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Day One is a 60 minute dramatic sci-fi series on NBC about the residents of an apartment building in Van Nuys, California who band together for survival after the Earth experiences a cataclysmic meteor shower. The meteors destroy all modern methods of transportation, communication, and power distribution!

Day One Cast

Julie Gonzalo .... Kelly
Adam Campbell .... Zach
David Lyons .... Sam
Carly Pope .... Bonnie
Thekla Reuten .... Lynne
Derek Mio .... Johnny
Catherine Dent .... Jennifer
Addison Timlin .... Hunter
Xander Berkeley .... Clarke
April Grace .... Max
Leila Birch .... BBC Reporter
Sunkrish Bala .... Jamil
Kimberly Bishop .... Bank Manager
Jamie Thomas King .... Hugh
Andrea De Oliveira .... Anna
Erin Way .... Crystal
Akie Kotabe .... Aki
Sam Littlefield .... Fritz

Day One Trivia

Day One will be brought to audiences by executive producer/writer "Jesse Alexander" ("Heroes", "Lost", "Alias") and director "Alex Graves" ("Fringe" and "Journeyman")!

No air dates have been announced yet but NBC executive Angela Bromstad has said that the network sees Day One as replacing Heroes in its time slot after it has a short fourth and final season. A good guess right now for a premiere date might be sometime in March of 2010. Angela also said that Day One is being planned as a 13-episode, short-run series but sci-fi fans can always hope that those episodes garner huge ratings and NBC will decide to bring the series back in 2011!

Avid sci-fi fans will immediately note the similarity in plots between Day One and the 2006 CBS sci-fi series, "Jericho". It remains to be seen just how similar the two will end out. Hopefully, NBC will continue to concentrate on the "survival" plot and not turn this series into just another "shoot 'em up" like CBS did with Jericho!

Day One will be produced by "Universal Media Studios" who also brought audiences, "Heroes", "Law & Order" (all versions), and "The Office".

There was another TV series titled "Day One" from 1993-1995. It was a news magazine program that was hosted by Diane Sawyer and Forrest Sawyer. There was also a TV movie in 1989 called "Day One" that starred Brian Dennehy, Hume Cronyn, Hal Holbrook, and David Ogden Stiers about the development of the first atom bomb.

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