on Beverly Hills 90210 but stopped along the way for some breast implants. After all, she had to look good in those "birthday suit" photos she did for "Veronica" and "New Look" magazines!

On this series, the students attended Bayside High School in Palisades, California.

Dennis Haskins started his career in show business as an agent and concert promoter. He actually represented "Tom Jones" and "Greg Allman"! He also wrote a book for actors titled, "Rating the Agents". He appeared in guest roles on numerous TV series during the eighties and once before gaining celebrity, he appeared as a contestant on the TV game show, "Scrabble". He went on to appear on the "spin-off" of this series titled, "Saved By The Bell: The New Class (1993)" and he had also starred on the series preceding this one, "Good Morning Miss Bliss (1987)".

Lark Voorhies also appeared on the series, "Good Morning Miss Bliss (1987)". She also starred on the daytime dramas, "Days of Our Lives (1965)" and "The Bold and the Beautiful". She has also done TV commercials and appeared in many music videos. Her mother named her "Lark" after a character she saw in the movie, "Cool Breeze (1972)" when she was only 14 years old.

Elizabeth Berkley enrolled at the Detroit Dance Company at the young age of five and took part in several ballets. She originally auditioned for the role of Kelly Kapowski on "Saved By The Bell" but lost the role to Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. The producers liked Elizabeth so much, however, that they created the role of Jessica Spano to give her a spot on the series. Since leaving the series, she has appeared in several movies including "Showgirls" which disappointed some of her fans because she played the role of a stripper. She has stated that she sometimes has felt like the woman wearing the "Scarlett Letter" since doing that film. And, surprisingly, she only received $100,000 in salary for her role in the movie! Elizabeth once said that she sat on an airplane next to a guy watching "Showgirls" and he never even recognized her! She also earned a degree from UCLA in English Literature! She is a vegetarian and has two differently colored eyes! Her right eye is half-green, half-brown and her left one is all green.

Theme Song

Title: "Saved By The Bell"

By: "Scott Gale"

When I wake up in the morning
And the clock lets out a warning
I don't think I'll ever make it on time
By the time I got my books I give myself a look
I'm at the corner just in time to see the bus slide by

It's alright cause I'm saved by the bell

If the teacher pops a test I know I'm a mess
And my dog ate all my homework last night
Ridin low in my chair she won't know tha t I'm there
If I can hand it in tomorrw it'll be alright

It's alright 'cause I'm saved by the bell.
It's alright 'cause I'm saved by the bell.
It's alright 'cause I'm saved by the bell.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Dancing To The Max (8/20/1989)
  2. The Lisa Card (8/28/1989)
  3. The Gift (9/8/1989)
  4. Fatal Distraction (9/9/1989)
  5. Screech's Woman (9/16/1989)
  6. Aloha Slater (9/23/1989)
  7. The Substitutep (9/30/1989)
  8. Cream For A Day (10/7/1989)
  9. Pinned To The Mat (10/14/1989)
  10. Beauty And The Screech (10/21/1989)
  11. The Friendship Business (11/4/1989)
  12. The Mamas & the Papas (11/11/1989)
  13. The Election (11/18/1989)
  14. The Zack Tapes (12/2/1989)
  15. King Of The Hill (12/9/1989)
  16. Save That Tiger (12/16/1989)
Season 2
  1. The Prom (9/8/1990)
  2. Zack's War (9/15/1990)
  3. Save The Max (9/22/1990)
  4. Driver's Education (9/29/1990)
  5. House Party (10/6/1990)
  6. Blind Dates (10/13/1990)
  7. Rent-A-Pop (10/20/1990)
  8. Miss Bayside (10/27/1990)
  9. Jessie's Song (11/3/1990)
  10. Model Students (11/10/1990)
  11. 1-900-Crushed (11/17/1990)
  12. Close Encounters Of The Nerd Kind (11/23/1990)
  13. Running Zack (11/24/1990)
  14. The Babysitters (12/1/1990)
  15. The Fabulous Belding Boys (12/9/1990)
  16. From Nurse To Worse (12/15/1990)
  17. Breaking Up Is Hard To Undo (12/16/1990)
  18. The Glee Club (12/23/1990)
Season 3
  1. The Last Dance (9/14/1991)
  2. Zack's Birthday Party (9/14/1991)
  3. The Aftermath (9/21/1991)
  4. The Game (9/21/1991)
  5. Operation Zack (9/28/1991)
  6. Fourth Of July (9/28/1991)
  7. Check Your Mate (10/2/1991)
  8. My Boyfriend's Back (10/2/1991)
  9. Fake I.D.'s (10/19/1991)
  10. Boss Lady (10/19/1991)
  11. Pipe Dreams (10/26/1991)
  12. The Last Weekend (10/26/1991)
  13. The Wicked Stepbrother - Part 1 (11/2/1991)
  14. The Wicked Stepbrother - Part 2 (11/2/1991)
  15. Date Auction (11/9/1991)
  16. All In The Mall (11/9/1991)
  17. S.A.T.s (11/16/1991)
  18. Palm Springs Weekend - Part 1 (11/16/1991)
  19. Palm Springs Weekend - Part 2 (11/23/1991)
  20. Hold Me Tight (11/23/1991)
  21. No Hope With Dope (11/30/1991)
  22. Rockumentary (11/30/1991)
  23. Cut Day (12/7/1991)
  24. Home For Christmas - Part 1 (12/7/1991)
  25. Home For Christmas - Part 2 (12/14/1991)
  26. Mystery Weekend (12/28/1991)
Season 4
  1. The Fight (9/12/1992)
  2. Student-Teacher Week (9/12/1992)
  3. Schreech's Spaghetti Sauce (9/19/1992)
  4. The New Girl (9/19/1992)
  5. The Bayside Triangle (9/26/1992)
  6. Teen-Line (9/26/1992)
  7. Masquerade Ball (10/3/1992)
  8. Day Of Detention (10/3/1992)
  9. Wrestling With The Future (10/10/1992)
  10. Drinking And Driving (10/10/1992)
  11. Love Machine (10/17/1992)
  12. Class Rings (10/17/1992)
  13. The Will (10/24/1992)
  14. Isn't It Romantic? (10/24/1992)
  15. The Teacher's Strike (10/31/1992)
  16. Slater's Sister (10/31/1992)
  17. The Video Yearbook (11/7/1992)
  18. The Senior Prom (11/7/1992)
  19. Snow White And The Seven Dorks (11/14/1992)
  20. Screech's Birthday (11/14/1992)
  21. Eartquake (11/21/1992)
  22. Best Summer Of My Life (11/21/1992)
  23. Hawaiian Style (Special) - Part 1 (11/27/1992)
  24. Hawaiian Style (Special) - Part 2 (11/27/1992)
  25. Hawaiian Style (Special) - Part 3 (11/27/1992)
  26. Hawaiian Style (Special) - Part 4 (11/27/1992)
  27. School Song (11/28/1992)
  28. Slater's Friend (11/28/1992)
  29. The Time Capsule (12/5/1992)
TV Specials

Graduation (5/22/1993)

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