The Monroes

The Monroes cast

Just in case you were looking for a series from 1995 about a political family, see "The Monroes (1995)".

Series Description

The Monroes TV show was a 60 minute western drama series on ABC about an orphaned group of brothers and sisters, and their struggle to survive as a family and build a new life in the early days of the West.

The Monroes Cast

Series Credited cast: Michael Anderson Jr. .... Clayt Monroe
Barbara Hershey .... Kathy Monroe
Keith Schultz .... Jefferson Monroe
Kevin Schultz .... Fennimore Monroe
Ron Soble .... Dirty Jim
Tammy Locke .... Amy Monroe
James Westmoreland .... Ruel Jaxon
Robert Middleton .... Barney Wales
Buck Taylor .... John "Brad" Bradford
Liam Sullivan .... Major Mapoy
Ben Johnson .... Sleeve

The Monroes Trivia

The Monroes dog's name was "Snow".

The Monroes TV show was Barbara Hershey's big break in show business! She had only appeared in "walk on" parts on three series ("The Farmer's Daughter", "Gidget", and "Chrysler Theatre") when she landed her role as Kathy Monroe!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The Monroes - The First And Only Season

  1. The Intruders (7/9/1966)
  2. Night of the Wolf (9/14/1966)
  3. Ride with Terror (9/21/1966)
  4. Forest Devil (9/28/1966)
  5. Wild Dog of the Tetons (10/5/1966)
  6. Truth Has No Family (10/12/1966)
  7. Ordeal by Hope (10/19/1966)
  8. The Hunter (10/26/1966)
  9. War Arrow (11/2/1966)
  10. The Friendly Enemy (11/9/1966)
  11. Court Martial (11/16/1966)
  12. Silent Night, Deadly Night (11/23/1966)
  13. Lost in the Wilderness (11/30/1966)
  14. Gold Fever (12/14/1966)
  15. Range War (12/21/1966)
  16. Pawnee Warrior (12/28/1966)
  17. Mark of Death (1/4/1967)
  18. To Break a Colt (1/11/1967)
  19. Race for a Rainbow (1/18/1967)
  20. Gun Bound (1/25/1967)
  21. Killer Cougar (2/1/1967)
  22. Wild Bull (2/15/1967)
  23. Trapped (2/22/1967)
  24. Manhunt (3/1/1967)
  25. Teach the Tiger to Purr (3/8/1967)
  26. The Ghosts of Paradox (3/15/1967)

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