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The Fantastic Journey TV show was a 60 minute sci-fi series on NBC about a ship carrying a scientific expedition through the Bermuda Triangle and guess what? They got shipwrecked on a mysterious, uncharted island where they meet beings from other dimensions, planets, and times. They determined that there was no way off the island except by sliding through portals that would transport them to other dimensions, planets, and times.

Fantastic Journey Cast

Jared Martin .... Varian
Carl Franklin .... Dr. Fred Walters
Ike Eisenmann .... Scott Jordan
Roddy McDowall .... Jonathan Willoway (Episodes 3-10)
Katie Saylor .... Liana (Episodes 2-8)

Fantastic Journey Trivia:

The ship making the Fantastic Journey was shipwrecked on the island after being engulfed by a weird green cloud.

The only Emmy nomination for Fantastic Journey was in 1977 for "Outstanding Achievement in Film Sound Editing for a Series". The "Roots Miniseries" won that award. Other nominees were "Charlie's Angels" and "The Six Million Dollar Man".

The portals that allowed the characters to travel to other times and planets were located in a place named "Evoland". While it was never stated conclusively, there were interviews done at the time that suggested that the island itself may also have been called "Evoland".

Only ten episodes were produced and broadcast but there was another script written that was never produced. It was titled, "Romulus" and can sometimes be found on the web.

In the pilot episode, there were remarks made that indicated that the Fantastic Journey would have many episodes where the characters would travel to the past during important historical moments. Then the actual episodes tended to take place mostly in the future.

If you never saw the Fantastic Journey TV show, you may still remember Jared Martin from his role as "Dr. Harrison Blackwood" on the TV series, "War of the Worlds" or his role as "Steven 'Dusty' Farlow" on "Dallas".

The Fantastic Journey's strange, mysterious, and unexplained beings, animals, communication blackouts, weather, and other occurences on the island bear a strong resemblance to the hit series, "LOST". The travelling to different dimensions concept was also utilized in 1985 on a series titled, "Otherworld" and a decade later on "Sliders".

Many people know that Roddy McDowall played an intelligent Chimp in the Planet of the Apes movies. Most don't realize, however, that he actually played three different Chimps! He played "Cornelius" in the 1st & 3rd movies, "Ceasar" in the 4th movie, and "Galen" on the "Planet of the Apes TV Show".

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