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Big Brother 7 - All Stars was a 60 minute competitive reality series on CBS where 12 contestants are confined to the Big Brother house and have no regular contact with the outside world. Contestants have nothing to do but interact with each other. That typically causes frustration, loneliness for friends and family, and confrontation. Their interactions must also take into account that they could be voted out of the house by enemies. This season brought back 12 former housemates from the previous six seasons of Big Brother.

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Big Brother 7 Cast

Season seven of Big Brother was an "All Stars" season with contestants from previous seasons:

Mike "Boogie" Malin: From Big Brother 2 - Winner Of Big Brother 7: All Stars

Erika Landin: From Big Brother 4 - Runner-Up of Big Brother 7: All Stars

Janelle Pierzina: From Big Brother 6 - 12th Evicted ... 7th Jury Member

Dr. Will Kirby: From Big Brother 2 - 11th Evicted ... 6th Jury Member

"Chicken" George Boswell: From Big Brother 1 - 10th Evicted ... 5th Jury Member

Danielle Reyes: From Big Brother 3 - 9th Evicted ... 4th Jury Member

James Rhine: From Big Brother 6 - 8th Evicted ... 3rd Jury Member

Howie Gordon: From Big Brother 6 - 7th Evicted ... 2nd Jury Member

Marcellas Reynolds: From Big Brother 3 - 6th Evicted ... 1st Jury Member

Kaysar Ridha: From Big Brother 6 - 5th Evicted

Diane Henry: From Big Brother 5 - 4th Evicted

Jase Wirey: From Big Brother 5 - 3rd Evicted

Jennifer "Nakomis" Dedmon: From Big Brother 5 - 2nd Evicted

Alison Irwin: From Big Brother 4 - 1st Evicted


The Big Brother All Stars Casting Special that aired on June 21, 2006 refamiliarized the audience with 20 prior Big Brother housemates by showing clips from the previous six seasons and other footage. Fans were told that they would be able to vote for which ones they wanted to see on Big Brother All Stars. The six former housemates with the greatest number of votes would win spots on the show. Big Brother All Star's producers would pick six more contestants from other former housemates to make up the tradition 12 total contestants.

All 20 competitors appeared on the season premiere to find out live which ones would be checking into the Big Brother house and which ones would be going home. Julie Chen announced that the votes were so close that CBS decided to up the number of audience-chosen housemates from six to eight, bringing the total number of housemates for Big Brother All Stars to 14!

For the first time in Big Brother history, the first "head-of-household" award went to two housemates! Janelle and Jase were co-heads-of-household and had to agree on the two housemates that they would nominate for the first week's eviction. If they wouldn't have agreed, they themselves would have become the nominees! When they discovered that both Danielle and Alison were promoting a plan to the other house members that would have resulted in their disagreement over nominees and one of them would have gone home, Danielle and Alison found themselves up for nomination and Alison was evicted.

Another new twist for Big Brother All Stars was that the peanut butter and jelly that the losers of the food competitions would normally have to eat all week was changed to "slop". Janelle said, "It tastes like cream of wheat without the cream!" Several other Cast commented that it looked like "puke" and tasted nasty.

On the July 25th episode, Chicken George won the power-of-veto by agreeing to eat slop for the entire rest of the season with 60 days remaining!

Note that by the time the 4th All Star housemate was evicted, all three Big Brother 5 contestants were gone!

America was asked to vote on whether the housemates should woken up every 3 hours, 1 hour, 30 minutes, or 15 minutes during the night before the August 1st veto competition. Of course, the vote came in at every 15 minutes and crazy recordings made by people who had voted were used to wake them.

On the August 6th episode of Big Brother All Stars, Mike "Boogie" Malin got an "egg" containing $10,000 after dropping out of the "spider web" head-of-household competition. Marcellas got an "egg" with a "one week without slop" certificate and generously (and strategically) gave it to poor "Chicken George"!

On the August 11th episode, a new power was revealed called the "Coup D'Etat"! The Big Brother All Stars housemate that wins that power will be able to overthrow the Head-of-Household and remove their nominees for eviction! The winner of Coup D'Etat won't get to use it until right before the eviction vote!

On the Big Brother All Stars episode that aired August 13th, several of the housemates complained that their buttons had not worked properly on the Head-of-Household competition. That prevented them from "ringing in" to answer questions. Upon investigation, Big Brother decided that they were right! The buttons had malfunctioned and, for the first time in Big Brother history, a Head-Of-Household winner (Erika) had their win nullified and another competition (with buttons functioning properly) was held and Janelle won!

On the August 17th episode, Mike "Boogie" Malin was told that he had won the "Coup D'Etat" power! It was further explained that he could use the power on that night or for two more evictions thereafter. He elected to not use the power that night, probably because Marcellas and Erika were the nominees. That same night was a "double-elimination" night and "Chicken" George had to nominate two housemates for eviction only minutes after he won Head-of-Household!

On the August 24th episode, we saw the Jury House for the first time. Marcellas Reynolds was joined by Howie Gordon as the first two members of the jury. There was still no love loss between them with Marcellas firmly telling Howie to quit calling him "Marcy". "My name is Marcellas", he demanded! "I don't have to be nice to you anymore". Howie replied, "Okay, MarGellas"!

On the August 31st episode, Julie Chen announced to the audience that it would be what she called a "Fast Forward" night. There were three nominations for eviction, two evictions, an HOH competition, and a power-of-veto competition all on the same episode!

