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Series Description

Saved By The Bell The College Years was a 30 minute situation comedy series on NBC about the gang from the original "Saved By The Bell" series and their continuing educational (and partying) experiences. They all lived in the same co-ed dormatory with two new characters, Leslie Burke, a rich girl from San Francisco and Alex Tabor, a theater arts major and aspiring actress. Otherwise, this TV show mirrored the original in that it showed young people experiencing the things you'd pretty much expect them to with a very comical flare!

The College Years Cast

Mark-Paul Gosselaar .... Zack Morris
Mario Lopez .... A.C. Slater
Tiffani-Amber Thiessen .... Kelly Kapowski
Dustin Diamond .... Samuel "Screech" Powers
Anne Tremko .... Leslie Burke
Patrick Fabian .... Doctor Jeremiah Laskey
Kiersten Warren .... Alex Tabor
Holland Taylor .... Dean Susan McCann
Bob Golic .... Michael Rogers

The College Years Trivia

Student residential advisor and former pro football player Michael Rogers was played by Bob Golic who actually was a former defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Raiders in real life.

Saved By The Bell: The College Years was so short-lived that most of the cast never made it to their sophomore year of college. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen did remain an "on television" college student however when she joined the cast of "Beverly Hills 90210" the following season.

Only three days before The College Years premiered, the first episode of "Saved By The Bell: The New Class" aired for the first time. That series did much better than this one with a total of seven seasons!

Originally, one of the main characters was played by "Essence Atkins". After the pilot episode was done, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen decided that she wanted to return to play Kelly Kapowski again so Essence Atkins was fired and they explained her absence from the show by saying that she had transferred to another college.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar has an interesting ancestry. His father was Dutch and his mother was Indonesian. He actually speaks fluent Dutch. He met his wife "Lisa Ann Russell" on this series.

Mario Lopez's first professional role was on the series, "a.k.a. Pablo (1984)". Since "Saved By The Bell: College Years" ended, Mario has excelled as a TV host on such shows as, "Name Your Adventure" (1993), "Other Half, The" (2001) and "Pet Star" (2003). He was on his high school wrestling team but, contrary to popular belief, was not a state champion. He won 2nd place in the state of California in 1990. Texans linebacker "Kailee Wong" is married to his younger sister Marissa.

When Dustin Diamond first started portraying "Screech" on the series, "Good Morning, Miss Bliss", his character on the show was in the eighth grade while Dustin was, in real life, only in the fifth grade. He is left-handed and is "into" chess and computers. He once worked as a live Maniquin at a store.

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen won the title of "Miss Junior America" in 1987 and then two years later she was starring as Kelly Kapowski on "Saved By The Bell". She went from there to her role on Beverly Hills 90210 but stopped along the way for some breast implants. After all, she had to look good in those "birthday suit" photos she did for "Veronica" and "New Look" magazines!

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Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (5/22/1993)
  2. Guess Who's Coming To College? (9/14/1993)
  3. Zack, Lies & Videotape (9/14/1993)
  4. Rush Week (9/21/1993)
  5. Slater's War (9/28/1993)
  6. The Homecoming (10/5/1993)
  7. The Poker Game (10/12/1993)
  8. Professor Zack (10/19/1993)
  9. Screech Love (10/26/1993)
  10. Doctor Kelly (11/2/1993)
  11. A Thanksgiving Story (11/23/1993)
  12. Teacher's Pet - Part 1 (12/7/1993)
  13. Kelly And The Professor - Part 2 (12/14/1993)
  14. A Question Of Ethics (12/21/1993)
  15. The Rave (1/4/1994)
  16. Bedside Manner (1/11/1994)
  17. Love And Death (1/18/1994)
  18. Marry Me (2/8/1994)
  19. Wedding Plans (2/8/1994)
  20. Wedding In Las Vegas - Part 1 (10/7/1994)
  21. Wedding In Las Vegas - Part 2 (10/7/1994)
  22. Wedding In Las Vegas - Part 3 (10/7/1994)
  23. Wedding In Las Vegas - Part 4 (10/7/1994)

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