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The Cold Case TV show is a 60 minute crime drama series that aired on CBS for 156 episodes from 2003-2010. It was about the only female detective on the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's homicide squad. She specializes in solving murders that were commited long ago and have never been solved (referred to as "Cold Cases"), thus bringing peace of mind to those that the victims left behind.

Cold Case Cast

Kathryn Morris .... Detective Lilly Rush
John Finn .... Lieutenant John Stillman
Thom Barry .... Detective Will Jeffries
Jeremy Ratchford .... Detective Nick Vera
Danny Pino .... Detective Scotty Valens
Tracie Thoms .... Detective Kat Miller (2005-)

Cold Case Trivia

Among many other awards and nominations, Cold Case won an ASCAP Award for "Top TV Series" in 2004, 2005, and 2006! It was nominated for an Emmy in 2005 for "Outstanding Art Direction for a Single-Camera Series" but the series, "Deadwood" got the award.

Since Cold Case is set in Philadelphia, most of the exterior shots are filmed there but the studio shots are filmed in Los Angeles and Burbank.

In order to make the scenes from the past seem more authentic, the music played during the scene is a song from the year in which it took place and the type of film used is also from the period.

Tracie Thoms had a starring role on a very unusual series titled, "Wonderfalls" before joining the Cold Case cast. Unfortunately, the show only broadcast four episodes, leaving nine others that were already filmed "in the can".

In episode #12, "Glued", Lieutenant Stillman said his daughter had been born during the Tim Barnes cas in 1980. That would have made her 25 years old. Then in episode #39, "Revenge", his daughter says that she was almost 18-years-old, "20 years ago". That would have made her 37-years-old. We know from several other episodes that Janie is Stillman's only daughter so this is definitely an error that was missed by the writers, editors, and script supervisor.

There have been references to Cold Case on four other TV series as of September 2008. The actual series' title was mentioned on the 4th episode ("Night of the Wolf") of the series, "Medium" and on the 85th episode ("Road to Rupert") of "Family Guy". On the 69th episode ("Cold Reveal") of "CSI: New York", Danny Pino guest-starred as his Cold Case character, "Detective Scotty Valens". On the 73rd episode ("Candy Richards") of "Nip/Tuck", Candy Richards (played by actress "Jennifer Coolidge") was offered a role on Cold Case.

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