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Richard Diamond, Private Detective Cast

Series Description

The Richard Diamond, Private Detective TV show was a 30 minute crime action series that aired on CBS for its first three seasons and then on NBC for its final season. It was about a smooth-operating ex-NYPD cop turned private investigator. He drove a snazzy convertible with a car phone (in 1957!!!) and used his contacts at the NYPD to solve his cases.

Richard Diamond Cast

David Janssen .... Richard Diamond
Regis Toomey .... Lieutenant Dennis "Mac" McGough (1957-1958)
Russ Conway .... Lieutenant Pete Kile (1959-1960)
Barbara Bain .... Karen Wells (1959)
Mary Tyler Moore .... Sam (1959)
Roxanne Brooks .... Sam (1959-1960)
Hillary Brooke .... Laura Renault (1959-1960)
Richard Devon .... Sergeant Alden (1959-1960)
Bill Erwin .... Sergeant Riker (1957)

Richard Diamond Trivia

There was a Richard Diamond radio show that aired in the early 1950s. It starred Dick Powell as Richard Diamond. Dick's production company, "Four Star Productions" made this TV series and many people urged Dick to take the lead role. He felt that he was too old to be believeable in the role, however, and hired a much younger David Janssen to carry on the role as Richard Diamond! At that point Janssen had acted in numerous bit parts and guest-starring roles but this would be his first starring role!

When the Richard Diamond, Private Detective TV show ran later in reruns, it's long title was shortened perhaps a bit too dramatically to "Mr. D"!

Her seven episodes of Richard Diamond Private Detective were only the fourth acting job for Mary Tyler Moore ("Dick Van Dyke Show" and "Mary Tyler Moore Show"). While she probably appreciated the job it really didn't give her much exposure. She played the part of Richard Diamond's receptionist but her face was never seen! Only her hands and legs appeared on camera and fans did get to hear her voice.

David Janssen was not just a TV star. He also appeared in many movies. After Richard Diamond, Private Detective he went on to star on the classic TV series, "The Fugitive" for 120 episodes over five seasons from 1963 to 1967. Seven years after The Fugitive ended, David starred on another series titled, "Harry O" which ran for 2 seasons and 46 episodes. In 1978, he also appeared in the magnificent 26-hour "Centennial Miniseries" that followed the development of the western U.S. from shortly after the civil war until the current day (1970s). Surprisingly, like many others who earn their living from acting on television, David Janssen didn't care for the medium much. He once said, "TV is my sleeping pill"!

In the third season, Richard Diamond moved from New York City to Hollywood where he also had a friendly contact on the police force but he also had to sometimes deal with a police Sergeant who hated his guts. A romantic interest named Karen Wells was also added. That part was played by Barbara Bain of "Mission Impossible" fame!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. The Mickey Farmer Case (7/1/1957)
  2. Custody (7/8/1957)
  3. Escape from Oak Lane (7/15/1957)
  4. The Homicide Habit (7/22/1957)
  5. Picture of Fear (7/29/1957)
  6. Hit and Run (8/5/1957)
  7. The Big Score (8/12/1957)
  8. The Chess Player (8/19/1957)
  9. The Torch Carriers (8/26/1957)
  10. The Pete Rocco Case (9/9/1957)
  11. Venus of Park Avenue (9/16/1957)
  12. The Merry-Go-Round Case (9/23/1957)
Season 2
  1. The Space Society (1/2/1958)
  2. The Dark Horse (1/9/1958)
  3. The Payoff (1/16/1958)
  4. Double Jeopardy (1/23/1958)
  5. Arson (1/30/1958)
  6. The Ed Church Case (2/6/1958)
  7. Chinese Honeymoon (2/13/1958)
  8. Rodeo (2/20/1958)
  9. A Cup of Black Coffee (2/27/1958)
  10. The George Dale Case (3/6/1958)
  11. Juvenile Jacket (3/13/1958)
  12. Pension Plan (3/27/1958)
  13. Short Haul (4/10/1958)
  14. Another Man's Poison (4/17/1958)
  15. The Purple Penguin (4/24/1958)
  16. Lost Testament (5/1/1958)
  17. The Percentage Takers (5/8/1958)
  18. Widow's Walk (5/22/1958)
  19. The Bungalow Murder (5/29/1958)
  20. One Foot in the Grave (6/12/1958)
  21. Snow Queen (6/26/1958)
Season 3
  1. The Sport (2/15/1959)
  2. Pack Rat (2/22/1959)
  3. Soft Touch (3/1/1959)
  4. Body of the Crime (3/8/1959)
  5. Boomerang Bait (3/15/1959)
  6. Matador Murder (3/22/1959)
  7. Murder at the Mansion (3/29/1959)
  8. Marineland Mystery (4/5/1959)
  9. Charity Affair (4/12/1959)
  10. Two for Paradise (4/19/1959)
  11. Crown of Silla (5/3/1959)
  12. Jukebox (5/10/1959)
  13. Echo of Laughter (5/17/1959)
  14. The Limping Man (5/24/1959)
  15. The Hide-Out (5/31/1959)
  16. Rough Cut (6/7/1959)
  17. Family Affair (6/14/1959)
  18. Design for Murder (6/21/1959)
Season 4
  1. The Hoodlum (10/5/1959)
  2. Act of Grace (10/12/1959)
  3. The Bookie (10/19/1959)
  4. The Client (10/26/1959)
  5. The Runaway (11/2/1959)
  6. No Laughing Matter (11/9/1959)
  7. The Messenger (11/16/1959)
  8. The Counselor (11/23/1959)
  9. The Image (11/30/1959)
  10. The Adjustor (12/7/1959)
  11. Marked for Murder (12/14/1959)
  12. The Caller (12/21/1959)
  13. One Dead Cat (12/28/1959)
  14. Dead to the World (1/11/1960)
  15. Seven Swords (1/18/1960)
  16. The Fine Art of Murder (1/25/1960)
  17. The Popskull (6/28/1960)
  18. And Whose Little Baby Are You? (7/5/1960)
  19. Fallen Star (7/19/1960)
  20. Coat of Arms (8/2/1960)
  21. Double Trouble (8/9/1960)
  22. The Lovely Fraud (8/16/1960)
  23. Accent on Murder (8/23/1960)
  24. East of Danger (8/30/1960)
  25. Running Scared (9/6/1960)
  26. The Mouse (9/13/1960)

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