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Deadwood Cast

Series Description

The Deadwood TV show was a 60 minute western drama series on HBO about the contrast and struggles between the low-life criminal element and the good, honest people that they prey on in the town of Deadwood, South Dakota. The series takes place in the 1870s.

Deadwood Cast

Timothy Olyphant ........ Seth Bullock
Ian McShane ............. Al Swearengen
Keith Carradine ......... Wild Bill Hickok
Molly Parker ............ Alma Garret
Brad Dourif ............. Doc Cochran
John Hawkes ............. Sol Star
Jim Beaver .............. Ellsworth
Paula Malcomson ......... Trixie
Leon Rippy .............. Tom Nuttall
William Sanderson ....... Eustis Baily "E.B." Farnum
Robin Weigert ........... Calamity Jane
Dayton Callie ........... Charlie Utter
W. Earl Brown ........... Dan Dority
Timothy Omundson ........ Brom Garret
Sean Bridgers ........... Johnny Burns
Ray McKinnon ............ Reverend H.W. Smith
Jeffrey Jones ........... A.W. Merrick
Garret Dillahunt ........ Jack McCall

Deadwood Trivia

Most viewers are aware that the Deadwood characters "Wild Bill Hickok" and "Calamity Jane" were real-life characters. The truth is that most of the other characters are also based on real people, albeit, lesser known.

Not everything on Deadwood is historically accurate. For example, on the series Seth Bullock watches Wild Bill Hickok ride into Deadwood for the first time. In real life, Hickok arrived two weeks before Bullock. They didn't have much time to "socialize" after Bullock arrived as Hickok was killed the very next day!

Deadwood Dvds

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Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Deadwood Season 1

  1. Deadwood (3/21/2004)
  2. Deep Water (3/28/2004)
  3. Reconnoitering the Rim (4/4/2004)
  4. Here Was a Man (4/11/2004)
  5. The Trial of Jack McCall 4/18/2004)
  6. Plague (4/25/2004)
  7. Bullock Returns To The Camp (5/2/2004)
  8. Suffer The Little Children (5/9/2004)
  9. No Other Sons Or Daughters (5/16/2004)
  10. Mister Wu (5/23/2004)
  11. Jewel's Boot Is Made For Walking (6/6/2004)
  12. Sold Under Sin (6/13/2004)

Deadwood Season 2

  1. A Lie Agreed Upon - Part 1 (3/6/2005)
  2. A Lie Agreed Upon - Part 2 (3/13/2005)
  3. New Money (3/20/2005)
  4. Requiem for a Gleet (3/27/2005)
  5. Complications (4/3/2005)
  6. Something Very Expensive (4/10/2005)
  7. E.B. Was Left Out (4/17/2005)
  8. Childish Things (4/24/2005)
  9. Amalgamation and Capital (5/1/2005)
  10. Advances, None Miraculous (5/8/2005)
  11. The Whores Can Come (5/15/2005)
  12. Boy the Earth Talks To (5/22/2005)

Deadwood Third Season

  1. Tell Your God to Ready for Blood (6/11/2006)
  2. I Am Not The Fine Man You Take Me For (6/18/2006)
  3. True Colors (6/25/2006)
  4. Full Faith And Credit (7/2/2006)
  5. A Two-Headed Beast (7/9/2006)
  6. A Rich Find (7/16/2006)
  7. Unauthorized Cinnamon (7/23/2006)
  8. Leviathan Smiles (7/30/2006)
  9. Amateur Night (8/6/2006)
  10. A Constant Throb (8/13/2006)
  11. The Cat Bird Seat (8/20/2006)
  12. Tell Him Something Pretty (8/27/2006)

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