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The Big Brother 2 TV show was a 60 minute reality series on CBS about 12 strangers who were confined together in a house for 78 days and were not allowed to interact in any way with the outside world. Every move they made within the house was recorded 24 hours per day. Three times per week, audiences would see the "highlights" of life within the house ... the flirting, fighting, and strategizing was addictive to the point where many scheduled their lives around the Big Brother broadcasts! And if that didn't solve one's voyeurist tendacies, you could also watch 24/7 on the internet!

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Big Brother 2 Cast

Julie Chen .... Host
Will Kirby .... Winner - 78 Days (28-year-old Doctor)
Nicole Schaffrich .... Runner-Up - 78 Days (31-year-old Personal Chef)
Monica Bailey .... 9th Evicted - 71 Days (40-year-old Store Manager)
Hardy-Ames Hill .... 8th Evicted - 64 Days (Account Executive)
Bill "Bunky" Miller .... 7th Evicted - 57 Days (36-year-old Technical Writer)
Krista Stegall .... 6th Evicted - 43 Days (28-year-old Waitress)
Kent Blackwelder .... 5th Evicted - Days Unknown) (46-year-old Mortgage Banker)
Mike Malin .... 4th Evicted - 33 Days (30-year-old Bar Owner)
Shannon Dragoo .... 3rd Evicted - 26 Days (29-year-old Boat Captain & Realtor)
Autumn Daly .... 2nd Evicted - 19 Days (28-year-old Single Mom & Aspiring Singer)
Sheryl Braxton .... 1st Evicted - 12 Days (43-year-old Interior Designer)
Justin Sebik .... Disqualified - 10 Days (26-year-old Bartender)

Big Brother 2 Trivia

In the first season of Big Brother, the audience voted on who was to leave the house. That was not continued in this second season because the audience was voting out the houseguests who were causing the most trouble in the house and that was bad for ratings. Other changes included reducing the number of "taped" shows from 5 per week to 2 (allowing producers more time to edit better shows) and casting younger, more attractive house guests with stronger personalities. Also during season 1, viewers could watch the 24/7 internet feed free of charge. Starting this season, you had to pay CBS $20 for the priviledge!

Contestant Justin Sebik had to leave the house due to his unacceptable behavior. The Big Brother ladies were frightened to be in the house with him! He spoke openly and laughingly about his sexual fantasies that involved violence with some of the gals in the house. He also did some other annoying and potentially scary things like smashing the chess set to bits and urinating on one of the house's windows! The final straw was when Justin held a large kitchen knife to Krista's throat and asked, "Would you get upset if I killed you?" Within a few minutes, Big Brother called Justin into the diary room and then out the door of the Big Brother house!

There were approximately 30 TV cameras in the Big Brother 2 house and backyard!

The Big Brother "losers" were determined by the housemates voting to nominate two contestants each week to be put at risk for eviction. Then on a future show, everyone except the evictees would vote. The nominee with the most votes had to leave the house.

Will Kirby got $500,000 for winning Big Brother 2!

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