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The Bold Ones

The Bold Ones Cast

Series Description

The Bold Ones TV show was a 60 minute drama series on NBC that was actually made up of four different series that took turns in the Bold Ones' time slot. In the 1969-1970 season, three of the series aired. They were titled, "The Lawyers", "The New Doctors", and "The Protectors". In the 1970-1971 season a new series, "The Senator" replaced "The Protectors". By the final season (1971-1972), only "The Lawyers" and "The New Doctors" remained. You can find information about each individual series by clicking on their titles above.

The Bold Ones Broadcast History:

All Three Seasons: Sunday from 10PM to 11PM on NBC

The Bold Ones Trivia

The Bold Ones was not the only time that a number of series aired under an "umbrella" name. NBC used that technique pretty successfully at least a couple of other times. The NBC Mystery Movie was actually a rotating timeslot that aired for seven seasons. The series were "Banacek", "Columbo", "McCloud", "McMillan and Wife", and "Quincy M.E.". The series as a whole was a huge hit!

Before McCloud aired on the NBC Mystery Movie, it premiered on another NBC umbrella series titled, "Four in One". The other three shows on Four in One were "Night Gallery", "The Psychiatrist", and "San Francisco International Airport". Night Gallery also left the Four in One club to become its own series with its own time slot!

These types of shows are often referred to as "wheel series". Yet another such series that also aired on NBC was "The Name of the Game". The different segments on that series did not have their own seperate titles but there were three different shows that starred Gene Barry, Robert Stack, and Tony Franciosa.

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