The September 5th episode (or should we call it "shock night") was pretty amazing! First, Mike "Boogie" was forced to put his chill town partner Dr. Will up for eviction after Janelle won the POV (giving her the record for most competitions won in Big Brother history) because he had no other choices! Then, Janelle, the only housemate with a vote, evicted Dr. Will, despite the "more than friendship" feelings she had obviously developed for him, shocking both chill town members! Earlier in the show, Janelle and Erika finally compared notes and found that chill town was telling both of them that they were going along to the final three. Janelle seemed to be doubting Erika until she said that Dr. Will told her that chill town's tactics were unseen like those of a Ninja. He had used exactly the same words when he told Janelle she was a part of chill town and that convinced Janelle that Erika was telling the truth. So then, Mike "Boogie", Janelle, and Erika started part 1 the final, 3-part HOH competition where they had to get up on the side of a "volcano" and hold onto a key with both hands. After about one minute, "Boogie" shocked everyone! He yelled, "Hey Julie! Remember Richard Hatch?" He then proceeded to jump off the volcano and said, "You both have to take me to the finals." Janelle was obviously shocked and so shook up about it that she completely forgot about holding on to her key for an instant. And in almost no time at all, Erika had won part 1!

The final vote by the jury members was:

Janelle, Dr. Will, "Chicken" George, Danielle, James, and Howie voted for Mike "Boogie"
Marcellas Reynolds voted for Erika

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

  1. All Stars Casting Special (6/21/2006)
  2. Housemates Chosen and Moved-In, Janelle Pierzina and Jase Wirey Won Co-HOH (7/6/2006)
  3. Janelle Pierzina Won Power-of-Veto, Danielle Reyes and Alison Irwin Nominated for Eviction (7/11/2006)
  4. Alison Irwin Evicted, Kaysar Ridha Won Head-of-Household (7/13/2006)
  5. Food Competition, Nakomis Dedmon and Diane Henry Nominated For Eviction (7/16/2006)
  6. Erika Landin Won Power-of-Veto and Did Not Use It (7/18/2006)
  7. Nakomis Dedmon Evicted, James Rhine Won HOH (7/20/2006)
  8. Food Competition, "Chicken" George Boswell and Dr. Will Kirby Nominated For Eviction (7/23/2006)
  9. "Chicken" George Won Power-of-Veto and Took Himself Off, Jase Wirey Nominated (7/25/2006)
  10. Jase Wirey Evicted, Janelle Pierzina Won HOH (For the 2nd Time!) (7/27/2006)
  11. Food Competition, Mike "Boogie" Malin and Erika Landin Nominated For Eviction (7/30/2006)
  12. Mike "Boogie" Won Power-of-Veto and Took Himself Off, Diane Henry Nominated, Luxury Competition (8/1/2006)
  13. First Live Eviction Vote, Diane Henry Evicted, Head-of-Household Competition Began (8/3/2006)
  14. Danielle Reyes Won HOH, Janelle Pierzina and James Rhine Nominated For Eviction (8/6/2006)
  15. Janelle Pierzina Won Power-of-Veto and Took Herself Off, Kaysar Ridha Nominated, Margarita Party (8/8/2006)
  16. Kaysar Ridha Evicted (On his birthday!), Erika Landin Won HOH (8/11/2006)
  17. Erika Landin Removed As HOH (See Trivia), Janelle Pierzina Won HOH (3rd Time!), Food Competition, Erika and Danielle Nominated (8/13/2006)
  18. Danielle Reyes Won Power-of-Veto and Took Herself Off, Marcellas Reynolds Nominated (8/15/2006)
  19. Mike "Boogie" Won the "Coup D'Etat", Marcellas Reynolds Evicted, "Chicken" George Won HOH, James and Erika Nominated (8/17/2006)
  20. James Rhine Won Power-of-Veto and Took Himself Off, Howie Gordon Nominated and Evicted, Mike "Boogie" Won HOH (8/20/2006)
  21. James Rhine and Janelle Pierzina Nominated, Janelle Won Power-of-Veto and Took Herself Off, "Chicken" George Nominated (8/22/2006)
  22. James Rhine Evicted, Erika Landin Won Head-of-Household (8/24/2006)
  23. "Chicken" George Boswell and Janelle Pierzina Nominated For Eviction (8/27/2006)
  24. Janelle Pierzina Won HOH and Took Herself Off, Danielle Reyes Nominated For Eviction (8/29/2006)
  25. Danielle Evicted, Janelle Won HOH, George and Erika Nominated, Erika Won POV and Took Herself Off, "Boogie" Nominated, George Evicted (8/31/2006)
  26. Mike "Boogie" Malin Won Head-of-Household, Janelle Pierzina and Erika Landin Nominated For Eviction (9/3/2006)
  27. Janelle Won Power-of-Veto and Took Herself Off, Dr. Will Kirby Nominated and Evicted, Erika Won Part 1 (of 3) Final HOH Competition (9/5/2006)
  28. Mike "Boogie" Won Parts 2 and 3 of Final HOH Competition and Became the Final HOH, Janelle Pierzina Evicted, Mike and Erika Became the "Final 2" (9/7/2006)
  29. Mike "Boogie" Malin Won Big Brother 7: All Stars, Erika Landin Won 2nd Place, America's Choice Award Of $25,000 Went To Janelle Pierzina (9/12/2006)

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