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Ax Men is a 60 minute reality TV show on the History Channel about the dangers involved in the lives of logging crew members working in second growth forests in the Pacific Northwest and along the rivers of Florida and Louisiana. The series also highlights the difficulties involved in logging including severe weather, occasional lack of demand for lumber and the challenge of finding new locations in which to cut timber.

Ax Men Cast

Thom Beers .... Narrator

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Ax Men is produced by "Original Productions" who also produces "Deadliest Catch" and "Ice Road Truckers", two other series that show real-life people in dangerous occupations. Original Productions was created by series narrator, Thom Beers. In 2009 "FremantleMedia" purchased 75% of Original Productions and shortly thereafter, Beers was promoted to CEO of their North American division.

RemantleMedia produces many other reality series including "American Hoggers" and "Storage Wars".

Each season of Ax Men follows the workings of multiple logging companies. For example, the first season highlighted J.M. Browning Logging, Stump Branch Logging, Pihl Logging and Gustafson Logging. Some less typical logging companies have included Olson Marine in season four who specializes in securing logs from islands, R&R Conner Aviation who in season two used helicopters to lift logs out of dense forestry, H.H. Horse Logging who in season five used horses to recover logs without the need for heavy machinery and Wisconsin Woodchuck in season six who specializes in recovering old wood from existing structures.

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