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It's a Man's World Cast

Series Description

The It's a Man's World TV show was a 60 minute drama series with a comedy twist on NBC about four young men who lived on the Ohio River in a houseboat and dealt with all of the obstacles presented by the social changes that were taking place in the 1960s. Subjects like the emergence of feminism, the open practice of pre-marital sex and the generation gap between young people and their parents were common themes.

It's a Man's World Cast

Glenn Corbett .... Wes Macauley
Michael Burns .... Howie Macauley
Ted Bessell .... Tom-Tom DeWitt
Randy Boone .... Vern Hodges
Harry Harvey .... Houghton Stott
Jan Norris .... Irene Hoff
Kate Murtagh .... Mrs. Iona Dobson
Scott White .... Virgil Dobson
Ann Schuyler .... Nora Fitzgerald
Jeanine Cashell .... Alma Jean Dobson

It's a Man's World Trivia

Amazingly, all four of the main stars of It's a Man's World went on to major roles on other television programs! Glenn Corbett took on the role as "Lincoln Case" on the hit series, "Route 66". Michael Burns grabbed the role as the endearing teen "Barnaby West" on "Wagon Train". Ted Bessel played the love interest of Marlo Thomas on the hit series, "That Girl". Randy Boone also became a western star as "Randy Benton" on nearly 50 episodes of "The Virginian" and as "Francis Wilde" on over twenty episodes of "Cimarron Strip".

It's a Man's World didn't simple explore the emerging 60s lifestyle changes of society, it also covered political issues and other important events of the day including the civil rights movement, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the protests on the part of youth over the increasing U.S. role in the Vietnam War.

The show gained a big following on college campuses but was not able to achieve a wider audience due to its subject matter. Many of the issues covered on the series were extremely controversial at the time. Most adults did not appreciated the anti-war and free love sentiments expressed on It's a Man's World and, therefore, wouldn't watch and wouldn't allow their children to watch.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Four to Go (9/17/1962)
  2. Stir-Crazy (9/24/1962)
  3. Molly Pitcher and the Green-Eyed Monster (10/8/1962)
  4. Winning His Way (10/15/1962)
  5. A Drive Over to Exeter (10/22/1962)
  6. The Beavers and the Otters (10/29/1962)
  7. Howie's Adventure (11/5/1962)
  8. The Bravest Man in Cordella (11/12/1962)
  9. The Man on the Second Floor (11/19/1962)
  10. I Count My Life in Coffee Cups (11/26/1962)
  11. Chicago Gains a Number (12/3/1962)
  12. The Macauley Profile (12/10/1962)
  13. The Long Short Cut (12/17/1962)
  14. The Long Way Around (12/24/1962)
  15. Night Beat of the Tom-Tom (12/31/1962)
  16. Hour of Truth (1/7/1963)
  17. The Unbalanced Line (1/14/1963)
  18. Mutiny on the Elephant (1/21/1963)
  19. Winter Story (1/28/1963)

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