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The New Doctors TV show was a 60 minute medical drama series on NBC about a brilliant Neurosurgeon and the two young doctors that he mentored who together worked to heal patients using the most advanced medical techniques available at the time. Their patients typically had illnesses that were extremely rare or had not been able to be diagnosed by other doctors.

The New Doctors Cast

E.G. Marshall .... Doctor David Craig
David Hartman .... Doctor Paul Hunter
John Saxon .... Doctor Theodore "Ted" Stuart (Episodes 1-3)
Robert Walden .... Doctor Martin Cohen (Fourth Season)
Julie Adams .... Mrs. David Craig (Second Season)

The New Doctors Trivia

Dr. Craig was able to use high-tech medical procedures that other doctors may have been prevented from using because he ran his own hospital named the "David Craig Institute of New Medicine". The cases they dealt with were not the typical ones that most doctors saw and were similar to those seen on other series like, "ER" or "House".

The New Doctors TV show was the longest running of four drama series that made up "The Bold Ones". The other series were "The Lawyers", "The Protectors", and "The Senator". They were all drama series and shared the same time slot on a rotating basis. You can learn more about the other series or general information about "The Bold Ones" by clicking on the hyperlinked titles above!

E.G. Marshall absolutely refused to tell anyone what his initials "E.G." stood for under any circumstances! Due to the roles he played, his public persona was that of a methodical and proper person with no sense of humor but that simply wasn't true. He often cracked jokes on set and was notorious for telling dirty jokes on the set of the New Doctors while hiding his lips behind a surgical mask! Mr. Marshall also hosted the "CBS Radio Mystery Theater" for a whopping 1399 episodes and he starred for 132 episodes on the 1960s TV series, "The Defenders".

The New Doctors didn't win any awards but David Hartman did get a Golden Globe nomination in 1973 for "Best TV Actor". Peter Falk won that award for his role as the deceptively smart detective on the series, "Columbo". Hartman's nomination flew in the eyes of critics who blamed his poor acting ability for the cancellation of his series, "Lucas Tanner" after only 22 episodes. Hartman did give up acting after the demise of that series but he went on to become the first anchor on ABC's "Good Morning America" where he won an Emmy and several other journalism awards while keeping the show at the top of the ratings for the 11 years he hosted!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. To Save a Life (9/14/1969)
  2. What's the Price of a Pair of Eyes? (10/5/1969)
  3. Rebellion Of The Body (10/19/1969)
  4. Man Without a Heart (11/9/1969)
  5. A Small Step For Man (11/23/1969)
  6. Crisis (12/7/1969)
  7. And Those Unborn (12/21/1969)
  8. If I Can't Sing, I'll Listen (1/18/1970)
  9. This Day's Child (2/8/1970)
  10. Dark is the Rainbow, Loud the Silence (3/1/1970)
Season 2
  1. This Will Really Kill You (9/20/1970)
  2. Killer on the Loose (10/11/1970)
  3. Giants Never Kneel (10/25/1970)
  4. First No Harm to the Patient (11/15/1970)
  5. In Dreams They Run (12/13/1970)
  6. A Matter of Priorities (1/3/1971)
  7. An Absence of Loneliness (1/24/1971)
  8. Tender Predator (2/14/1971)
Season 3
  1. Broken Melody (9/19/1971)
  2. The Angry Man (10/3/1971)
  3. One Lonely Step (10/24/1971)
  4. Close Up (11/7/1971)
  5. The Convicts (11/21/1971)
  6. The Glass Cage (12/5/1971)
  7. Dagger in the Mind (12/19/1971)
  8. Moment of Crisis (1/2/1972)
  9. Short Flight to a Distant Star (1/23/1972)
  10. A Threatened Species (2/6/1972)
  11. Discovery at Fourteen (3/5/1972)
Season 4
  1. Five Days in the Death of Sergeant Brown - Part 1 (Special Night) (9/14/1972)
  2. Five Days in the Death of Sergeant Brown - Part 2 (9/19/1972)
  3. Is This Operation Necessary? (9/26/1972)
  4. A Nation of Human Pincushions (10/3/1972)
  5. Time Bomb In The Chest (10/10/1972)
  6. A Standard For Manhood (10/17/1972)
  7. A Substitute Womb (10/24/1972)
  8. A Very Strange Triangle (10/31/1972)
  9. A Quality Of Fear (11/14/1972)
  10. An Inalienable Right To Die (11/28/1972)
  11. A Purge Of Madness (12/5/1972)
  12. End Theme (12/12/1972)
  13. The Velvet Prison (12/19/1972)
  14. Terminal Career (1/2/1973)
  15. A Tightrope To Tomorrow (1/9/1973)
  16. The Night Crawler (1/16/1973)
  17. And Other Springs I May Not See (5/4/1973)

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