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Bad News Bears Cast

Series Description

The Bad News Bears TV show was a 30 minute sports comedy series on CBS about a former minor league baseball player who got stuck coaching a Junior High School baseball team that was composed of a bunch of clumsy and bungling players.

Bad News Bears Cast

Jack Warden .... Morris Buttermaker
Catherine Hicks .... Dr. Emily Rappant
Phillip R. Allen .... Roy Turner
Sparky Marcus .... Leslie Ogilvie
Meeno Peluce .... Tanner Boyle
Corey Feldman .... Regi Tower
Shane Butterworth .... Timmy Lupus
Billy Jayne .... Rudi Stein
Kristoff St. John .... Ahmad Abdul Rahim
J. Brennan Smith .... Mike Engelberg
Charles Nunez .... Miguel Agilar
Tricia Cast .... Amanda Whirlitzer
Bill Lazarus .... Frosty
Gregg Forrest .... Kelly Leek
Danny Nunez .... Jose Agilar
Rad Daly .... Josh Matthews

Bad News Bears Trivia

The Bad News Bears TV show was inspired by a 1976 movie of the same name starring Walter Matthau and Tatum O'Neal. There were also two other movies titled "The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training" and "The Bad News Bears Go to Japan" that were both seen in theaters before the TV show began airing.

In 2005 there was a remake Bad News Bears movie starring Billy Bob Thornton and Greg Kinnear.

Corey Feldman began his career by appearing in TV commercials beginning at the ripe old age of three! He got his co-starring role on this Bad News Bears TV show when he was only eight-years-old! He is probably best known for his starring role opposite the alluring Phoebe Cates, "Gremlins, in "Stand By Me" with River Phoenix, and in "The Lost Boys which made him and co-star Corey Haim teenage heartthrobs. Corey has never reproduced his teenage era success but he has managed to keep busy making low budget movies, guest-starring on TV series, and appearing on the Howard Stern show. Corey also has a band that performs professionally, starred on a short-lived series titled, "Dweebs", had a reality show along with Corey Haim titled, "The Two Coreys" and appeared on a season of the reality series, "The Surreal Life".

If you never saw the Bad News Bears TV show, you may still know Jack Warden from his roles as "Lieutenant Mke Haines" on "N.Y.P.D." or as "Harrison 'Harry' Fox Sr." on "Crazy Like a Fox".

Morris Buttermaker took the job as coach of the Bad News Bears in order to avoid going to jail. He had been cleaning swimming pools for a living. One of his customers wouldn't pay him. He lost his temper and drove the guy's car into the swimming pool! The Judge gave him the choice of jail or becoming the coach of the local, hopeless baseball team!

Catherine Hicks came to the cast of the Bad News Bears after appearing as "Dr. Faith Coleridge" in more than 200 episodes of the daytime drama, "Ryan's Hope". You might know her best though as Annie Camden on "7th Heaven".

It's probably not necessary to say so but just to be clear, the Bears were the worst team in the entire league (by a long shot)! They did manage to win a few games during the series' run though.

The Bad News Bears filled the time slot abandoned by the cancellation of the TV series, "Rhoda". It had some pretty stiff competition during its entire run from NBC's hit, the "CHiPs TV Show"!

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