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The Protectors TV show was a 60 minute police drama series on NBC about a conservative deputy Chief of Police who was brought to a California city with huge crime problems from the Cleveland, Ohio police department. As an "outsider" he faces resistance from some of his fellow cops and others in law enforcement and especially from a liberal African-American District Attorney.

The Protectors Cast

Leslie Nielsen .... Deputy Chief Sam Danforth
Hari Rhodes .... D.A. William Washburn

The Protectors Trivia

The Protectors TV show was the shortest-running of four drama series that made up "The Bold Ones" and aired on a rotating basis. The other series were "The Lawyers", "The New Doctors", and "The Senator". They were all drama series and shared the same time slot. You can learn more about the other series or general information about "The Bold Ones" by clicking on the hyperlinked titles above!

Frank Maxwell (Mayor Alesi) and Michael Bell (Sergeant Jack Miller) both appeared on this series, on "The Senator", and on "The Lawyers"!

Leslie Nielsen grew up in the Northwest Territories of Canada because his father was a Canadian Mounted Policeman! Leslie's brother served as a member of the Canadian Parliment and then became the Deputy Prime Minister! Leslie enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force at age 17 and became an aerial gunner! Eventually Leslie moved to the U.S. and became a naturalised citizen. While Leslie began his acting career as a dramatic actor, he eventually became what film critic Roger Ebert called, "The Laurence Olivier of Spoofs". Leslie is perhaps best known for his role as the bumbling Lieutenant Frank Drebin in the "Naked Gun" movies and on the TV series, "Police Squad". He also has performed magnificently in other spoof movies including "Airplane" and "Scary Movie 3 & 4". It's important to note that Mr. Nielson had already become a star in dramatic roles before entering the realm of comedy.

Before appearing as District Attorney Washburn on The Protectors, Hari Rhodes starred on the highly successful family series, "Daktari" for four seasons! While Hari didn't have many starring roles during his career, he without a doubt was one of the most called on actors to guest star on TV series with an impressive 69 acting credits during his career! Sadly, Hari passed away in 1992 from a heart attack at the too young age of sixty.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

TV Pilot Movie

Deadlock (2 Hours) (2/22/1969)

The First And Only Season

  1. A Case of Good Whiskey at Christmas Time (9/28/1969)
  2. If I Should Wake Before I Die (10/26/1969)
  3. Draw a Straight Man (12/14/1969)
  4. The Carrier (1/11/1970)
  5. A Thing Not of God (2/1/1970)
  6. Memo from the Class of '76 (3/8/1970)

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