Crazy Like A Fox

Crazy Like A Fox Cast

Series Description

The Crazy Like A Fox TV show was a 60 minute action series with a comedy twist that aired on CBS. It was about a smart, old private detective and his son, a young hip lawyer. The father constantly found clients that were in trouble with the law, but innocent and his son helped him prove that they are innocent. Father and son didn't get along very well, but they always got the job done.

Crazy Like A Fox Cast

Jack Warden .... Harrison "Harry" Fox, Sr.
John Rubinstein .... Harrison Fox, Jr.
Penny Peyser .... Cindy Fox
Robby Kiger .... Josh Fox

Crazy Like A Fox Opening Narrative

(Jack Warden's Voice as Harry Fox and John Rubenstein's as Harrison Fox Jr.)

Harrison (After pickin up ringing telephone): "Hello?"

Harry: "Harrison, I need your help."

Harrison: "Dad, you keep forgetting, I'm a lawyer, you're the detective."

Harry: "Oh, come on son, All I need is a ride. What could possibly happen?"

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