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Series Description

The Jeff Foxworthy Show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC for its first season and NBC for the second. It was about a redneck, funny guy with a wife and a very bright son. The redneck comedy never that was so successful for Jeff Foxworthy as a stand-up comedian just didn't seem to translate well on a family sitcom.

Jeff Foxworthy Show Cast

Jeff Foxworthy .... Jeff Foxworthy
Haley Joel Osment .... Matt Foxworthy
Kathryn Zaremba .... Nettie
Anita Barone .... Karen Foxworthy (1995-1996)
Matt Clark .... Walt Bacon (1995-1996)
Matt Borlenghi .... Russ Francis (1995-1996)
Steve Hytner .... Craig Lesko (1995-1996)
Jay Mohr .... Wayne Foxworthy (1995-1996)
Ann Cusack .... Karen Foxworthy (1996-1997)
G.W. Bailey .... Big Jim Foxworthy (1996-1997)
Bill Engvall .... Bill Pelton (1996-1997)
Neil Giuntoli .... Florus (1996-1997)
Jonathan Lipnicki .... Justin Foxworthy (1996-1997)
Jeanine Jackson .... Livie Ann (1996-1997)

Jeff Foxworthy Show Trivia

An episode titled, "Shootout at the Comedy Corral" was originally supposed to be the 17th episode aired in the first season. When ABC canceled the series, however, they didn't broadcast it. It finally aired in syndication as a "repeat".

In its first season ABC thought that Jeff's comedy was a bit "too southern" for a national audience so they decided to set the locale in Bloomington, Indiana. You think that the same network executive would have set "In the Heat of the Night" in Maine instead of in Mississippi? Or possibly "The Brady Bunch" in Beverly Hills? Foxworthy himself once said that the network simply didn't understand how to market his show. When ABC canceled the show, NBC bought it and moved the setting to the southern U.S. where it belonged but audiences already had made up their minds and didn't tune in.

Jeff Foxworthy graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology, otherwise known as Georgia Tech. His father worked at IBM and that's where Jeff went after college graduation. His friends goaded him one night into getting up on stage at a comedy club on open mike night and that was the end of IBM. Jeff developed a successful stand-up career and besides hosting Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, in addition to starring on the "Jeff Foxworthy Show", he also starred on "Blue Collar TV". At the time this is being written (2010), Jeff has two movies in production so we'll be seeing more of him soon!

Jeff's wife Karen had a baby girl in the season one finale. Then in the first episode on NBC Jeff had an older son and no baby girl!

NBC also changed the opening segment and theme music when they took over the series. They also shot the show on film where ABC had used tape.

Jeff Foxworthy had many of his buddies and fellow comedians appear as regulars, guest stars, or they simply appeared in cameos. Bill Engvall, his co-star on Blue Collar TV had a regular role in the second season. Jay Mohr ("Saturday Night Live", "Ghost Whisperer", and "Gary Unmarried") made 7 appearances during the first season. Bob Saget ("Full House", "Raising Dad", and "Surviving Suburbia") made one appearance in the first season. Country singers Tim McGraw and Travis Tritt also appeared.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Jeff's Life 101 (9/12/1995)
  2. A Non-Affair to Remember (9/16/1995)
  3. The Gene Pool (9/23/1995)
  4. Elliot and Victoria's Secret (9/30/1995)
  5. Womb with a View (10/14/1995)
  6. With Two You Get Cow's Milk (10/28/1995)
  7. Jeff & Ray & Rascal's Big Adventure (11/4/1995)
  8. A Sore Winner (11/11/1995)
  9. He's Making a List, Checking It Twice (11/25/1995)
  10. Foxworthy Family Feud (12/16/1995)
  11. Matt About You (12/23/1995)
  12. Clan of the Bare Caves (1/6/1996)
  13. Before You Say "No," Just Hear Me Out (1/13/1996)
  14. Deedee Day (1/20/1996)
  15. He Ain't Heavy, He's a Bully (1/24/1996)
  16. Moonstruck (2/3/1996)
  17. One Wedding and a Baby (5/15/1996)
Season 2
  1. Where the Donuts are Good, Not Great (9/23/1996)
  2. The List is Strife (9/30/1996)
  3. The Poor Sportsmen of the Apocalypse (10/7/1996)
  4. My Dinner with Betty (10/14/1996)
  5. The Gift (10/21/1996)
  6. The Practical Joke (10/28/1996)
  7. Puppy Love Triangle (11/11/1996)
  8. Like Florus, Like Son (11/18/1996)
  9. The Thanksgiving Episode (11/25/1996)
  10. Merry Christmas, Y'all (12/16/1996)
  11. Feud for Thought (1/6/1997)
  12. Cain't Teach a Dead Dog New Tricks (1/13/1997)
  13. The Briarton Syndrome (1/20/1997)
  14. Jeff, You the Man (2/3/1997)
  15. Big Dogs (2/17/1997)
  16. Foxworthy Shall Rise Again (3/3/1997)
  17. Gone Fishin' (3/10/1997)
  18. Mooseface Loves Nuzzles (3/17/1997)
  19. The Good, the Bad and the Hairless (4/7/1997)
  20. Real Men (4/14/1997)
  21. Wrestling Opera (4/28/1997)
  22. Field of Schemes (5/5/1997)
  23. Twister of Fate (5/5/1997)

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