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Big Brother 3 was a 60 minute reality TV show on CBS and 3rd in the Big Brother series. This year there were again 12 housemates, but they were confined for 82 days ... 4 more than on Big Brother 2.

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Big Brother 3 Cast

Julie Chen .... Host
Lisa Donahue .... Winner - 82 Days (26-year-old Bartender)
Danielle Reyes .... Runner-Up - 82 Days (30-year-old Media Buyer)
Jason Guy .... 11th Evicted - 78 Days (25-year-old Videographer)
Amy Crews .... 10th Evicted - 76 Days (23-year-old Real Estate Appraiser) (Second Eviction)
Marcellas Reynolds .... 9th Evicted - 69 Days (34-year-old Fashion Stylist)
Roddy Mancuso .... 8th Evicted - 62 Days (30-year-old Writer)
Gerry Lancaster .... 7th Evicted - 55 Days (51-year-old School Teacher)
Chiara Berti .... 6th Evicted - 48 Days (25-year-old Marketing Representative)
Josh Feinberg .... 5th Evicted - 41 Days (28-year-old Waiter)
Eric Ouellette .... 4th Evicted - 34 Days (27-year-old Firefighter)
Amy Crews .... 3rd Evicted - 27 Days (Returned - 41 Days)
Tonya Paoni .... 2nd Evicted - 20 Days (35-year-old Retail Sales)
Lori Olsen .... 1st Evicted - 13 Days (37-year-old Bank Representative)

Big Brother 3 Trivia

In the final Big Brother 3 vote, Lisa Donahue got 9 votes and Danielle Reyes got one.

There were 38 cameras and 62 microphones to capture everything that went on at the Big Brother house!

The Big Brother 3 housemates were fortunate to get a personal performance by Sheryl Crow in their back yard!

This was the first season with the "power of veto" competitions.

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