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The Big C is a 30 minute dramatic comedy series on Showtime about a woman who finds out that she is dying of cancer. Instead of falling into despair, she decides to live her remaining days to the fullest. She often makes jokes about her impending death and that makes her family and friends uncomfortable but at the same time they can't help but respect her for her positive attitude.

The Big C Cast

Laura Linney .... Cathy Jamison (2010-)
Oliver Platt .... Paul Jamison (2010-)
Gabriel Basso .... Adam Jamison (2010-)
John Benjamin Hickey .... Sean Tolkey (2010-)
Gabourey Sidibe .... Andrea Jackson (2010-)
Phyllis Somerville .... Marlene (2010-)
Alan Alda .... Dr. Atticus Sherman (2011-)
Cynthia Nixon .... Rebecca (2010-2011)
Reid Scott .... Dr. Todd Mauer (2010-2011)
Hugh Dancy .... Lee Fallon (2011)
Alexandra Socha .... Mia (2010-2011)
Susan Sarandon .... Joy Kleinman (2012)
Kailie Torres .... Jesse (2012)
Boyd Holbrook .... Mykail (2011)
Lee Tergesen .... Kirby (2012)

The Big C Trivia

The first title of this series was "The C Word". After thinking it over it was decided that the title was too easily confused with another Showtime series, "The L Word" so they changed it to "The Big C". Laura Linney apparently has one of those faces that remind people of someone else. She has stated that fans often recognize her as a celebrity but that they often think she is Helen Hunt or Laura Dern.

Laura has been nominated and won numerous awards. As of 2012 she has been nominated for three Oscars. She has even done better with television awards with three Emmy wins for her roles as a guest star on six episodes of "Frasier" during its final two seasons and for starring roles on two miniseries titled, "Wild Iris" and "John Adams". She was also nominated for a fourth Emmy for her role as Cathy Jamison on "The Big C". Justin Timberlake won that Emmy for his amazing performance as the host of "Saturday Night Live".

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